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  1. hi forummers, im looking for a printer to print my wedding cards (some 520 pcs) and becuase i'm based overseas, i will be making a trip back this Friday morning to sort it out. I read a few here about LH, Nagamas, Chan Brothers, Red Card etc. As these are like at the corners of the KL city, can someone tell me what's their experience like to date with Nagamas and Chan Brothers? For LH, I think i'll give it a pass given the negative feedbacks so far. I live in PJ so hoping perhaps not to travel too far. also i don't plan to spend so much on my wedding cards since ppl bin it at the end of the day, so something thats RM1.50-RM2 max? How much do the pocket ones cost, anyone know roughly? I also need them in 2 languages so i'm ok to have it printed back and front if need be. My wedding is in July and i'm starting to stress out coz i haven't gotten my cards sorted! argh would appreciate some good advice/recommendation
  2. Hi has anyone done any family potrait? i've taken a few photos recently and would like to know/meet/share like-minded photographers who do family potraits as well. i'm not doing it as a job or for fees, but purely for fun so would be great to share tips and learn. i have a few photos posted on fb so if anyone wants to see let me know. thanks
  3. I was also in the same boat. My husband is a buddhist and I'm a Christian. I've always wanted a church wedding and I've had some friends telling me I CAN'T marry a non-christian and etc etc. I'm not gonna go into the details of all that but let me just say that god has plans for everyone and there's really no point in pushing/forcing your love one to conform with what you want because that just causes more rift in your marriage/relationship. My husband's paternal home has an altar and whenever he's back there, he would light up joss stick and prays as a form of respect to his grandfather/ancestors. He does not force me to light one and neither does my FIL. For that, I compromise because they did not force me and I should not force him/them. My husband also does not stop/make noise about me attending church/watch devotional videos. In fact he watches them with me as well. So let it be, compromise and who knows, god will have good news for you one day. If it's any comfort - my dad recently accepted Christ and it took him more than 15 years to do so. He now loves the church and his cell members.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone has asked this before but I thought i'd ask since I experienced one wedding recently. For those of you who have had your wedding in hotels in KL - e.g. JW Marriot, Westin, Hilton etc etc - did you incur "losses" on your wedding dinner night after calculating the wedding angpow? I'm worried because my AD is in mid of 2011 and i had the opportunity to participate in counting the angpow monies to pay the bill and I was quite surprised to see that the "market rate" of RM100 hasn't changed all these years! I was even more shocked when I saw angpows in RM50 for 1 person. I'm not trying to be calculative or be greedy by wanting to "make a profit" on my wedding day ... just that i'm already thinking in a worst case scenario, we will be making losses! These are especially so for hotel weddings held in KL hotels. Would love to hear your feedback on this.
  5. not many photographers would go to melb if i'm not wrong as the authorities there clamp down on foreign photographers who go there to take pics cos it's deemed as 'working' there when u're on a holiday visa.
  6. hi where is this Gama departmental store? i'm also looking for bulk candy purchase
  7. u all have PM! Anyone else who wants to view them, pls drop me a PM me on this forum, so i can send u the link. thanks
  8. does periwinkles have a website. i tried periwinklesdesign.com.my and coolgeneration.com.my and it's not accessible.
  9. hi all, just to share, i also opted for no sharks fin my wedding menu for my banquet next year. initially we went thru the same kind of comments that was brought up by other forummers - e.g. no face lah, ppl will judge etc etc. But i explained to both our parents that we're in the new century today where people are well aware of the shark finning industry. They also know that I'm an avid scuba diver and hence supported my decision. Afterall, we're paying for the wedding, not them ... so we should have a say in it. I don't stop or criticize anyone who eats sharks fin but I make it my personal choice not to take and that i'm happy there are a lot more awareness these days at chinese weddings.
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