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  1. Hi gal, Im urgently looking for professional emcee for my wedding in May..mind to share ur emcee's contact? million thanks in advance! =)
  2. Dear Venissa, Mind to share ur wedding album? I might be taking my PS in taiwan too..but dunno which BS to choose. Pls send to my email: rai.nr.me@hotmail.com Thank you very much!!!!=)
  3. Thx for ur advice, will take note next time.
  4. Yes, strongly agreed. Jz got con by Legend SS2,pls note that the guy named Anthony, never ever buy anything from him. He got bad attitude and irresponsible. The initial price that he gave me was including installation, which suppose to include 10F piping. and guess wat, when the technician came he ask for RM150 extra each unit for piping. Of cz i called the sales guy n his answer was "include installation" means "deliver to ur house + hang it on ur wall" and denied wat he said b4.. his attitude is like "samseng" and dont wanna pick up my call after tat.. Ohh..i was so angry but nothing i can do cz i hd made the full payment, sigh..big mistake.. And then the most frustrating part is all the work done by the techinician is terrible, and need my main contractor to cover for him..sigh sigh sigh... At last, i cancelled all the elec items i ordered from the Legend SS2.
  5. purple_Rain


    Yeah sure, there is one near the pasar seni LRT station (opposite to udaocean supermarket). Another will be opposite to Sogo complex, u can find all the fabric wholeseller there like kamdar, SSF, Nagoya..etc. anyway, there got 2 Nagoya branches and have more choices than the pasar seni branch. hmm...i would say Beverly is exp bcz they charge the design + installation fees. actually the fabric will only cost less than one thousand (even for the highest quality fabric) if u buy at Nagoya. The difference is no one will go to ur house to measure n match the color for u,u will need to measure, design, and install ur own. It depends on wat kind of service u r looking at. Hope it helps.
  6. Yeah, i'm planning to buy tuscani hood + hob + oven, anyone out there have any bad experience with this brand? Did you go to HomeDec 2009? How much did your SA quote you? Mind to share with us? I went to Homedec 2009 The Tuscani SA quoted me Model TSCHD-3509D + TSC 2WK (Glass) + 6 multiple function oven = RM3798 w/ installation.. Suction power is 1000m3/hr. The main selling point for Tuscani hood is that they provide 5 years warranty for the motor.. Strongly recommend Home Raccolta, cheap & good service.. they quote Tuscani Model TSCHD-3509D + TSC 2WK (Glass) for RM1899 with installation. the SA oso very nice & helpful.. anyway, i ddint buy Tuscani, but go for Tellini cz higher suction power, 1250 suction power...
  7. Hi i managed to did my concrete top (about 19 foot long- u shape), with 2 x 2 second grade tiles for RM1800.
  8. purple_Rain


    Hi all, i jz bought my curtain frm Nagoya, below are the details: 1. Living hall (Balcony hall- 12F x 8.5F) : Blackout + Sheer 2. Master Bedroom (9.5F x 8F): Blackout + Sheer 3. Study room (6.5F x 6F): Blackout + Sheer 4. Guest room (4.5F x 6F): Blackout + Sheer 3. Store room (3F x 6F): Blackout (cz left extra) Total fabric cost: RM338 Total Workmanship (French/p): RM197 all together less than RM600 for whole house Baagus quote me RM800 for one balcony door n normal fabric n w/o sheer.. luckily didnt commit tat time..phew~~
  9. Hi babysiew, the cost seems reasonable for me^^.. mind to share photos of ur lovely dining hall? cz im thinking to do the same effect to my dining hall and my kitchen oso has sliding glass door like urs..would like to see the effect before i could decide.. Pls PM me : rai.nr.me@hotmail.com thanks in advance..
  10. Quote Hi stressgirl, jasmine, Can you send me your renovated photos? i would like to view to get some design ideas. Hi fusionista, can i have ur dad's contact number? and sample project photos? thankssss __________ hello everyone, Im newbie here..will b moving to my new condo in may/june and currently seeking for budget reno.. Hi Jasmine & stressgirl, May i have ur reno photos as well? many thanks...
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