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  1. during the food tasting, it was good.. i was pretty satisfied. but dinner night, i'm not so sure... i didnt even hv enough time to eat all... til now i didnt dare to ask my guests how was it.... i scared they will further asking me questions....
  2. SUBJECT : POOR WEDDING ARRANGEMENT - ROYALE BINTANG KL HOTEL Hello to those who are so coincident bump into my page/topic...... I really need to find a person/a member/a society (or whatsoever) to share with me the unforgettable and horrible experiences that I had during my big day... I hope those bride-to-be can spare your time to read my SAD SAD story I n my hubby glad to find a 'within-budget' venue for our wedding and we couldnt wait for the day. We planned ahead everything even with our hectic schedule. We wanted to make it unforgettable not only for ourselves but for our family and all invited guests. After surveying several websites n' forums, and after travelling to several hotels around KL and through our discussion for several months, ultimately we decided to hold our wedding dinner on 28th December 2008 at Royale Bintang KL Hotel. Everything seemed going smoothly for the initial few months, we had our numerous discussions with the Sales Manager. She served us well, and she tried her best to meet our needs. Problems started when the Sales Manager was transferred to their new opening Royale Chulan Hotel and then my case was taken over by an unexperienced sales coordinator. We did not sense anything initially as everything still under control, of course to ignore those small n' tiny problems, like unable to contact the sales coordinator few times. On 28th Dec morning, we went thru all the traditional chinese tea ceremony. The ceremony was until 3pm. Restlessly, we reached the hotel at 4pm (which was considered late). We were so rush until we left it to the banquet manager and the sales coordinator to take care everything for us, which we assumed was under our agreement. Of course, as usual, our wedding dinner started with the bridal couple marching in to the ballroom. Everything happened that night with big big problems when all guests arrived and when the dinner was served. The spotlight did not 'aim' at us. The technician (it seemed) pointed the spotlight on the wall, I believed those who sitting behind couldnt 'view' the couple walked in as it was so dark. However, the spotlight pointed to the right position during the marching in of the first dish. Does it mean the food was important than the couple? Secondly, as you may agree, as a VIP that night, we walked around inside the ballroom to 'chat' with our guests. However, upon returning to our VIP table, those 'un-eaten' food were removed without our consent. We were left with empty stomach (no! I should say, left with a stomach which was only full with wine/beer) until the dinner ended. :wacko3: Third issue. Here, I would like to highlight that we were given 1 bottle of red wine per table upon confirming 30 tables & above. We had 33 tables that night. Of course, beforehand, we had our complimentary food tasting 1 month before our actual dinner. The wine served during the food tasting was pretty quite high quality that we (Both of us and our family members) were so satisfied. We started to invite our guests by mentioning the good quality of our wine. However, we were shocked on the dinner night when the wine served was different from what we had on our food tasting. Of course, we felt embarassed when our guests started to question us the so-so quality of the wine which different from what we told them. Fourth, after our food tasting, my in-laws decided to change the dish which we considered it was good/prosperous sign for both of the bridal couple. Our sixth dish was brocolli, however, we decided to have half of the dish served with cauliflower while the other half remained with the brocolli. However, it was not the same during the dinner night. It did not change according to our needs. The whole dish was just served with the brocolli. None of us were advised why it happened that way. Fifth and the most SCARIEST issue. We did not have our karaoke set that night as we afraid of the noisy aunty singing. We just engaged a keyboardist to sing romantic songs that night. When I was 'yam sing' with my fellow guests, to our horror, there was a lady's singing voice with an oldist song. The voice came on and off, which made the whole ballroom quiet. All of us just stared at each other. We were speechless and felt horrible with such voice, knowing that no one was standing on the stage except the keyboardist. We were sure the cordless mics were untouched. The voice stopped for few minutes. Everybody was calm and continued with our wine toasting. However, another man voice came again and singing those oldist song that we had never heard before. My in-laws went for a check and were told there might be due to cross line with the karaoke lounge nearby. Finally, forgot to mention. We were provided with 6 complimentary car parks. I, of course, had informed the sales coordinator the 6 car's number plates. Upon reaching the hotel, my make-up artist told me she was not allowed to enter the car park as it was full I was mad as she was the 1st one who reached the hotel, and how about the rest of the 5, needless to say, how abt the rest of my guests ? As I mentioned, I was late and so rush. After settling the car park issue for my make up artist I left for my wedding set up. After the day end, we were so tired. I did not have time to check further about the car park issue with the rest of my family members. I was just informed by the sales coordinator that those cars that I provided with the car number plates for, can leave the hotel by just mentioning they were provided with the complimentary car park. However, only few days after, I was informed by my family members that they had to pay RM6 even though they informed the car-park-fee-collector they were provided the complimentary car park. i was so mad and so sad about the incidents happen to me and my family members... Here, i would like to share with you all, the poor wedding arrangement of the hotel I dont know and I dont want to know whether these happened before to those who had their wedding held in this same hotel. What I know is my once-in-a-lifetime wedding dinner had become a night mare for me and my hubby. I want to warn those who are considering where to have their wedding dinner, to forget about the Royale Bintang KL. you will regret.... and suffer like I do in terms of psychology. FYI, I planned to go to karaoke ystd night. I returned with horror when I listened someone sang old song. Sorry to my beloved friends, before the karaoke session started, I had called for an end.
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