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  1. Hi, I am looking for a chinese babysitter in tmn midah, cheras area. Period: Feb 2013 onwards (after CNY) Age: 2 month-old Time: daytime (mon-fri), 8.30am to 7.30pm Prefer: Chinese, non-smoker with experience Requirement : - Responsible, caring, patient, good health, no pets, non smoker, no alcohol - Environment clean, spacious, air circulation, accumulation of debris in the habit of - support breastfeeding Please pm me telephone number and address, or may email me at jas_tee16@hotmail.com. thanks!!!
  2. Hi, can u recommend d CL to me? Thanks.
  3. Hi, can u recommend d CL to me? Thanks!
  4. Dear all, I'm currently looking for a CL by early mid december 2012. Highly appreciate if anyone of u can recommend. Feel free to pm me or mail to jas_tee16@hotmail.com their's contact. TQVM!
  5. Hi sweetcandy15, m also having my check-up at pantai cheras but wit Dr.Chow. His clinic at ground floor. He is very friendly, n experinced. B4 tat, my sis in-law & her sis in-law 4 babies also under him. u may wanna consider under ur list.
  6. Hi all, sorry for late reply, as been quite busy on d last 2mths... Anyway, oredi mailed d links to u all. Enjoy viewing n feel free to give me comments... ^-^
  7. Hi Juanil, mind to share wit me ur pretty photos too? jas_tee16@hotmail.com Thanks! :))
  8. Hi, can share wit me too? jas_tee16@hotmail.com Thanks! :))
  9. Hi Jose, Tks for d comments. So far stil quite satisfied wit their's service. I was attracted by d korea package coz d price oredi include d air ticket n accodomations only as u mentioned d pose is a bit less. Anyway, PD & putrjaya also very nice. u choose d PS on dec? tat wil b a hot month for wedding, a lot of gowns might not b there, n d choice will b extra limited. Btw, Anson is very friendly, there will b no problem to deal wit him... :))
  10. hi, mind to share wit me too? jas_tee16@hotmail.com thanks! :))
  11. Hi marryhim,mireage28,shuey268 & loveade, mail to u all oredi... Thanks & enjoy viewing! :))
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