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    Now, I'm in the 4th day of using CELLNIQUE Skin Action Sebum + Intensive Hydrating(Moisturizer) + Advanced Repair(night). Skin has't developed any reaction.Those blackhead in the nose has reduced and face is less shiny. Can see obvious changes. I will try the SHISEIDO after finishing these products.Thanks fren!
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    what about HABA? KOSE? KANEBO? SHISEIDO? O.K or not? Used MELILEA for about 1 year plus. found that not suitable for me anymore. the cream is very rich.
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    Hi! Hi! its been long time haven't pop in. Real busy until neglecting own skin. Dull complexion, pimples visiting, and dry. So I went to CELLNIQUE salon to purchase some products on last Saturday. Never did I know. I read from another forum about CELLNIQUE selling 2 banned products from whitening range. And some forumer who bought their products refunded to them. WHY LIKE THIS. SO UNETHIC I''ve bought SKIN SEBUM ACTION GEL, INTENSIVE HYDRATING COMPLEX, ADVANCED TREATMENT CREAM for about $700. Die liau. I closed my eyes and used them and also apply some on husband' skin so to finish it quickly. But I see improvement.Not oily. Have you??????????
  4. No worry! I keep the thread on path. Yesterday morning I bought 1.a tin of kuih kapit 2.bee comb (kind of biscuit) 3.pineapple tart 4.peanut cookies 5.3 pots of red,purple and white flowers because I hv 'botakkan' my 2 pot of lime trees 6.a packet of chicken floss 7.2 packets of rose buds 8.2 packet of red dates 9.1 packet of oyster 10.2 packet of boxtron seeds some are not CNY related food. Miss out, is 'nga kho' Forget about frying? Since so time consuming. :wacko3:
  5. Hi!Hi! Wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai -Happy Chinese New Year Nian Nian You Yu - Not sure what's the meaning Mong Xiang Chen Jen - Hope all your dream come true Zhao Cai Jing Bao- Lots of money go in you house? Shen Ti Jian Kang - Wish you in good health Wan Shi Ru Yu - can help abit? Ma Dau Gong Chen- horse going to your house? from the crap translation
  6. Wow! So many 'banana' pp here. I never place a priority reading and writing much in Mandarin but speaking ,which I feel is more important. E.g When I eat at hawker stalls, I usually ask them, whats the menu for today instead of reading the many strokes,lines,square box just to form a word :wacko3: . And they will tell me 'wan tan mee','cheng tong','laksa',char kuey tew' and......... When you're working in a company, be it small or big, English is still the no.1 language. Not to mention, a tea lady will definitely have the extra advantages if she is able to speak and understand English.Perhaps she will hold a higher post like " Chief Cleaner" Let say in our country there are English Medium School,National School, Chinese Medium School and Tamil Medium School and they are free, where would you like to send your kid to? My answer is definetly English Medium School
  7. At least you have parents to read to you when you're young and guide you. That's really lucky. Both of my parents are illiterate so I had to find my source of inspiration to look upon. I will never let my child to go through what I've gone.Its bygone. I swear, will guide him. Mr.Mahathir was once I highly respected but now I feel very dissapointed.
  8. I have bought some "nga koo" and cookies from my mom... Have not decorate house, buy mandarin oranges, drinks, etc... Also have not change money for ang pow... Seems like24 hrs a day also not enough.... How come you bought cookies and nga koo from mum? I thought mummy dear get free... Ah, this reflect econ really no good until mum hv to sell stuffs to daughter... just kidding
  9. Ppl dun understand never mind. we understand, is enough. Can't agree more. $$$ really flow like water fall. Till now, I haven't shop for food for CNY bcos want to close the water tap as tight as possible 1st. Then, on Sat only let it drip lil by lil
  10. Actually I buy the 'nga koo' from my mom......She do small biz selling cookies and etc for CNY... if buying from other people feel like i'm burning $.. Tomorrow will go to bank and change $. BTW, what is the "market" rate now for giving ang pau?? Angpao market price? Since married till now I gave $5. Thought of a notion of giving just $2 but afraid people view me as kiam siap :wacko3: This year is my first CNY after married... Have to give double ang pau .. Also don't want people to see me as kiam siap.. My HB is caucasian and they think that "kuai low" sure have a lot of $$... Don't know why people think that way.... Any other brides that's celebrating their first CNY? How much are you guys giving? Especially newly wed couple, once you hv started giving fat angpao the 1st year, subsequently the following year kids especially looking for the same amount or bigger of the 1st angpao you've given to them. Every year, I give $5 but this year will just give $2. Heard from a consultant yesterday, ppl will understand bcos econ not good so angpao shrinking is not a matter. Many ppl give pressure to ownself like,if given below market $ ppl will view you as kiam siap. Ehm, good said! Must save for rainy day. Oh not rainy day but 'tsunami day'
  11. I myself was the product of national school education and throughout my 11 years of free education, BM was the main instruction but English just as a subject and cantonese was the medium of conversation between friends. Back then, my English was not up to par and hardly express in English more so in written test.And when I further my study after secondary school, I found it hard to understand the course which I've taken. Luckily, I began my English conversation with my young nephew,a baby at that time.Everytime I speak to a baby,(baby talk) I myself feel a bit awkward. I have a strong will to learn English because one of my aunt's HB laughed at me when he said I couldn't speak English in front of my Singaporean relatives.I was 8 years old then. I decided to take baby steps. As I was growing, I watched English movie even though couldn't catch up with the meaning. I turned the volume to max just to listen to their conversation. Then, I copied lyrics from Walt Disney songs and listen to their pronunciation. Read to my nephew English storybooks. Express my feeling and thought in my diary. Write letters to pen pal from other country;Korea,Hong Kong,Germany,US,S'pore,Australia.... I feel regret because my parents didn't send me to English medium school and it took me more than 20 years to be able to write and express myself a bit. I have a kid who is in Chinese school.I was devastated when I heard from a radio station that teaching of Mathematics and Science in English are going to revert to mother tongue. IMHO, English in my generation is quite weak. If politicians in our country still act foolishly and have no strong decision to help the younger generation I believe we'll lose out globally. Look at those older generation like Mahathir, Anwar, Badawi, Ling Leong Sik ,Samy Vellu even my aunt they are confident when given out speech or debate in front of a crowd.These people are from English medium school. What is your view?
  12. Slicer like this? just dry with paper towel and no need to dry under the sun? add salt into the oil and fry or add salt after frying?
  13. Join the wrong crowd, you'll be one of the black crows! God bless us with: a pair of eyes to see a nose to smell 2 ears to hear and listen a mouth to speak and a genius brain to think and evaluate If you can't see for yourself the good and bad but still joining the same crowd, Then something lethal might have defected your sensory organs. Sorry to say that. Really don't have good impression towards smokers.
  14. Since the problem here is your gal friends made your wife feel insecure and at the same time your wife's guy friends also make you insecure. Then easy. Stop being friend with both guy and gal friends 1st. Friend your wife 1st and tell your wife too until both establish solid trust. Relate all your problems you are facing to your wife and I'm sure she is more than happy to help you, lend you support, motivate you but not your buddies. You need to watch more drama to learn to build relationship and at the same time see it yourself the roots of divorce,separation and lost of trust stuffs like that. oh..why I'm here typing stuff like that? Probably hope you're not in the statistic of divorce rate
  15. Hi! karmakid, See what you wrote here.... Why do you want to bother about other girl. Look straight to your hot wife.Don't sway your direction. Learn to reject people especially other hotie chicks
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