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  1. hi 1st of all u need to know what type of education system u would prefer for ur child, n whether ur child will be able to learn wif that system. eg. i'm a big fan of fungates system but i don think is suitable for my child as he need more 1 to 1 attention so currently looking for smaller group kindy make sure u visit the kindy tat u wan to send ur son too n stay for the 1st week to observe n spot check unexpectedly, so u will know how ur son doin actually
  2. how about chim kindergarten? do u think ln gasing is far? try locate a 'fungates' school near that area, as i know most will hv childcare service, how about kinderland near smk sri aman?
  3. is there increase in ur son's weight? hope everything right on track for him. for the oil part maybe can try giving 'virgin coconut oil'? i heard is great, u can look it up online, its not the normal cooking oil, can drink it neat n if i remember correctly it oso contain probiotic, my children r not taking cos they don like it
  4. juices is great for their age to take in more fluid, when my son start to hv hard stool i increase his fruits intake, luckily he loves fruits so no problem there. if ur child don take juices u hv to get creative on how u serve to him n maybe u can split the juices together/get him to put in the straw to suck/cheers wif him to finish the juice/let him feed u n ask him feed himself
  5. my doctor at that time say my son can start solid when 4mo, 1tsp 1day different vege for 1 week to ensure no allergy reaction, but it's still ok to start now, my 2nd child only start solid after 10mo as she cannot sit up b4 tat (premature) do u eat wif ur son? is important to eat wat u giv him as he knows it can be eaten, is true if parents don eat some food the children wont eat it too cos they need to see it to be able to follow. we encourage my son to try all food n tell him u can alwayz spit out if u don like it, if u cant get him to eat maybe can let him take supplements for fibre? for vege maybe can start with broccoli n baby peas n cucumbers instead of leafy greens when i get my son drink juices i usually will 'cheers' with him to get him drink it or put ice in it, or put in various cups n sometimes using the syringe, need to be creative abit when getting them eat something they don like, even a small bite is an achievement
  6. the ovulation calculation method only work for those with regular period i think, cos my mom advise is do it on the 11th day after period for 1 boy n only 1 time, before that need 1 week cannot hv intercourse. the diet method is actually more base on ur hubby cos ur hubby is the one determine the baby gender not we woman, so tell ur mil if she blames u for not getting a boy for the family is her son's sperm problem. my 1st child was a son without doin anything specific at that time a trial run 1mo b4 our wedding n i was pregnant during wedding without knowing it, alot ppl predicted my 2nd child will be a boy too (those fortune teller) so we tried all method to conceive a gal for 2nd n was excited when doctor told us the gender but we didnt get our hopes up cos everybody was saying it will be a boy but god was on our side n gave us a gal this time :)
  7. pls giv overall experience into y ur niece not talking? but here r some suggestion, speak to her more often or as often that u can let her watch kids programs astro disney junior channel or xiaotaiyang ask her to repeat vocab daily can start with 3words per day and add new word when u think she is ready my son n niece r 27mo n able to communicate with us not very fluent but most of the time we understand, but both of them started to talk after 1yo
  8. please share with me ur experience wif ur new paed, tq both my children consider skinny type but i'm not worry, cos i noe my eldest is due to my lack of information for sttn when he was 3mo so now he is 27mo is too late to do anything already, he will ask for milk in the middle of the night, to ensure/encourage sttn please start early by no feeding after midnight, if u worry will be hungry, make sure ur last feed u burp n feed more so can encourage sttn. erm......btw why do u think there's something wrong wif ur 2nd child due to underweight? is ur 2nd child sick often? my 2nd child was born 35weeks n birth weight was 2.65kg but now at 8mo people still commented look like 4mo, my dr did say underweight but is alright if still willing to drink milk but my child still refusing solid at the moment so that might be the cause of underweight
  9. same here n the nurse who was nice to me was a trainee there, hold my hand through labour n keep talking to me, btw from wat i noe ummc don provide epidural....
  10. latest fee for tmc is much higher now due to the change of management, tmc is now under vincent tan from berjaya!!! i deliver my 2nd baby girl there 9/11/2011 (35weeks) for me is 9k c-sec (regretted the decision) n my baby was in nicu for 6days rm24k, strongly advise another hospital for delivery if u wan to save more money, dr menon is a great doctor but the hospital charges is ridiculous n before i check out i heard another couple saying their bill is 5k for normal birth, dr menon can go gov hospital to deliver for u if not mistaken, anyway my sister is pregnant now n she see doctor menon at assunta for check up
  11. ok nowadays there's alot of ways to giv birth to a child, even in malaysia. though not popular but i c water birth n home birth is getting more popular here. i too know alot of mummies claim that giving birth naturally without pain at all =.= seriously i'm envy as i hv a extremely low tolerance wif pain, thanks anyway to share the gynae tat u think hv put u into hell when u giv birth is great to know so we can avoid, dr menon at tropicana medical centre n assunta hospital is quite good ( in a way he juz advise u n leave u to make the decision) he wont scare u wif his advise but i strongly suggest u be more informative so u can make the right decision yourself as he is a gynae n he care very much about the pregnant lady feelings more n baby come 2nd
  12. same here still looking for kindy n visited a few, how i wish got 1 kindy can combine all the pros of each kindy i visited but wish not coming true :( to share wif u my hunting experience, 1. search online for kindy around my area as we must remember its everyday need to send to kindy, if too far our child hv to wake up very early to get ready to school which is not advisable as alot kindy oso start at 8.30 2. read about the reviews n write down the contact n address of the kindy 3. make appointment to view the kindy as whether they allowed to view the actual school time wif children having their normal classes so we can c wat type of learning environment n whether u wan ur child to be in tat environment hope this help, ps: remember to ask about their teaching method n the things u r concern about
  13. there's alot of centre around tat area providing daycare service maybe u can go n check it out urself :)
  14. my son love the mickey mouse road rally, phone 4 kids, baby love sounds(android)
  15. +6012-5383012, +6014-2688565, +6016-3407713 canyon aquatic https://www.facebook.com/pages/Canyon-Aquatics/175788992472678 i've attended they water babies program as my son love swimming alot, he started swimming when he was 3 months old at home wif the pool n neck float which i purchase at www.kissmama.com as the swimming pool in malaysia is not safe for baby as i personally think n baby skin is so delicate wouldn't wan him to hv any skin disease n alot of malaysian is not considerate when using the pool....their water babies program is for babies 9mo above, previously they hv it at tropicana city mall but now they moved to mont kiara so abit far for me to continue but i personally think they r very professional wif their teachings, giv them a call if u interested
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