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  1. My baby is being taken care of by a relative. Over time, I noticed that my baby is becoming more and more attached to my relative. So much so, sometimes I think that my baby prefers the company of others to myself and my husband. We have tried spending as much time as possible with our baby. There seem to be little improvement. I feel really sad to see my baby reacts this way. Do any of you have the same problem and how are you dealing with it?
  2. Hi everyone, I just found out im 5 weeks pregnant. Went to the gynae today and he did a transvaginal scan for me to confirm the pregnancy. he showed me the sack and told me that its at the right place. i complained about some dull ache at my left pelvic area. so the gynae checked my ovaries for cysts. he found none. later on he told me that he is prescribing me with some hormon pills to support the pregnancy. he said normally when a woman is pregnant, there will be friendly cyst by the ovaries which releases hormon to support the pregnancy. he found none in me and so he gave me the pills. i wonder whether anyone of you have the same symptoms? if yes, do share with me. thanks
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