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  1. light colour solid surface: pros: looks nice and clean, scratches are less visible cons: if you put hot items (pot/plate/mug etc) on it, will leave yellowish mark on the surface dark colour solid surface: pros: dark colour, no yellowish mark will be seen. in the long term, you won't see your top has lots of yellowish circles overlapping here and there.. cons:scratches are more visible. even i put a knife on it, it will also leave a fine lines on the surface. i chose black colour with some shiny dots dots for my top, and after 1 year ++, i can see some fine lines criss crossing :P
  2. well, it depends on you. important to me means: parents said "must have" and yourself also feel "must have" if it is just friends or other relatives tell you to do something but you feel uncomfortable, just leave it. my opinion is always put parents and couples on priority,the rest just follow your heart. things like "who should buy what?" is best discussed amongst you and families, not friends. if there is something parents and couple don't know about, just skip it. don't always take friends or neighbours' case as reference as it is Your wedding. i dont see why cannot deco own room la..:P
  3. if it is very hard for you to arrange, just settle with some important stuffs (must have items from parents or rules that u feel that it is important to follow) i never heard about room deco must be done by sisters..all my friends did their own deco and my red cloth is bought by guy parents side
  4. i went to Jalan Ipoh for tiles. You can check out a few tiles shops along the road that carry different brands. My experience with them was "want to sell, helpful, pro (can recommend and calculate for u to save money)" i went to those tiles showroom to look see then only shop at Jln Ipoh. no nice showrooms, but good thing is they have various tiles from different brands under one roof, which u get to compare price/ brands/ quality/effect altogether.
  5. i try not to visit my in laws too often but my hb and i do not forbid anyone to go home. so we usually go back separately unless for festivals or special occassion like birthday etc.. u are lucky cos it only takes 1hr+ drive to see ur parents, time wise and distance wise are lots easier to arrange. if u want to see them more often, why not? u can go back alone
  6. i couldn't agree more with this. Many things just happened last minute. Just relax and let it be. :)
  7. yup. we always visit separately, unless there are events like elderly's birthday or some festivals.
  8. my case is very similiar to yours. my hb and SIL each owns a room but since my hb gone for college, SIL used his room for put her gadgets n direct sale stocks, and the whole family used his room as a STORE ROOM. you can imagine how messy it is. my MIL suggested that we use my hb's room for wedding. "It is a MUST," she said. I was unhappy with this but still let her decides cos we do not want to have more unnecessary expenses. When the date is near, SIL doesnt want to co-operate to remove her things out. MIL couldnt do anything so paid for a hotel room for wedding instead. and now? we just go back on weekend once a month. the room has never transformed into a proper room. MIL just bought a Q size bed after the wedding and that's it. It looks like a bed inside a store room. i can easily reach old mattresses, cloth, broken baskets, LOTS of dusty boxes and old books from the bed. SIL can come in to work, to chase dramas, online anytime..even until midnight. i told myself if i have a baby, i will never go back and STAY there unless there is a proper room. laid back, let ur PIL do the rest, if they can't solve the problem they may find alternatives.
  9. i briefed my pg,vg and mua to finalise things within 1 week b4 the wedding. for MUA: to confirm hair and skin condition, hair style, accessories, theme..as long as let them know bridesmaid dress, mum's dress and what to prepare. for VG n PG: i met them at the venue itself. it's good to let them view the venue before your wedding so they know what to prepare. 1~2 weeks before: i sent my vendors, helpers, sisters and friends the detail schedule via email: what, where (maps n GPS), when and who to contact if don't know the way. for flowers (car, bridal bouquet, corsage) i ordered 1 ~ 2 weeks before, but add order for corsages 3-4 days before the wedding. things went well.
  10. i agree with aishiteru. maybe it's been quite a while already that's why she voice out and hoping the family members to sort out together so that in the future wont happen again. i think a student shouldn't be paying either. (feel that even the splitting into 5 is a little unfair cos it's working vs not working..just my opinion)
  11. try: D' Glitters (Plaza Damas) Wedding boutique After Twelve Hartamas, SS2, and Bangsar area has more choices and shops to explore for WG and EG:)
  12. if the wedding is paid by you and ur fh only, then i would say u and ur fh should discuss first. at least u both know the bottom line is how much $$, then only discuss with family on either table or dowry. if ur family is more to tables, like 8 tbls, then u may reduce dowry $$ to 2-3k only.
  13. Hi Mrs bunny, to help u with estimation :) *Emcee: What is the cost for emcee if I only need a simple emcee (dinner with 10 tables or less) since u are hiring a jazz band, the band CAN do the emcee job. get a GOOD band is the key. the budget for mc SAVED. *Decoration: If venue already provided basic decoration for chairs and tables, how much should I still spend? (I only want basic dinner banquet-nothing fancy) if u didnt plan to have a full transform on the venue, then u can save the budget for deco) *Dinner for Vendors: I guess I need to know how do I prepare dinner for my band, photographer, emcee, and makeup artist. Do I order food for them before my banquet or reserve a table for vendors? What is the estimate cost? I dont think it is necessary to reserve a table for vendor. Yes, you can order food for them if they requested. But dont have to be the typical "2-hour-8 dishes-banquet-style". ur PG and band are there to work. when ur guests eat, band needs to perform; when your guests stopped eating to witness cake cutting and such, the band/mc/pg also need to do their job. (A table costs nearly 1k, (plus 16% tax and all that) and most of the time the seats are empty..sounds like wasting $$) *Red envelope for vendors: On average, how much should I put inside the red envelope? it depends, my dad gave bout RM20 to each vendor.
  14. the date given is for custom wedding ceremony, not for banquet. if you couldnt get a venue on that date, or saturday is a more convenient option. then it is not a problem. i had banquet one day before ceremony date too. the advantage is your outstation guests can do some sight seeing/ gathering before banquet starts on saturday; then next day after ur tea ceremony in the morning, they still can do some sight seeing/gathering before travelling back. they will have plenty of time and rest, no need to worry bout children schooling ..etc. your guests get to enjoy a short break as well as both ur wedding events better. banquet on sun somehow trouble guests when it comes to travelling and working next day
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