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  1. LOL OMG indeed. If you want such an expensive gift as a TV, angpows are better la cause no friend is going to give you RM5k ok;) Just collect the angpows and use that to buy a TV, I don't see why that's not possible?
  2. You say your fiance's parents are calculative but actually, you and your parents are being calculative too! :) You are having a shared dinner so that means all costs are shared, including liquor. I think traditionally, each side would have one dinner and obviously that was covered by that respective side la. Many couples will opt for serving the same drinks so as to avoid problems although I was at a wedding recently and only the girl's side tables could have XO. Personally I think that's weird- what would be best is to agree on a drink budget and everyone should have access to the same items.
  3. It is possible but trust me, it will be a giant pain-in-the-ass to organise. Malaysia's not used to registries which means stores will not have coordinated lists. You'd have to list down brand names, model number etc. online or something and even then, people will probably buy the wrong thing. Just get angpows and use that to buy stuff! Way better;)
  4. Four Seasons is great. Expensive but well worth the money.
  5. I bought my peony bouquet from LK Florist (Karin Yeong). Can't remember how much I paid exactly- I think it was RM330 or so. However, as some of the girls above mentioned, with peonies, the florist cannot PROMISE to have it. They can only confirm a week before so you should be prepared with a Plan B. Hydrangeas are easier to get but are of course, more common in Malaysia and they die quite quickly. Surprisingly, my peonies lasted 5 days which in warm Malaysia, is pretty good;)
  6. Marchesa dresses are gorgeous but they are super pricey. I fell in love with a Marchesa wedding dress before I got married but when I found out the price (11 000 pounds but it was a more expensive design la. I think the normal wedding dresses are around 3500 euro and up), I gave up:D Marchesa Notte is cheaper though... around 1000 euro but the dresses are more like evening gowns. As far as I know, they are not available in Malaysia. Closest is Sydney or HK.
  7. That looks like a great copy. Almost like the original.
  8. First, this is not an original Vera Wang but a China copycat (real Vera Wangs start at $5000 and can easily go up to $30 000). I think for RM400-500, just go with the China one cause there is no Malaysian-based seller/tailor who can make a wedding gown for that price. Tailor-made wedding dress are around RM1000-RM2500 in Malaysia . I bought my prom dress a long time ago from some random aunty tailor and it was frankly, bloody ugly (like some kind of long nightie urgh). I still paid her RM250 (excl. materials).
  9. Thanks roseisrose:) It is a gorgeous dress, definitely cannot find lace like that in Malaysia but I understand that the average Malaysian bride cannot afford such amounts for a wedding dress. Here in Europe, the most importing thing in the wedding is THE dress so people splurge on dresses and save on other things (like food ) haha
  10. Hi Phing, Yes, the dress is still available and it's about a UK Size 8 (corset back so probably UK10 also possible). Unfortunately this dress is no longer in Malaysia. If you like, I can ship it to you but postage will be expensive (around 23 euro without insurance etc.).
  11. Hi Happy Day, My reception dress is also white (more like a off-white/light ivory). I will include a lace veil (2-tier cathedral lace edge veil) and 1 small can can (1 hoop). My reception is this weekend and I will be able to post better pictures on Sunday. That way, you can see the dress in its 'full glory' (ie. with my shoes/ veil/ corset/can can).
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