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  1. yes i am in China ShenZhen now..... :) I strongly think that child should expose to both toys and real stuff... that helps her developement. Recently my girl started playing masak-masak already. She will pretend to cook something and give them out for me and the rest of the soft toys.... very cute!
  2. from birth, of course the crib mobile, and those crib toys, to let her look at it. Hand puppets is something I started at about 3 months old.... the animation and colourful hand puppet really got her attention. and a lot a lot of talking... she spoke very early too...
  3. since birth.... we have lots of toys for her... then parents have to play with the baby too, or else nothing will interest them.
  4. ikea sells it. and toys'r'us got hand puppets for those charaters, like elmo, cookies monster, dora.... my naomi loves elmo. and she loves stacking rings and stacking cup..... of all the toys she has, stacking cup is somthing she will play everyday. now she got new toys, her toy ice cream and cakes from ELC. She absolutely love them. She will sing birthday song and cut cake and give out the cakes to her stuffed animals.
  5. I totally understand how you feel Chooz. I just been through all those like 3 weeks ago after nursing her for 19 months.... It was me who couldn't get away from the bond easily. I was surprised that Naomi took it very well. She cried for the first 2 days and was ok after that. I cried for so many nights because my girl does not need my breast anymore. It was heartbreaking to see her cry to be nursed. I have no choice but to quit as both my nipples are just too sore to be nursed, they were cracked and it was just too painful. I am glad she is taking milk powder well now.... it took me 2 weeks to get over the sad feeling.... you have done you best. That's good enough.
  6. mummyally, next tuesday is fine wor... anymore mummy? or just 2 of us go out chatting? Hahahahha.....
  7. slowly, my girl now finally can sit on the potty and finish her business, she will inform us that she need to poo... that was about 13months old....
  8. shall we come out for a cuppa after this long weekend???
  9. you are wonderful. I totally spoilt my girl.... sigh...
  10. i am not sure... but shouldn't have any aji, salt maybe....
  11. vIv

    Maid Services

    oh... give up the hope, with RM300, you can't anyone with this price. A babysitter for 1 baby from 8-6 is around RM750 which do not go to your house. and you have to supply with everything else. increaseyour price to at least RM600... might have 1
  12. yes, japanese baby food got instant porridge which you just heat the packet with hot water, that's it. Or the Nestle does have 2 types of baby instant porridge but require cooking, 3 mins.
  13. this weekend, saturday is fine, Sunday won't be around, until the next sunday. Say.... we should meet yeah?
  14. wash the training pants, but at least the pee doesn't go everywhere, machine washable mah.... :P
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