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  1. Thanks girl. I tried to call both number a minute ago, but no one answering the mobile phone. When i rang the landline number, a sleepy girl answered the phone and before i have a chance to speak further, she put the phone down on me i m confused now.
  2. Hello, I would be grateful if anyone able to provide me Wishing Star and Tiffany's contacts numbers. Many thanks..
  3. Hello, I am having my Sibu banquet on 30 Jan 2010. My fiance and I are working in oversea, so my fiance's parents are arranging the banquet. I am intending to hire my wedding gown and evening gown in Sibu for the banquet. However, my next trip to Sibu would be a day before the banquet, ie. 29 Jan 2010. Accordingly, i can only go to bridal studios to hire the wedding and evening gowns a day before the banquet. I am not a fussy person, what i need is the gowns to suit my size, i am around size 8 UK size. Do you think it would be too risky to do so? How long the bridal studio will take to alter the size of the gowns normally? Does anyone have Wishing Star and Tiffany's phone numbers? Any comments will be very very much appreciated. I am quite lost when it comes to Sibu's banquet :wacko3:
  4. Actually it depends on what car you are renting and how long the duration. For the car deco, normally the BS shop provide together with the package that you sign up.... but i did not sign up with any BS, i have my own gown and photographer.. gossh.. i think i am in a big trouble now i didn realise it is so difficult to source individual wedding services seperately...
  5. Hello, Does anyone have any contacts for wedding car rental company? And does anyone know where to decorate the wedding car before the wedding actual day? How much does it cost to rent a car for the whole day on the AD? and How much does it cost to decorate the wedding car? Er.. I know it is too much questions here...
  6. Hello pinkelle, many thanks for your input. I have actually booked an appointment to visit Bankers Club too.. who did u speak to in the Club? Was their chinese cuisines nice? Any tips to share when it comes to negotiating with them? Sorry too many questions.. .. Do you mind to chat on msn?
  7. Hello felifeli Thanks for sharing. Do you mind to share which venue you have decided for your reception? Hi felifeli, sorry to disturb u again.. hm.. we are actually working in oversea, that is why it is very inconvenient for us to arrange the wedding.. :-( i was a bit stressed up in doing the planning due to the distance.. thought of giving up the idea of having wedding reception.. :-( i would be really grateful if someone can share their experience of planning, so that i know how to deal with the planning.. I am going back for CNY, i hope i would be able to sort out my venue this time, otherwise i would need to wait till the time when i return to Malaysia for holiday in July. We are planning to have the wedding in early 2010. It would be nice if we can chat on msn if don't mind....
  8. Hi, First.... Welcome to MB... You can try hotels like Saujana, Novotel, Equatorial or Concorde... These hotels normally cater for smaller weddings... Saujana function room is facing a lake, very nice and $$$, can also do garden style.. Novotel, I think can only fit max 18 tables... Let me know if you need the contacts of PIC.... Hello, thanks for your reply.. I would be very grateful if you could send me the pic and contacts of the hotels you have mentioned above? My email is spacetide18@yahoo.com Thanks alot..
  9. Hello felifeli Thanks for sharing. Do you mind to share which venue you have decided for your reception?
  10. Hello all, I am new here. Trying to figure out where to start to plan my wedding. We are thinking to have the wedding in Jan/Feb 2010. The problem is the wedding reception will be in KL while both of us are working in UK. This will cause alot of inconvenience to our wedding planning. We will be going back for CNY this year. I hope I would be able to grab this opportunity to decide a venue for my wedding reception. I am wondering if you girls/boys able to recommend any hotel in KL which is able to cater for 15 tables. Your help would be much appreaciated. Many thanks in advance.. and Happy Chinese New Year to all.
  11. hello gal81, do you mind to send me the spreadsheet to spacetide18@yahoo.com ? thanks for your help.
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