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  1. Hey there all, I would like to know whether clomid works for you and took you how many cycles of clomid to be successful? And what are the side effects that you have experienced? Thanks for all your feedbacks. As for me, I was on clomid previous cycle 150mg per day for 5 days start on Cycle day 3 onwards. Yes, I have ovulated on that cycle, but subsequent cycle I suspect I dint ovulate and my AV was late for 17 days and when it came, it was very little (as in pantyliner is enough) and thick (with clots) . You may think it is spotting but I have checked with HPT and its negative with first morning urine. :( So, Im thinking is this the side effect of clomid? I have another set of Clomid with me which I dont know whether to take or not.. plus I dont think my menses were normal this time. Please share your experiece with clomid.. thanks alot.
  2. Hi Blutulip, Thank you so much for sharing.. I hope you eventually know what went wrong. My heart ache as I read , Im sorry. Hope you can get over it soon and start trying again. Take care *hugs*
  3. gbfleng, I recommend to read on this book, 'the surrendered wife'. In this book it mentioned that, the author made a huge mistake which is asking n demanding for sex (ML) from her husband. She pin pointed the right thing.. the more u ask/demand, the more they resist the thought of even coming near you, whats more to ML with you. And u will feel down, hurt and embarrassed. By having that bottled up in you, u tend to hold grudges to yr hubby, not as nice anymore... don't do his laundry, don't cooking for him, not asking how was his day at work n etc... all the things that will bring intimacy to yr relationship. the author advises, in order to regain intimacy, the wife must first of all be 'surrendered'.. u will start asking the definition. well.. im not pro in it as well, just started reading and found some useful tips. i must say, i do see changes in intimacy between me n husband. ok, come back to yr qs, the author recommended that u never ask, but wait for it to come... be patient, instead asking, try putting it into action, seducing, and making yr self be available. this is indirect way of asking but not chasing him away but also if he doesn't respond, at least you wont be so hurt. have a try, good luck!
  4. lilyrosey, Thank you so much! Mickey, Guess, both of us in the same boat... trying this n that... i will get the thermometer today .. have you tried using the thermometer way mickey?
  5. hi lily, I have just bought the ovulation tester too... Wonder it has helped to conceive since u posted last Nov. i will be using it this month...
  6. I am currently looking for a auto gate system and dont really know which brand and type of system is more reliable. Please advise... thanks
  7. Jiun

    Jiun's Pre-Wedding

    thank u, thank u.. Yea, OD looks better hor.. Its in FRIM, Kepong area. I recommend that place because aside from the scenery in my PS, it has waterfall too, but my waterfall pics dint turn out well, so dint select any. I took the 2888 package with 200 discount, top up 2 photos which costs 120/pic so total 3k. Erm,.. have to comment that their AD gown is very limited. PS gown are ok. Service is normal ler.. Probably I dint spend so much, so our expectation is minimal. Anyway, any other LV loke yiew bride here? My AD is next week, on the 9th. Its coming d.. very excited. The headache part now is confirming guest list. My hubby side n my side total up to about 50 tables @ Berjaya times square hotel. Okla, feel free to pop me questions :)
  8. Hi.. I am going Langkawi for my honeymoon too.. Have booked Sheraton Perdana Langkawi, any comments of the place. ;) The package is 495.00 Ringgit Malaysia per room per night inclusive buffet breakfast and buffet dinner for 2 B)
  9. Jiun

    Jiun's Pre-Wedding

    Wah, Thanks alot for all your compliments.. really kah, like sammi cheng.. hehe Yah, most ppl say the OD is nice but why my husband in casual wear.. This is the typical comment i get from the photos. I also think the up close one with white rose is very sexy.. i stole the idea from cover shot for this pose.. Glad it turn out well, B)
  10. Dear all, This is my PS photos... happy viewing #removed# Pls click above url PS : Love Vision Photographer : Jade PS OD : FRIM Makeup artist : Kah Wai Total spent : 3k
  11. goolengss, Hieee... i am interested too! can i have the contact?? Thanks..
  12. hi piggy, I have yr problem too. From front, ppl could see the scalp of my head already if i dint comb my fringe down. Anyway, i am now trying out Himalayas, it is economical, said to be 100% natural herbs and a shampoo of regular size only costs about 8.90. very affordable. i use the oily hair range with dandruff shampoo. then i bought the revitalizing hair oil, now trying it out. u can buy this product from any guardian or watsons pharmacy or there is an outlet in mid valley, just opposite guardian. but the price there is slightly more expensive. still below rm10. hope this helps
  13. ha? i didnt know have to individually charge for the ribbon. for berjaya, u can choose from few colours. they have even ribbon decoration on the ceiling, can match the chair colour ... hehe try to nego.. say other hotel give free wor
  14. Jiun

    Equatorial Hotel, K.L

    melissa, can i have the contact for the beer supplier? usually need how many barrels a? thanks
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