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  1. u mentioned yr hb come home from work at 10pm? then leave again at 3.30am? that means the time after 10pm to shower, dinner and sleep? it's really very tiring, and lack of sleep. i myself feel lack of sleep due to sleeping late and having to wake up 5am+ to go work. it's not good for health. u really need to make sure he gets enough rest and sleep. i think he's used to handjob instead going in, that's why the 'E' also seems much more natural and easier for him during HJ. it'll surely improve over time. take your time, enjoy with him first. i think conceiving at age 30 or 31 is still fine, don't worry so much.
  2. saffron, why is the rush to TTC? you just got married, and yet AD. enjoy the days before the kid comes. and you said both of you are novices in ML, so why not take it slow and enjoy just the 2 of u first? i agree that being tired and spending time to look for the spot, will really make his thing less hard. and practice makes perfect. he's novice too, so slowly, he'll be able to stand longer, and both can enjoy.
  3. supposingly if u go for abortion before, should be even easier to do natural birth, as the hip opened before, no?
  4. yes, really can ml during pregnancy. hb's response when first found out i preg was 'huh? then still can do?', hahaha..and i made him ask dr that, coz he din't believe still can do. it's really safe, as i read that guys' thing can't reach foetus at all. we were active all through my pregnancy, just that a little limited positions. i really mind very much if he do it himself, as i will feel it's betraying me. even watching porn also i feel is betraying me, can't accept it, don't know why.
  5. Piggy, omg...do you have any alternative way? confinement will be the biggest clash between mils and dils. i could foresee that during my time, so i die die persuaded my hb that i wanted confinement at kl house instead of mil's house. i told him other reasons except 'i scared clash with yr mum'. but after the confinement, i went back mil's house, even the 2 short weeks, or less than that, i couldn't stand her at all.
  6. i'm better in terms of not visiting few times every month. sometimes i visit once a month, or even once in every 2 months or longer. but i too dread making the visit. i hate most is mil and sil kept talking about asking me to give birth to next, hate to hear it. yea culture and living style are totally different, and i can never adapt, or like their style.
  7. tumpang post, 2nd hand Ameda electric dual breastpump to let go at rm 600
  8. fruitshake, can please share your grill supplier contact? need grill for laundry area for small apartment, was quoted rm 750 for it, think it's too expensive. thanks..
  9. anyone has contact for grill supplier? just need the most basic grill for an apartment. pls share your reliable contact, and reasonable price one. Am quoted rm 750 for just a small area by a contractor, i find it crazy price!
  10. hi oxford_bb, just saw this topic only. it has been almost a year since you last wrote. do keep us updated of your status, and take good care. ji muis are always there for you. you are not alone, hope you know that...
  11. i don't think even a marriage can tie down this woman again, since she wasn't satisfied with her first marriage anyway, and broke it anyway. she could easily be a serial divorcee anyway. and maybe Brian knows deep down also that he won't be able to tie this woman down anyway. marriage is really just a certificate to many people.
  12. just checked my 'stock' and realized got total 6pcs only, so ocean paid to me, i will pass to her tmoro, waiting for miko side. then no more left. i have a NEW BPA-free, standard Ameda breast flange, that you need to use while using the ameda breast pump, forgot how much i bought it, it's NEW, not used before. you can offer a price, then i can consider to sell it off if ok price for me. Ameda breast pump to let go too, offer a price to me, thanks.
  13. miko, have you banked in to me? waiting your reply in email, maybe meet up at puchong is better to pass to u, no need mail to u ocean, give me yr email address, thanks.
  14. Bunnynwife, so is around rm1 per piece for the one u using for Jaylene, is it good? won't tear easily and can catch food drips/drops? do u throw every single time or can keep it for few times, if not dirty? thanks for replying!
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