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  1. i'd like to sell off my wedding dress as follow.. 1. European Lace Wedding Gown Material is satin with full lace and slight train I bought it @ RM2100 and would like to sell @ RM1000. It's suitable for size S-M and can be altered to fit your curve WG is dry cleaned and kept in box https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=233...e=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=233...e=1&theater this is the front (full lace) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=230...e=1&theater this is how the back and train looks like (full lace with button) 2. Evening Gown Material is chiffon I bought it @ RM500 and would like to sell @ RM250 It's suitable for size S-M and can be altered to fit your curve EG is dry cleaned and kept in box https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=236...e=1&theater interested can pm me or email me @ leelycia@gmail.com.
  2. Hi Janny, I had a private ROM as well. Yes, RM500 is for the officer to go to your venue. Well, I wouldn't say on time, as mine was slightly late, but not too late ^^ All in all, it was a great ceremony. Having a ROM at your own private destination with family and friends, less the traffic jam, less the hassle to Q , bla bla bla... Congrats to u ^^
  3. hi all, thought mayb i can share mine (**,) i engaged Kim from penang photography for my wedding reception here's the web: http://blog.penang-photography.com/ regards, alycia
  4. Hi yxt, I engage a photographer from Penang too for my bride reception.. This is the web: www.penng-photography.com Hope it helps (**,) Regards, Alycia
  5. Hi Claritzel, can i ve the vg contacts too :) pm me pls... many thanks in advance. regards, alycia
  6. Hi choogoh, that's what my SA quoted me last time, there might be changes and different branch and SA quoted differently.. you probably can try to discuss it with ur SA good luck Regards, Alycia
  7. Hi choogoh, my BS is LV (same group as Touch) how many poses tat u wanna get back in total? if u r considering to buy back all softcopy, they mayb'll give u a special price.. the lowest i get is RM18/poses when i tried to negotiate during my last photo selection but there's condition, we muz take at least 80% of the poses tat means, if we total have 300poses, 80%=240poses x RM18 = RM4320 try to negotiate with ur SA, i think the price is negotiable... but before that u got to know ur budget and work within it... i guess there's no point burning ur pocket b'cuz of it cuz u can always take the photo again... regards, alycia
  8. Hi choogoh, most BS dun return the softcopy except u manage to make them do so before sign up ur package else u'll ve to pay for it during photo selection ermm... my package a bit complicated, hope u get it (^^,) my initial package only returns those poses I selected (means in album, in our case is 60poses).. then during photo selection, we top up 2.1K for another 69poses out of the 69poses (top up), 30 goes into the album, the balance 39poses we get back in softcopy only. so round up, each poses we bought at abt RM30 (disregard in or not in album) which BS did u sign up with? mind to share? regards, alycia
  9. Dear all, Sorry for my late-late reply. HAd been busy for my marriage arrangement and preparations. Since it's hard for me to constantly keep track and monitor my thread, I'd decided to post my link (first pre-wedding photography @ Malacca) here to share with everyone. Please do leave me a comment and sign our guestbook ya. Much appreciated. Here you go... Click here! p/s: stay tune for out second pre-wedding photography taken at Genting Highlands~ here's a sypnosis of my second pre-wedding potograph @ GH... more coming soon~ Outdoor @ Genting this photo was taken by the roadside. we were sitting on the road snapping, snapping & snapping like crazy. and we receive much blessing from road passer, LOL Regards, Alycia
  10. Hi Claritzel, can i ve the vg contacts too :) pm me or my email: leelycia@gmail.com many thanks in advance. regards, alycia
  11. hi interested to get the fake tulipo bouquet. pls email me payment details... leelycia@gmail.com
  12. hi bellestw, i like the 2nd design.. can share with me the vendors details/contacts? regards, alycia
  13. can email/pm me the photo, measurement n price please? email: leelycia@gmail.com thanks.
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