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  1. LOL...If this is just something fun for her, I also wouldn't mind. I'm just worried if it's something to do with muscle disorder, I wish to get her treated b4 it is too late. Btw, how long for your gal to walk normal from tip-toe? My little one really walks on her toes ALL the time.
  2. I heard that too. I started to put her in the walker when she started to take solid. Don't know that's too early or not. Is there any way to let her put her both feet down when walk? Or should I bring her to the paed?
  3. Hi All, My 15 mth daughter is walking on her toes ever since she started to learn to walk. It's almost 2 mths that she walks on her toe and I never see her walking with both feet touching the ground unless she is standing. Could that be something to do with her muscle disorder or will she outgrow this?
  4. I am also taking collagen. Mine one is oral hyaluronic acid plus marine collagen. The result seems quite promising too and I was told that the result is visible in just 14 days time.
  5. Mabel, I feel so much better after reading thru the thread shared. It seems like I'm also badly 'brainwashed' by the taught of the older generation and the ads too... By the way, talking about the snacks, do you have any good recommendation on the choices of snacks? I came across various kind of biscuit like rusk, heinz, baby choice rice cracker, are they good snacks to introduce? Or do you have any good meal plan to share for the age of my toddler?
  6. I am so happy to have found this thread. I always thought my baby gal is the only odd spicies who refused to drink milk. Her drinking pattern really drives me crazy. I have stopped feeding her after 8.30pm every day coz she will cry if we offer night feeding. Her milk intake for the entire day before is less than 20oz and she's 13 mths old, with only 8.5kg at the moment. We have done all sort of monkey shows to attract her for every feed but it sometimes end up she cry and I also cry... Is milk really important and how much a toddler like her should take? Do I need to give her supplement coz her weight is not increasing for the past few mths. Her weight at birth is 3.2kg and now she is 13mths++, only 8.5-8.6kgs. I am seriously depressed by her drinking pattern and i dare not to bring her out coz if she's out, she can go without milk the whole day. Appreaciate your input and I have consulted few paed, all of them told me she's not hungry which I really sceptical about their answers...I just can't pursuade myself to believe that my gal is not drinking milk whole day long becoz she's not hungry. How can she be not hungry most of the time and some more her weight is not gaining??? Besides, she only loves porridge but not cereal too...really appreciate ur suggestions/solutions.
  7. Hi there, Wish to find out whether sucking pacifier will cause colics in baby or not?
  8. Dear nckeat, I am so much better now after your explanation. But, my next appointment is scheduled a month later from now. Do I need to ask for earlier appointment?
  9. Dear nckeat, the baby's gestational age is in correspond to my pregnancy week. However, I was not sure about the baby's bladder as prior to this, I didn't know the bladder is visible via the scan. FYI, I was scanned via 2D ultrasound, is that good enough to see the baby's bladder? As for the tests suggested by you which are uterine artery or umbilical cord artery doppler, where can I do it and is there any risk to the baby?
  10. Hi all, I have read through all the posts on this thread and seems like most of the mummies have this low amniotic fluid level in your third trimester and even approaching your due date. However, my case is bit different. I am in my week 19 and during the routine check up yesterday, my gynae mentioned that my amniotic fluid level was at borderline and the distribution of the fluid was not even. It was only found concentrated at the area around baby's head which was measured @ 4 and the rest of the areas were very less. My gynae didn't say much after that, he said could be the kidney of the baby is not fully functioning yet. His answer certainly freaked me out. Mummies with the similar experience, could you please share with me is this something to concern about as I really worry this may cause harm to my baby. When's the kidneys of the baby are going to function fully? Can the fluid intake influece the level of the amniotic fluid? I am taking average of 1.5L plain fluid a day and that is excluding soup/milk.
  11. How much fluid do we need a day? I always try to ensure I have 1.5L plain fluid a day, that is excluding soup at meals. Is that sufficient?
  12. Hi all, I am in my 19 weeks now. Yesterday I went for my routine check up. During the check up, my gynae told me my amniotic fluid was at borderline and the fluid only concerntrated at one area which was around baby's head. There was very less fluid at other areas. I just wonder, fluid is very mobile and how come it only found at the head's area but not other areas or less at other areas? My gynae didn't comment much after that and just told me probably the kidney of the baby is not fully functioning yet. After he said that, that even worried me more. When is the function of the kidney going to kick off fully? Do any mummies out there experience the same like me? Please share your experience if there is any. I just worry if this going to do any harm to my baby or not?
  13. Yvonne, As 4 d menses, how heavy is considered heavy? I hv heavy menses lately but not d cramp, just discomfort only. Could tat b symptoms of endo?
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