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  1. I think around RM700, depands your area and how old is your child.
  2. Dear All, I am carying twins now and wondering one CL how to take care 2 babies and one mummy at the same time. Anyway had this experience before? Please share? I have asked few CL and they charged me about RM7000 - RM8000 due to twins and CNY. I dare not to challange them thier skill handing 2 babies at the same time. But the cost is too high. This is excluding chinese herbal and food expenses..... Please share your view here. Thanks!
  3. Please share with me the CL contact number. celiachan2@yahoo.com Thanks!
  4. I am looking for CL during CNY next year. EDD is 21 Feb (Chou 12th) but may be early delivery.... Please recommend good CL to me. Thanks.
  5. EDD is early March 2013 which means that less than 6 weeks pregrant now. So fast need to look for CL? OMG! I am 5th week now and EDD is in middle of CNY. should I start to look for one now? I called 2. one been book (2 months job) and another one don't work during CNY. What can i do now? start nervous........ any good recomendation? what questions should i ask the confirnement lady? please share! Thanks.
  6. Anyone know what is the price tag for CL work during CNY? What is the current price for CL who work for 30 days? RM3200? Please share. Thanks.
  7. Thanks! I also found that my kid lose weight especially this week onwards he doesn't take any milk before he sleep. He refused to drink his milk, not even talk about icnrease his milk consumption. sometimes i feel sad that i really do not know how to take care of my son. i do not play to him and talk less to him too. I feel that he is more happier when stay with babysitter and her family. :(
  8. Hi All, I would like to check with all mummies that what kind of food that you give to your toddler? My boy is 16 months now and he has more teeth to enjoy more food (instead of porridge). I started to give him rice plus soup when he was 13 months. he ate and enjoyed. however, i still feel that i do not give him much food because he looks skinny. below is my schedule with him during weekend. (weekday take care by babysitter). 8am - milk (5oz) 9am - breakfast (bread/chu cheong fan/char siew pao) 12pm - porridge (pork/chicken/fish) 2.30pm - milk (3oz) 4pm - biscuits (sometimes only) 6pm - rice/porridge 8.30pm - milk (3.5oz) then sleep i am very seldom give him junk food and am not sure this scheduled is sufficient to my boy or not. what do you think? What about you? Please share. Thanks!
  9. My boy is 15 months now. 8am - wake up, 6oz milk 9am - breakfast (sometime noodles, biscuit and pao bought from market) 11am - nap for 1 hour 12.30pm - porridge with meat 2pm - 4oz milk then nap for 1.5 hour - 2 hours 4pm - snack time (biscuit, musli bar) 5.30pm porridge with meat 7.30pm - fruits 8.45pm - 4oz milk then sleep through the night,sometimes at night wake up for water. this schedule only apply for weekend because I only take care my boy during weekend. sometime, my boy totally no nap int he afternoon, only morning one until evening. He is very tired and want to sleep but he prefer to play rather to sleep. so normally this situation he will sleep early at night (coz too tired). my boy now is only 9.6kg. pead said weight is okay but for me he is very skinny and eat less. i also think that milk is not sufficient for him. is this normal schedule for a toddler? Thanks.
  10. Dear Mummies, Recently my boy getting strange at night. Normally he takes 5ox milk before sleep around 9pm. After few hours, probably around 2am-3am, he will wake up and try to call me and my hubby. We wake up and give him some water then he fall to sleep agian. while he is drinking his water, his eye is closed. which means he wants to sleep but don't know why want to wake up and drink water. at first, we thought we are sleeping in the air con and make him thristy and we tried not to switch on the air con but still the same. in one night he can wake up 2 - 3 times for water and after that he sleep agian. Any idea what happen to my boy? Thanks!
  11. What is FM? I also never listen to those "consultant" in the shopping mall. they just want production. of course they will hard sell thier product. I am currently giving my son having the original scott.
  12. Thanks all of your notes. I understand that having baby is not only my job but father also play an important role. but he can't understand. H eput all the responsibilities over to me and sometimes i also feel tired. but what can i do? i did talk to him and else he keeps on saying want to get a maid. is a maid can solve all issues? he even warn me before no main no second one. i really feel sad. i took this very seriously and i dare not to think the second one. thus, i know i need to solve this issue by myself. yes, i am engaging one part time maid and request to come to my house frequently. start from next week. my parents are overseas now and i have to handle my son at night by myself. don't know why, this force me more indepandent and think solution very fast. although tired, i am happy. i really don't know how to talk to him and i decided to keep quite with him. i know this time if i move back, he will demand more next time. :(
  13. I do not know whether i am good or not. I let him have a chance to release his tension during weekend. He already make a habit that go for golf either sat or sun. last time he will call me and ask for my permission before say yes to his golf partners. and now, just come back home and inform me he is playing golf this sat/sun. what can i say? sometimes i ask myself, is this fair to me? but when i am looking at my boy, i tell myself it is worth for me to do it because i love my son. we had quarrel recently and we seldom talk to talk other. I am fully taking care of my boy during my free time (after work and weekend). I want to show to my HB that i can handle myself without him. I am little stuborn and i jsut don't know why i want to show my ability to him that i can handle myself. e.g. last week, son not feeling well. i was alone carry him to see pead around 10pm and at that time he was yet home. i did not give him a call at all and just bring son to see pead. he knew and scold me i should call him. i jsut said softly to him, when son and me need you, where are you? what are you doing? my main purpose is to make him feel guilty. about the maid, he did not mention to me anymore and i shout to him i don't need a maid. i'll find my solution to do housework. so, do you think we still can have a second one? few nights ago, he wantted to make love with me but i rejected him. i still angry with him and you know what he told me? we make the second one so that i can hire maid. OMG? he wants to hire maid and just make me pregnant? and force me to hire maid? i can't beleive that. till now i did not talk to him except take about our son. i really upset. he is so selfish.
  14. Anyone let you kid has "scott emulsion cod fish liver oil"? My boy is 13 months and i heard that this is good to build up immuse system. Please share. Thanks.
  15. Started end of Jan this year, my son suddendlyt have red rashed around his nect and very itchy. We saw pead and he said is was heat rash and we should keep my boy cool and also take care of hygine. even since then, he always have this problem. BS apply heat podwer for him. due to itchiness, he stratch himself till red and hurt himself too. Now i will change his bedsheet every week and avoid to bring him to hot places. every night before sleep, i'll clean his face, hand and feet becuase he crawl around the house and may touch dirty things.
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