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  1. it should be no pro for you to withdrawn your EPF either for your new house / 2nd hand house as long as that is your 1st house. Just they need additional doc to support your application - to confirmed that previous owner had totally transfer the house under your name.
  2. Hi fluene, We just bot a house now, but only can get the house key around Aug or Sep this year. My hubby suggest induction cooker bcoz of modern, easy & clean.
  3. mind to share with me too. Thanks in advance singyee.thian@yahoo.com
  4. which photographer is most famous in hollywood? They only hv 1 PG.
  5. I would suggest Hollywood BS. I'm admin that their package bit costly compare to other BS but worth for the $$. Hollywood Bridal Sdn Bhd. ~~~ Tel #082-23 8771 Link:Hollywood BS
  6. May be you can contact Ms Simmy Tan (0166160112); she is nice and talented photographer. http://simmy-tan.com/
  7. Hi giggsannie Congrats and welcome to MB.
  8. It depends on your skin condition.
  9. 21 years old is too early for me to ROM (either mentally or physically) Just like others saying that signed a paper (ROM) is legally married but can not guarantee the relationship. That y no point for u to ROM b4 enter uni.
  10. When in EMERGENCY CASES - DONT USE THE MEDICAL CARD.... IMPORTANT !! PROPER WAY TO USE THE MEDICAL CARD IN CASE OF EMERGENCY!!! In cases of Emergency, a matter of LIFE & DEATH (eg Heart-attack, Strokes, Accidents) NEVER.... NEVER.. NEVER use a medical card!! Why?.... 1. In the emergency room, you will be asked to register and make a 'Deposit' BEFORE the patient is TREATED! 2. When you show the medical card, the doctor MUST complete the claim form and fax to the insurance company BEFORE they can treat the patient. The hospital MUST wait until the insurance company Confirms coverage & limit of policy. 3. ALL these procedures may take 1-2 HOURS!! By this time the patient may have lapsed into a coma !! 4. Use your credit card or Cash FIRST. AFTER the patient has been treated & attended by the doctor, then show the admission counter nurse the medical card. She will then liaise with the insurance company directly for the approvals. She will tear the earlier credit card deposit once the insurance company has approved. 5. By now the patient would have been wheeled into the room to rest or to the surgery room for immediate surgery. Sincerely we pray no one has to go through such an ordeal. Share this info ! with your loved ones, your colleague & friends.
  11. jaseline, FYI, I had released u for mywedding.com webpass's request. u can view it & drop me some comment. Abt Simmy, this is her contact number. u can email or call her for more details. she quite friendly. really recommend her as your AD PG. u will not regret to get her as ur AD PG. May b u can ask her abt Amy (ex-Shiseido) latest contact number, if not wrong she also recommend Amy to others in others forum. Email : simmytan@gmail.com Phone : +60166160112
  12. Hi amigo_07, Congrats and welcome to MB.
  13. can pm me the link.... thanks in advance.
  14. i dun know, we dun hv joint account so far. After ROM, my HB just pass all his $$$ for me to keep & manage. (after deduct all the monthly expenses e.g. car loan, insurance, monthly allowance for MIL, other misc expenses & so on) Do agreed with BS & AJ opinion, dun put all ur salary in the joint account, may be just certain fixed amount every month. at least u still hv some freedom to use ur own $$. However, discuss with ur partner b4 either 1 of u wanna buy or spend on expensive things. (may be more than RM200, RM300 or RM500 - just example)
  15. at least 1 girl if only can have 2 kids.
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