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  1. Beware the em-pay and about ipc. This case have happened to me two years ago, I have paid more than RM1000.00 to Jocelyn P'ng for her suggested investment program. She told us that we will guarantee, assure that we will get profit within 1 year, although we are not active to recruit downline, just for investment purpose only. After certain time later, We have shown RM100 listed in our em-pay account. So, we believe her. Once again, we seek for her advice. How to get the money to transfer. She suggested to us that only through May Bank account can do so. We just follow what she said. Even at the same time we have ask IPC centre for our case. The answer is the same, WAITING!!! We wait, wait and wait..............Finally, WE REALIZE SOMETHING WRONG THERE!!! Two year has been passed, until now neither from bank transfer money nor any single cent profit we obtained. Maybe some people will get some money, exp: you pay RM400.00, after a time, maybe 3 month+-,you will get RM50.00, but beware you will lost more than that. ITS SCAM + A big cheating technique.
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