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  1. Last time i delivered my 1st baby under Dr.Lim Lei Jun and she was really good and professional but that was back in year 2011 and she has moved to another hospital unfortunately. Now, there's Dr.Bala but I have no idea what are the feedbacks from them. I've enquired the cost of delivering baby in TDMC this year and they say Natural on a weekday would cost RM4000 but if you have to use vacuum or etc, might run up to RM7500 min. Are you still seeing a gynae there?
  2. Hi All, Do you have a Gynae in Tung Shin Hospital, KL to recommend me? I'm thinking of delivering my baby there but need to know the costs involved...some private hospitals are charging me minimum RM7.5K onwards and it's abit pricey for me. And that's the cost excluding Paed for new born. Thanks alot!
  3. Got a contact from friends when I was lookin for a babysitter but she's in Selayang. Her name is Aunty Loo. If you need, give her a all a 014-6494301. Hope this help any mummies out there lookin for one.
  4. Hi all, Please advice how I can make my baby sleep and sit in the stroller besides needing to carry or rock him everywhere we go. Even the baby carrier strapped to us doesn't work and he's really really heavy...almost10kg! Please help!
  5. Hi Potatoes. Thank you for sharing. I have contacted Kuan Jie and she mentioned that she needs to take nap in the afternoon. Did she do so when she was with you? Is she very strict with all those pantang larang? Is she flexible in adapting views from books, i.e. Jennifer Hor's book and etc? Is she pro-breast feeding? I stumbled in one of the websites/ blogs (can't remember the name of the same) with a comment on Kuan by Potatoes, not sure if it was you. It said she is OK but not spotless clean. Was that your comment? If yes, what did she do which makes you to give such comment? Appreciate your reply. Thank you very much. Hi Heart, Sorry for the late reply, just review this thread. When Kuan was taking care of my bb, my bb wakes up almost every 2 hours for feed, diaper change, etc...so because of that, she naps when the baby naps longer in the afternoons, usually around 3pm-5pm. Her typical day - wakes up around 7am, boils water, preparation of stuffs, boil keichi water, boil water for me to wash my face/brush teeth and also cook breakfast for me. Around 10am, she showers my bb, dress up,etc and then does the laundry and then prepares for lunch and also, boils the herbal bath thing for me. After cleaning up, she does house chores , fold clothes and etc and then naps around 3pm till 5pm but that's also because my bb naps slightly longer in the day. So around 5pm, she starts to prepare for dinner, makes sure my herbal-drinks are boiling in order. Around 7.30 or 8pm, she wipes my bb clean and prepares him for bedtime but that's because i set out to "routine" my bb's bedtime at 8.30pm or no later than 9pm. And also boils water again for me to wipe up. She goes to bed with my bb...in my bb's room and does not watch tv or anything like that. On Pantang Larang stuffs, she is quite traditional. But you can persist on what you want and be firm on it but she is very transparent and has very good intentions. She said i shouldn't wash my hair until 30days...and when I said I couldn't, she asked if it's ok to boil more herbal water so i can wash my hair. But i didn't have the heart to disappoint her, so i curi-curi shower hahah. I think she knew but kept quiet. As for breastfeeding, I didn't manage to bf my bb. But she is ok with breast feeding and open to the idea if the mommy wants pump milk for night feeds or bring bb to the mommy...either way,she is alright. And she knows the goodness of bf for bb. As for the cleanliness part, no issues with Laundry. however I am abit of a clean freak but usually puiyet does not do any house chores at all and some that I know, only works for families that has a maid. For example, like my bathroom being drowned in herbal-bath-water everyday, there will be some yellow stains on the side of the wall, she cleans the toilet but it would not scrub away all the stains. Can't blame her, she's gotta keep an eye on my bb, abit difficult to give a good thorough cleaning. Hope this helps
  6. Hi shyan, my bb is on enfa since 3rd wk old cause we were on s26 but changed later. He doesn't seem to sleep at nite or very active..can't help but to wonder if it's sugar in milk or something else
  7. Hi All, Sorry for the late reply, found back this thread finally! Kuan Jie contact is 019-249-2993 Hope this helps!
  8. Hi Mommies, Would your babies show signs of hyper-activeness and/or doesn't sleep too much when taking enfa?
  9. I did mine 3 days in a row :) and tats all...feels great too.but need to wear bengkung for about 2 months :)
  10. hi all, Just wanna share about Kak Nor who helped me with urut for 3 days...similarly, I found her through forum threads. So I tried Kak Nor and she is what claimed, she does not push you to buy stuffs or ask you to urut for many many days. She focuses on helping you get the "organs" back into the right place and help you with any other bodily pains. She only does 3days and not more because she focus on helping people on real problems. Although she usually says it takes 2hours, all the 3days she spent 3hours+ with me. She charged me RM70 per session and she came to my house. Because of her service, i did give her an additional angpow at the end. If interested, give her a call at 012-930-7270 Kak Nor. She does travel from old klang road to cheras, PJ, Selayang too. Hope this helps in Urut-Lady-Hunting :) Potatoes
  11. Hi Mommies, Some relatives are planing to buy a Play Pen for my baby as a gift and they asked me for the specific brand. I really have no idea - can you share with me what are the good brands and/or things to look out for in selecting a Play Pen? Thanks! Potatoes :)
  12. hi all, just wanna let you know that we've brought our bb to see the paed this morning. The doc said that it isn't major white spots but can't remember the name he calls it. He said usually these spots are developed during pregnancy and would go away by itself. And my baby's discomfort is because of wind in his stomach, so he prescribed some meds. But overall, baby's health is good. thank you all for ur advises! thank you thank you thank you :) potatoes
  13. Thanks joeythc n nicolesmum, Glad to know some experience advises from u two.m not gonna poke em out, hope they will subside soon. Yea, we're using Chinese tea concept to help with the eyes, fingers crossed! Hope it goes off soon! Thanks so much! :)
  14. Hi Mommies, One of my relatives noticed some whit spots/dots on my baby's gums. My baby is about 3weeks old only and she said that these are heaty-items and causes discomfort for the Baby. She suggested a traditional method of using a clean needle and poking it out. Look, I'm very worried about these things and I have my reservations that it might injure his gums and etc. Has anyone had this before and if there are alternatives? Also, noticed some red dots near baby's eyes - seems like it's oil or mini acne sort...is this normal? Thanks, potatoes
  15. Try mine, Kuan and her hp is 0192492993. She's still with me until end october :)
  16. I'm currently using a good and traditional cl, but she might not be throughly spotless clean but she does a good job by being sensitive to baby needs, cooks and help out with minimal housework too. Her name is Kuan and her hp is 0192492993. She will only be available in November 2011 onwards when she is done with me. Check out my earlier post to see the things she helps me with, currently I'm very happy with her. But do take note that she is traditional as in herbs, pantangs,etc but she is not pushy. She speaks mandarin and cantonese, Best is interview her through the phone call and tell her your expectations so least she will know if she can fit into your home and help you all the way. Hope this help!
  17. Hi there, I'm looking for a babysitter for day time (7.30am - 7.30pm) for mondays - fridays around Taman Desa, old klang road. Preferrrably Chinese and in a non-smoking environment.anyone can please help me? Been exhausted with all avenues and can't find one. Also, does anyone have a roughnindication how much it would cost for services as such? Thanks! Potatoes
  18. Hi Mommies, Do you have any contact for swimming lessons/classes for Babies. Most of the swimming schools are giving at the age of 3 and above onwards. But I'm looking for specific swimming classes for babies 2months onwards. Would you have any contact? Thanks! Potatoes :)
  19. It is so hard to make these choices or sacrifices and to think of how my parents made the best they can for me. Might feel very discouraging to have to make hard decisions but it doesn't mean we're bad parents. But dun stress what you need to cut off, your child loves you unconditionally regardless if you take off a few astro channels or the art class :)
  20. hi tinkerbelle, Hope if you can share with me if you've come across good caterers. I'm lookin for one and done at my condo for my bb's fullmoon. thanks! :)
  21. Hi Mommies, I've just had my new born and my inlaws are excited in announcing my little one's arrival. They're looking for people to recommend some good caterers. Hope if you can help me? Btw, would you know if there are Fuzhou/FooChow caterers too since they are fuzhou/foochow. Thanks! potatoes+small potato :)
  22. hi, I did mine at Banker's club but that was way back in March 2010. Had not heard 1 guest complained about the food and had this critical-relative who would never fail to show you her expression when and if the food is not fantastic - and she didn't say a word of negative about it. And their food portion was good. And you can tell them the pace/speed of food servings or if you want a 10min break between dish number 5 to 6. And my family, loved the woh pang too hehe Got a friend who had his wedding there before me and if you want to personalize the venue, you can ask them to take down paintings/photos that's hanging on their walls and put yours up too :) maybe this might help you save abit on deco cost :) I went back 1 yr later for my anniversary dinner and the food has maintained its standards too :) hope this helps :)
  23. Hi there, Just want to share my current cl story. I had an early delivery n my appointed cl cldnt come earlier n she sent a friend kuan, to help. This friend is good coz - she boils water for me to brush teeth n wash up in morning n night - herbal Ginger baths before lunch - make breakfast, lunch n dinner for me - make lunch n dinner for my husband n herself separately - advise n encourage me to take my Chinese traditional meds - washes clothes for my baby, me, husband...and hand wash because it is faster for her, save electricity and she used to gage d detergent so it's not too much for d baby skin - she ensures I drink only keichi water - she "automatically" vacuum and mop my house floors, clean my toilet without me asking - she is very very sensitive to my baby n his needs - she is traditional but her methods works in easing my bb minor skin heat rashes - she drops everything in a second whenever my bb cries or calls or coos - she does not watch tv unless we watch - she does not spend time on d phone chatting - she is vegetarian but she is able to cook meat stuffs for us - she doesn't criticize mybb at all I had a negative, always discounting, calculative, lazy queen-wanna-be cl. This ling couldn't make it in time for my early delivery n sent kuan to my home for a few days. Then when tis bad ling cl came, she told me that she doesn't want to do this or that,etc and that we need to buy chinese newspaper everyday for her amongst other demands..in d end, i had to pay 1k to get rid of ling and re-hire kuan back.. So if ure lookin for a cl, it is very important to get the right one for u. The negative cl I had, she was used to doing nothing much and prefer those that has a maid at home to help.and her last straw to me was when she said "your bb cries too much, I can't sleep" and my bb was only 6days old.and then she flicked his face n said "you're a rotten egg". So really interview as much as u can b4 u run into ppl mgmt issues
  24. Hi, Just want to know why or d benefits of having both air cond n fan switched on at the same time? Thanks!
  25. Hi there, Would you have Dr.Keh's clinic phone number and address if possible? We're looking for a good paed for our 1st born and the doctor that we had wasn't really helping. Thanks!
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