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  1. kenobikamiya, do you have a email ?I could not reply to your message box TQ
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for macaron as door gifts, full moon or parties? Look no further Http://simonnebakery.blogspot.com
  3. I think product with BHA (salicid Acid) will help eg : Paula Choice 1% BHA , 2% BHA SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion
  4. Mummyally, ya lor bz with the kids... haiz i hope to have more time Blueberry Buckle
  5. Actually like what the rest say..leave to her hand ba. My BIL is still single and available but but a little young for your SIL Dun worry lah I'm sure ur SIL and my BIL they will find their soulmate when the time is RIGHT
  6. linlin I'm using double pump just recently (2 months after delivery) I wonder still got help now or not Hmm I increase pump session n see how :P
  7. Thanks for sharing, lucky i have not place order yet. I been to this shop before but do they sell nursing bra...that's I didn't know because I am buying somethins else there...the owner is a lady from Australia. If you ever goin there again, mind checking on their nursing bra prices. TQ TQ
  8. VAT=Value added tax (UK) just like GST in s'pore i think so..
  9. Oh ic thanks. My Bravado Silk Seamless is here the bra support is really great! It came with a removable padding. I think must insert the pad else nipple is showing and the breast doesnt look good . Quality comes with $$$ haiz.... Still waiting for the other shipping (Bravado Original) Next I wanna try 'Hot Milk' Nursing bra I came across this local web. But i Dun think they sell online. Anyone has visit their store ? http://www.amanita.com.my
  10. linlin whoa 5-10min 10oz pls share your secret wif us pls pls..
  11. janice huh ? massage also took that long 40 mins? :wacko3: sorry cannot help.. or do u eat enough ? I mean if u diet, doesn't eat enough body wont produce much milk
  12. I'm giving my gal (2Y @ 9kg) Pediasure (twice a day) since she turn 1Y Suppose a weigh gain milk for toddler, but i have yet see any weight gain in her.
  13. janice I've not used Medela Swing b but I've been using pureen b4 this. Do u try to massage while expressing ? While using pureen It took me 20-30 min to express all milk. But I was massaging with 1 hand and another hand holding the pump Now I've chnaged to Freestyle . It takes me 15 min to empty both breast. No need massage breast
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