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  1. did not realise have this thread in the forum. I am a mother now and i must leave few words here. Both me and my husbby even my family, friends very sastify with Derek's photo and working attitude. His montage for my dinner was so amazing!! PM me to get the photo and Montage. I will pass it to you upon request ok. No good to open in public ( i think :) ) . What should i say is , i pay with the minimun amount < 2k and what i get back is those valuable services and photo. For me, i see no difference of Derek's photo with those high end photographer ( which i meet before and my sister photographer ) like Adam Ong, Zack chin, Sam chu... etc.. dun forget, theirs price is double, some triple of Derek price. Thank you Derek. I am the sastiffy client too!
  2. Like Amanda says, it really depend on your budget first. I would like to recommend my photographer to you, derek chai , one of the vender here, very well good reputation and well review from his clients. You can try a look to his blog : g2xphotography.wordpress.com. His price is very good, i taken 1.5k last year, it may little increase next year thought but is really value for the money you paid, i grantee it. You can read my post that i studies all the photographer in the forum, you can study on that too to get your suitable photographer. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index....t=0#entry256352
  3. hope you can share with mee too... I will share mine once i get it.. Cheer~!!
  4. hemm... the photo link been removed?? can PM?
  5. hem, maybe you can take 2 place where include the building ( putra jaya) and the natural ( frim ) .
  6. yaya, agree with previous. must take care : how many working hours ( i get 5 hours /seasion ) Slide show extra money? ( mine one is include in the package) extra DVD slide how much? ( i got 2 copy FOC from te PG with cover printed) is that all touch up? mine photogrpaher is derek chai from g2xphotography, one of vendor of this forum, www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13460
  7. acually i found another place that quite beauty, after i saw the picture showing by my PG. The place is Desa Park city. why not take a good consideration?
  8. ai ya.... i am like this flower too... too bad like that la.. :wacko3: like that need to survey other flower already
  9. Hi.. jstan, we are in the same ship. I appoited his as my photographer too. So is that you already pass your wedding day? if yes can share some photo taken by him?
  10. try contact derek from G2x photography, i understand he is from east coast too. www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13460 and his web, www.g2xphotography.com. hope help. he is now my wedding day photographer too.
  11. Ivory & gold for me.
  12. Hi ,jstan, U look beauty and his your photographer done a really good job. I been view your photographer web, he really good in the art style, i am realise that his quite a number of MB member supported, a very good review too. Thanks for the sharing anyway. U are awesome and beautiful brides!
  13. hi, can you share with me your price and package??
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