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  1. hello, i am looking for one too! around pj area...thanks!
  2. this implies that you will deliver the confinement food to our homes? if so, can you let me know the pricing?
  3. i am planning to do my visit pregnancy visit to the gynae at kjmc.....hope it works out fine. planning to set my appointment soon....read quite a number of good comments on dr fatima
  4. I realised that there are no physical symptoms until the day i missed period, where my nipples started to get sensitive. And, implantation bleeding occuring on the day my period supposed to come. Brown discharge only happens after the missed period....
  5. Would like to ask what brand of pregnancy test kit do you use?
  6. I have heard that employers don't really like hiring new staff that is pregnant. I am trying to conceive while I am also thinking of changing my job of five years (as I don't find anymore motivating factor to stay there). I am really confused, which should I pursue. I can't be waiting for myself to conceive, which I don't know when. And, I can't be waiting to find a new job first, because it is not very much my decision to cherry pick jobs. haiz..... if you were me, what will you choose?
  7. since both sides are open minded, you decide for yourself - can take turn!
  8. no, it didn't happen to me (yet); just curious....:) thanks all for the reply!
  9. false positive pregnancy test - meaning the test shows that you are pregnant, but later found out from doctor that you are not pregnant
  10. Has anyone experience this before? What are the chances of this happening? (Another thing to fear when we see positive result!) Who are likely to experience this?
  11. if you realise, those that have succeeded in getting pregnant or already have a kid; or those that have become grannies and grandpas, will usually post this question. Well, though our usual respond is "let's nature take it's course", sometimes, it is just too much - really annoying! And, worse, we can't tell them off sarcastically because they are our relatives. *sigh*
  12. yes, i also think that it is weird if we visit separately, as pil may also want to see their dil/sil.....n build relationship
  13. hehe....actually i meant, i just got married 3 months ago, i should rephrase...
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