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  1. hi, wat's your sis part time maid service contact?

  2. if the frame is too light, is it strong enough to hold a 20kg toddler over long period of usage, say, when u're on a week's travel overseas? generally, most parents now go for combi or maclaren quest sports. i prefer maclaren over combi, the colour is just too babyish for my liking. i wanted something sporty.
  3. hi, actually i posted in my facebook too, but no recommendation from friends. the one i liked, the menu isnt kid-friendly at all. it's more suitable for corporate or maybe the wedding chip san leong day etc. if you still wanna have the contact, you may PM me. cheers.
  4. this year i celebrated in small scale at popeyes, a fast food joint. they were very accomodating to my last minute reservation, ie. like a day before. food wise, okay.. good thing is, x hv to budget against headcount, coz whoever that turned up, just order on the spot. no wastage! which is a good thing. spacious (TTDI outlet, the whole 1st floor was reserved for our small party of 20 pax), and a/c, so the kids had plenty of space to run around. next year im booking the air-conditioned hall at a friend's condo, the pool is just metres away from the hall, coupled with a kid's playground, it's a few floors above the ground, so it's pretty windy day or night. overall, pretty nice atmosphere. now the problem starts, i have to budget for the catering against headcount, people may or not turn up, etc.
  5. all this bear-style kids, were they born in the year of the cow??? and were they breastfed via direct latching?
  6. better choose those with the syllabus that you're comfortable with. talking about being late to pick up the kid, have a word with the school principals and see what they say. PM me your location, and i'll PM you the contact of the school. i wake up early every morning and make soup for the kid. put it into a container. then i wash all the veges, fish, fruits and pack accordingly wif his snacks and bottle of water. i still pay for the food allowance in his monthly fees, but i provide all the food including leaving the tin of soymilk in school. so when im late to pick up my kid, they dont ah ji ah jor with me, coz i never once bring up about this extra im paying. both the school and i have been very understanding and supportive of each other ie. they never question me about the food i had to provide for my kid (he's got eczema) and i dont interfere with they way they teach. quality wise, it's subjective. my intention is only to put my kid there right up till before he turns 4. that's another 2 years to go. i have checked out the other kindergarten which i want to enrol him by 2013.
  7. haha, it's not in cheras, sorry about that.
  8. that was what happened to my kid, cried like he saw ghost whenever he has to go to the nanny's place. both nannies. never once cried when i drop him off at school and whenever i pick him up, i can hear him screaming in excitement enjoying himself with his friends. join my kid's montessori la. he's got a great bunch of kids under-3 in his group. ping if you need the contact. cheers.
  9. lol, i know... i got a shock too when i followed a friend in her car, on the way to send her kid to her primary school before we head out for lunch. the girl was reading her exercise book, memorising the spelling for a BM spelling test taking place later in the day. i glanced at the page, one of the malay words, "komputer riba". that's the std.1 level. whatever happened to pembaris, pemadam, epal, bola, kasut etc?
  10. omg, i thought i was the only one with such a mental ex-mil. haha. is yr mil from ipoh? do they (in-laws) have a bit of money and not rich enough at the same time? i think your mil and my ex-mil have one thing in common, too much "astro wah lai toi rich family saga, fighting for money and power in the family" hours clocked in. educated or not, we all know, we have encountered our fair share of ridiculous comments/acts even by highly educated people. what they are really lacking of, is respect for others.
  11. you may look at montessori's way of kindie. not much study, more on inculcating living skills, independence, social and fair bit of learning ie. sing songs, nursery rhymes, basic abcs 123s. my kid went to the one near our neighbourhood since he was 10mo (not by choice) and it's great for him as it SUITS his personality, he likes to mingle around. the 3Q where i live, they concentrate on teaching and homework. not something i want for my kid not till he passes his 4th birthday, which by then i will pull him out of this current kindie and consider another kindie near my brother's place where they have dedicated teachers for education. i feel the current educators at my son's kindie is only half bucket of water as their hours are too long having to work from 7am-7pm with a bunch of monkeys (that's including my son), and the quality of spoken languages whether english, bm or mandarin is only so-so. just yesterday the principal asked me how do i write my kid's chinese name, i told him and gave him examples as im a banana and he asked me how to write it, but i have already explained the word to him and it's the basic auspicious word. if your chinese is strong enough, you WILL know. clearly he didnt and clearly my instinct was right about the educator's quality there. to answer yr question, i will put my kid into montessori at 2 and move him to a better kindie at 4 because they will need a few months to settle down, some kids a year (yes, i have seen this quiet reserved girl being her introvert self and a year later, she's totally a different person now, so it all depends on your kid's personality, pace to adapt to changes etc). my view on education is that parents play a part too. if children is giving consistent, progressive and fun way to learn, they will never say school is boring. come on, we are all working adults now - ask ourselves how many times we said we wished we were in school instead??? i thoroughly enjoyed my schoolgoing days.
  12. paul's. cant find it in majority of supermarkets. either cold storage near angmo places ie bangsar, mont kiara, klcc or village grocers. but kota damansara's village grocer dont carry paul's plain yogurt anymore. i have stopped yogurt for some reason, but if i want to start it in my kid's diet again, i will call the village grocer kota damansara to bring in the stocks again. cant expect me to drive all the way to bangsar just to buy a yogurt right?
  13. yes, i can confirm that it is 2 years, as recommended by WHO. the biological reason is that the breastmilk can still produce milk and the ration of fat (during extended breastfeeding, which means, anytime after 12mth period) in the breastmilk elevates in line with the need of a growing toddler. remember - kids need fat during the first 2 years. GO FOR GOLD! any doubt about extended breastfeeding, just refer to le leche leagues website. given a choice to be pregnant again, i wont blink an eye about breastfeeding my kid beyond 1. of course any toddlers beyond 1 should also be introduced to a wide variety of food, and watch out for allergies, no peanuts before 3, nuts before 2. other than that, the kid is encourage to try everything possible.
  14. i read somewhere that baking the salmon or any fatty fishes retains the omega oil far better than panfrying it.
  15. she's not french. haha. ashandrea, can try replace mayo with the "dip" and slab on sandwiches or crackers. i dont serve aesthetic looking food to my kid. so long i use the freshest ingredient, best cut, and natural flavouring with A - Z nutrients, i am done.
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