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  1. I don't my mum to carry this responsibility as she is getting on with age & I have a father who is an invalid ( bedridden ) back in my hometown. It's best to let the younglings do this job plus our parents had done their job in their lifetime of raising us already. As our parents' children, we would not want our parents to do the job of that is our responsibilities to start with. Our parents' job right now are to enjoy their golden years with an occasion visit to play around with their grandchild & not be burden with the job of raising the next lineage. That's just my 2 cents.
  2. Hi all... I'm a first time dad this coming Oct 2009 & I am in need of a good CL. Heard about the one written on shmily experience but tried to PM , her mail box full. Please help .......I am in need of a good & affordable CL. Thx in advance.....
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