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  1. MayWong added a post in a topic Where is your business Ethic???   

    oh dear.. such crappy service. Your hubby is right... seems like with this attitude, he probably wont deliver after the shoot anyway, maybe cos another highly paid 'important' job came along...

    I think you should let us know who are these bunch of photographers, at least BTBs here would not face the same prob as you.

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  2. MayWong added a post in a topic LAND, SEA & UNDERWATER (?) PRE WEDDING!   


    i wanna take underwater wedding pics!!!!!! Sob Sob!
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  3. MayWong added a post in a topic Culinary Creations: Sweet stuffs!   

    wah.. lychee ice cream! looks good!!!! hehehehe.... will try this soon!
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  4. MayWong added a post in a topic Just wondering if anyone has lost any weight towards ur big day.. i'm sure alot of ppl would like to hear it..   

    Im trying to loose weight for my honeymoon now, so I have less than a month.. sigh.. have a sure lose way, but need lotsa determination and is it rather unhealthy

    When i was trying to loose weight for my wedding (ps & ad), i took the crash diet route. I know, its bad and cause the yoyo effect, but thats the only way that works for me. Exercising and healthy eating should be the ideal way, but budget was tight so i didnt sign up for gyms, also i hate to sweat and schedule btw me and hubby wasnt really compatible for both of us to sign up. So, my diet daily was just water, juice, fruits throughout the day, and no more than 5 spoons of solid food for dinner ( i chose dinner cos i simply cant sleep if im too hungry). I love 6kg - 7kg in about 3 weeks. (logically, its mostly water weight, and since im starving all the time, body burns fat to keep me alive i guess). But the effect was amazing, everyone commented how much ive lost, thighs was visibly slimmer, arms too, tummy had the best effects. I used both uzap and mini uzap for those areas, trying to avoid orange peel. And i guess it worked. But the downside is, once after my AD, i started eating normally (ok, perhaps binge more than usual to compensate months of starvation! :P), i put on about 5kg in less than a month!!!! with the CNY period, im back to where I was before I start dieting. So guess now its time to try to recreate wat i did, hopefully i can fit into an itsy bikini by end of this month. :)
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  5. MayWong added a post in a topic any suggestion for honeymoon in Langkawi..?? Acommodation,interesting places etc..   

    went there in early jan... stayed at awana porto malai. nice view from the jetty area. had a nice dinner at their restaurant. Room was jsut so so only.

    We went to visit other posh hotels, to check out the private beachm which 99% dominated by our fair skinned friends, due to the ridiculously priced rooms. :P

    had a great and cheap seafood dinner in kuah town, restaurant anme wonderland. 2 person, with crabs, prawns, sotong, 1 vege, tofu and egg, rm50!!! unbelievable!

    next day lunch also around kuah town, cant remmeber the chinese restaurant name, froggie, prawns, fish, vege, sotong, rm60. Also really cheap and tasty.

    Bought lotsa booze, to chill out by the beach with my hububy.. :P

    went for island hopping to, pulau bunting i think, eagle feeding, another beach i forgot its name, normal beach, nice, relaxing, beware of monkeys though..... RM35 for half a day

    also, suggest u rent a car.. we got ourself a wira, RM50 a day. then you can drive around, sight seeing and enjoy ur lovely honeymoon free and easy.

    Here are the pics of my trip.

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  6. MayWong added a post in a topic How much you pay for Gown Security Deposit for AD?   

    i paid rm800 for 3 gowns and 2 coat...
    and got back the deposit without any hassle...

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  7. MayWong added a post in a topic Homemade dishes/ cookies/ cakes for CNY   

    i made fa sang peng using the recipe from this thread! hehehe.. thanks so much babes, turned out really nice...

    colour a little whitish (as my 1st batch hangus, so im a bit paranoid... :P )

    pictures on my FB here...;id=722556087
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  8. MayWong added a post in a topic Happy Chinese New Year !!   

    hey jane jane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe.. its you!!!

    happy CNY too!!!!!!
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  9. MayWong added a post in a topic Signal When Man Cheating On You !!   

    haha.. very helpful tips indeed. Us gals gotta watch out for ourselves!!

    I would also like to add that sudden increase of attention too is a sign of guilt! Suddenly buying you gifts, taking you out for fancy dinners, etc.
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  10. MayWong added a post in a topic Of plants, flowers and/or gardens   

    i bought 3 pots of those lovely colourful indoor plants.. dont know what species are those.. rm25 per pot! was suppose to spice up the house before my wedding.

    but it lasted only like a week.. 2 days before my AD it died.. :(
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  11. MayWong added a post in a topic No alcohol at the dinner   

    personal opinion, there should always be some form of alcohol at a wedding. even if the couple or even all family members dont drink, it cannot be that every single guest do not drink. Most people would welcome drinks, they are not there to mooch off your alcohol, but a toast of alcohol is always the way to celebrate.

    But if i was invited to a wedding without alcohol, no prob also la... just would prob felt something missing... especially when you do the toast to the guest part.... yum seng with chinese tea? Sparkling juice?

    Ultimately, if you are the kind that bothers with what people think of your wedding and sensitive to comments, then better have a least beer. Else, if you can ignore what ppl say about your wedding, then go ahead. Most importantly you and hubby is happy! :)
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  12. MayWong added a post in a topic Problem for a newly wed   

    aiyoh jac, dun give up ok. must keep trying to talk to ur hubby, talk until he agree la.. ahahahha

    ling! but its really nice doing own reunion dinner wor! maybe make 2 rounds la... 5pm one time.. next group 7pm.. hahaha
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  13. MayWong added a post in a topic Problem for a newly wed   

    Ling! how did u manage to get reunion dinner at ur hse! teach me! teach me! hehe.. next yr maybe i innitiate that... hehehehe
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  14. MayWong added a post in a topic Problem for a newly wed   

    jac dear, poor you, never knew you were going thru this, so long never chat with you... hope you are ok. Call if you need to talk ok.

    For me, i would say that your hubby really need to take a step back. As husbands, i feel they are the bridge btw the wife and parents. Actually same for us, we are the bridge btw our parents and husband. Both of us needs to do our duty to make sure that both side is happy. For me, no such thing as he is so stucked in btw, but somehow choose to make his parents happy 1st before me! there has to be justice btw both parties.

    My situation, as chinese custom goes, reunion dinner eve and 1st day CNY is of course at in law's house. My parents also undersand that... but 2nd day CNY after lunch, i will head back to Malacca and spend time with my mom for about 2 days or 3 days. My in laws last time did voice out and object cos they say 2nd day and 3rd day need to visit their relatives they want me to go. But i discussed with my hubby and made him talk to them, rationale out that its also chinese tradition to 'huey liang jia' go back to the gals mom house.

    Would really say you need to speak to ur hubby and make him understand that he is making you so unhappy that you are doubting this marriage. Also, since its near, i suggest that a clear solutiuon for your usual weekends would be you still sleep both nights as ILs house, but they must give you 1 whole day to spend time with your parents, siblings and all. If they want you to go back ILs house to sleep at night i think ok lor (cos lotsa old ppl say when the DIL sleep at moms house, its a sign that the husband of wife is fighting). As for CNY, i feel on the 2nd day cny, at least they have to let you spend whole day and sleep at parents hse. Cos thats the chinese tradition also.

    Actually, in this modern day, we should not be so summited to ILs anymore. Not to be rude, but it is cos with all our work, social life, new hubby, IL and all, pity our parents also, suddenly lose a daughter. Im thinking also after 5 yrs married or so, will start voicing out for them to let me have reunion dinner alternate years with my family. Cos I am the only child actually, pity the old folks eat without me for reunion dinner.....

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  15. MayWong added a post in a topic Bonus   

    i feel now it is so scary, anytime can be retrench, then how to survive? Now wedding just over, gonna spend on honeymoon somemore.. if kena retrenched, wah die lor.. have to pinjam tai yi long wo.. hahahahaha

    guess its really time to save up more for the rainy day.. sigh
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