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  1. Hi MyWebWeaver and nellieyeoh, I've sent you both an email! Please check Hi lovebee, The 'Glamorous Red Cheongsam in Sequined Lace' is sold already. But the White Lace Umbrella is still available.
  2. Hi lovebee, My brother in law had his pre-wedding photos taken at Lake Garden, Kuala Kubu Baru (river) and Sekinchan paddy field. Lovely natural backgrounds! But they complained about the nasty mosquitoes at the Lake Garden... How about Tanjung Sepat and Bagan Lalang beach?
  3. Hi wendy_nlk, The jewelry set is in fuchsia pink color - not red. I've sent you a PM :) Hi chantal_wee, The Luxurious Pale Gold Strapless Mermaid Gown (size L) and Red Cheongsam with Gold Lace (size M) are still available. May I know what size you want? They can be altered but depends on what type of alteration. I've also sent you a PM :)
  4. Hi volk! Sorry for the late reply... didn't check my MB messages for ages! Yes, the Elegant Red Cheongsam in Gold Lace is still available. Hear from you soon!
  5. As a Jusco card member, I received a complementary facial / slimming treatment voucher from Facial First about 3 months ago. I decided to make an appointment at the Mid Valley branch as I'm attracted to the 'FREE 1 Session of Skin SPA with Mask' worth RM 270. The voucher also says that I can choose to get a package of 5 sessions for RM380. I double checked with the receptionist about the validity of the 'FREE' session (whether it's true or not and if there's any hidden terms & conditions that I'm not being made aware of). She replied that it's true if the voucher says so. Satisfied with the reply, I planned that if I'm happy after the FREE session, I will sign up for the 5 sessions package. When I arrived for my appointment, I was being made to listen to a a beauty consultant for more than an hour. There was a Q & A about my lifestyle, products that I use and she also talked about how our skin function. The talk would have lasted longer if I didn't interupted and told her that my husband will be picking me up soon! Only then she cut to the chase and explained about the facial treatment packages offered. She kept on selling the RM2500 package for 10 sessions - which I said I'm not interested as it's way beyond my budget and I've already signed with other beauty salon (to treat my skin). I also explained that I'm there because of the voucher and I wanted to try the skin spa (to sooth my skin). Then, her expression changed to sour and said that I've to sign up for the 5 sessions package in order to get the FREE session. I was very ANGRY when she said that . So, I told her that the voucher didn't mention that I've to sign up for the package 1st in order to enjoy the FREE session! She just kept quiet and started to cough badly continuously. I'm not sure if she's really sick or pretending to be. She continued to cough while trying to convince me again to sign up the RM2500 package (by adding on other 'free' treatments to the package). I think she was trying to change the topic. I didn't want to listen anymore but then I suddenly remembered that the company website also says that it provides FREE facial session if I register online. So, I interupted the beauty consultant and asked if that it's true. She reluctantly replied yes and brought me to their computer for online registration. To my disappointment, the online registration on the website DIDN'T WORK! The beauty consultant suggested that I try registering again at home and reschedule my appointment. But the fact is, it is the website that needs to be fixed first! At this point of time, her coughing seems to get worse. I feel cheated and angry because my time had been wasted. I took a deep breath and I told her that I'm no longer interested and walked out. Thinking back now, I'm glad that I walked out. Who knows if I continue on wanting to try the FREE session, I might have wasted more precious time! I've attached images of the voucher here for reference.
  6. Hi whiteapple, Yes, it is still available. I've sent you PM
  7. Hi onekiss! Here are the measurements: Ivory Lace Corset with Tulle Layers Skirt Wedding Gown (RM650) * Bust : Approx. 34 inches * Waist : Approx. 27 inches * Hip : Free size * Front top center length : Approx. 51 inches * Back (including train) length : Approx. 68 inches Strapless Short & Elegant Ivory Cocktail/Prom/Wedding Dress (RM 99) * Bust : Approx. 33 inches * Waist : Approx. 24 inches * Hip : Approx. 35.5 inches Yes! I can offer you discount if you buy these two gowns. :)
  8. Hi Jamie & Minawa, I've sent you both a PM! Hope to hear from you soon!
  9. Hi elyssa, I attended my colleague's wedding where she has hired a 3-piece band at a reasonable price. The band is from Turtle Production. In my opinion, they are really good as they can perform both English and Chinese songs well! I can still remember how I enjoy listening to them! Why don't you try ask for a quote?
  10. Hi aleva0808, Why don't you try at http://www.brilliantjob.com? I printed my wedding card inlays from there and the price is reasonable.
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