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  1. there are 4 bs. 1. at tuanku manawir road. "sin niang zi jia". Very friendly and service also ok. Gown wise also ok. Most important thing, they dun chit ppl like Ivory Romance lah.. 2. the second one is the one that andre mention, next to kfc. Hollywood. also friendly, gown also ok. 3. next to it, a new bridal shop. dunno what's the name. never been there. 4. image bridal. next to the honda showroom. Jalan yam tuan. Just 4 of them...... browse all of them lor.
  2. fong 28, can i have the itinerary too.. Thanks. arieloh@hotmail.com
  3. July......... Lavender hokkaido!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best to visit during July - August it is the full bloom for lavender
  4. arieloh

    Maid Services

    bumblebee, yalor... the agent dun wanna take the responsibility. i really pay her for nothing - pay for trouble only. the contract not favourable to me... cham lor... warranty is 3 months. like u say, she will give rejected maid woh. will go to the labour office and consumer affairs later today.... the agent hor.... I was told by her staff, if i insist that i dun wan this maid, they will send her back to indonesia, and if the family cannot pay up...they will make her prostitute. The agent also, told the maid that, she will burn her house in celacap.. After listening to all these crap, i felt really sorry for the maid ler...
  5. arieloh

    Maid Services

    maid - i am extremely furious now, my maid is giving me havoc, and the agent just ignore me.... god, i am relly in stress and "stuck" - coz i dunno what can i do....next!! and how to get my money back. and to all those ppl in malacca, please do not take up any maid from this agent !! - pm me if u wanna know what's the name of the agent. the story ... my fren introduce this agent to me telling me, this is a good agent etc. etc... and most importantly, she will show u the video clip of them, interviewing the maid.... i was impressed and thus, took up this maid from her.... ok. the 1st maid came.... she is so extremely lazy, and so dirty... never clean up properly, she need me to give instruction all the time. If i forgot, she will just sit there and do nothing. When i told her to just "walk faster" - she will answer me, "if i fall down how ah"... then always...sorry this, sorry that... 3 weeks later, she resign, she told me that she cannot work with me and she wanna go back home.. so fine lah... i just return the maid to the agent... it is not that i dun wan her, and yet the agent get me to pay for her this and that and it cost me another 1900, for me to get a new maid. i pay them also.... then - on the 28 April, she call me up, telling that got new maid for me, so, i accepted this new maid. so, the 1st day... she is ok... but just, she refused to eat. what ever food i gave her, she refused to eat. Telling me that , the food is smelly. So, i bought her Milo, bread, maggi mee - (she told me that she dun like maggi - and i got buy her indomee)... what ever she wanna eat, i try to get it for her. She get me to buy "tempeh" for her, i serious dunno what is tempeh, thus i ask my bro's maid to cook her this tempeh lah... but when i give it to her, she just smell it and refused to eat!!! when i force her to eat, she cry and cry anc cry.............oh my god... She is a maid.... !!! but I am more like a maid now.....!!! The refusing of eating ( for 10 days), resulting she getting gastic. Thus i hurry her to my family doctor, but, doctor says that she is all rite... i am so worry that, i send her back to the agent!! I told the agent about the eating disorder, guess what : she shouted at me, why i give her food then... let her be lah! since she refused to eat.... i was so shock! how can she be that cruel. i left the maid to the agent, and giving clear instruction that, i dun wan this maid anymore. the next day, the agent representative called me, accusing me of : abusing the maid by not giving food to the maid. (the maid fainted - and they send her to GH Malaka) i drove all the way to gh melaka to visit the maid. i wanna know what actually happen!! The doctor told me that, she fainted due to dehydration. when the nurses forces her to eat, she finishs everything. And she is healthy! Doctor hinted, she "pura-pura". so, i called the agent....again, but i was told that, she is healthy and i must take her back............. and keep on pin pointing that i abuse her..... I wanted a maid, and not a baby!!!! How???? I am really in deep sh*t !!
  6. arieloh


    www.macyhomefurnishings.com please visit the website! for location detail & phone number. They offer package also... http://www.ssf.com.my visit this too.
  7. arieloh


    wa... do they have any other test result for car similar to kelisa?? i personally think, it is a bias report. wonder what will happen to the toyota mira and smart for 2. infact i read this news few weeks ago. but i just cannot take their comment : kelisa the worse car! i did own a kelisa, it is about 5 years now, engine still good, everything is good. but touch wood, didn't meet any accident before.
  8. with quota also cannot simply issue summon mah.
  9. wah...so many of you gals encounter problem with our policeman.. cham lor... ... i remeber reading some news from the paper... also involving our police. "the police got frustrated and point his gun at some young man"... it was on new paper, but cannot recall when. thus, it is better not to argue with them....i think. Coz i takut mati.
  10. he is not using phone at all..... the police just "wat" him. wah, your case even more serious ler. finally, did they charge u...
  11. Special Attention...for all who drive. My fren got summon for talking on the phone while driving. BUT... he is not on the phone at all. He tried to explain, the policeman just get his to shut up...and warn him not to disturb his job. Sound like he wanted some "coffee", my fren insist he is not on the phone, then the police summon him. I think, they are the licensed robber lah! :what can we do, when we are facing such situation??:
  12. arieloh


    oh... then u can place the sheer in the inner track and the thicker outside lor. then after u tie the thick sheet up... then u will have a very beautiful sheer sheet..... nice nice ler.... i love the sheer sheet very much!!! hehehe...can't stop telling u this.. Jialing... Macy available at - the curve & minlon building near mines wonder land.... and member get 10% off fabric ya!!
  13. gals... regarding signature kitchen.. visited another kitchen by signature... very impressive. The whole process of installation is so clean and tidy... no mess at all. The outcome good ler... so can consider using them. but please budget yourself with min 20k for a impressive kitchen lor.. After chit chating with the installer, he told me that, the installer is very important. The penang issue might due to inexperience installer. thus, creating much trouble.
  14. arieloh


    i did mine from MACY. Just pay for the fabric, and the workmanship is free. They will do the tie back and hook for a minimal amount. Installation also at minimal only. For curve, Macy have special curve track. Curtain will be ready in 2 weeks times. aishiteru, the sheer curtain should be placed inside... and the thicker outside. but the purple is really sweet....... love it. By the way, which shop did u visit? Is it Fiona?? i would like to visit them too.. thinking to get new curtain...
  15. arieloh


    i am using samsung 61" DLP TV, two years already...stil in tip top condition. just that, if u wanna compare it with normal crt tv, the life span of slim fit is slightly shorter. There is a special bulb, that can last - can't remeber 5000hours or 50,000 hours... then u need to change the bulb. but not pricy lah!! so i recommend samsung for its quality and its price........ B)
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