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  1. pingping79 added a post in a topic MOM TO BE 2012   

    Hello, my EDD is now on 26 Feb 2012.
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  2. pingping79 added a post in a topic Coping with Miscarriages / D&C   


    I feel sorry for your loss and i can understand how it feels. I too had MC in Apr at 7 weeks+. I bled in one of the fine morning when about to leave for office and went to gynae immediately. Checked and confirmed baby has no more heart beat. Hubby and I were shocked and speechless in the clinic and doctor asked us if we were like to ask anything else. I remembered i asked a question what causes this happened. Gynae told me it's nothing got to do with me and it is the god's will for ending the abnormal pregnancy by itself. For few days i kept blaming myself for not being able to carry the baby well and had lost him/her. I cried and hubby consoled me and told me not to blame myself. I was grateful that he is being supportive. It was difficult for me to break the news to my family since it was my 1st pregnancy and i actually kept quiet for nearly a month before i broke the news to them and it was a heart breaking moment. I had 1 week rest at home and i did not went through any D&C. I chose the natural way by letting it discharge by itself however i went through the contraction pain too.

    Gynae did told me to start trying after 3 cycles of period but i did not really follow that as both hubby and i are eager to have our family as we are already in our mid 30s. Soon after 1 cycle of period, i manage to get conceive *thank god* however am still worry that i may not be able to carry the baby well enough after the first MC experience. Everyday is a countdown to pass my first trimester and am still counting down now.

    God bless everyone.
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  3. pingping79 added a post in a topic Courtyard Garden Wedding Dinner   

    Not sure if you have already decided your wedding dinner place. I had mine at courytard. Let me know if you keen to know more.
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  4. pingping79 added a post in a topic MOM TO BE 2012   

    Hi Skye,

    Sorry for the late reply, didn't log in for about 2 weeks now.

    Yeah, quite a bit of morning sickness - nausea, light headeadness, and etc.... can't eat much nowadays. My boss teased me that i will have better appetite after my 1st trimester. Am counting down to pass my 1st trimester.... feel really uncomfortable and weekend just stayed at home do nothing for the whole day cause feel too tired and uneasy to do anything. If everything goes well, my EDD will be early March 2012.

    Talk again, cheers,
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  5. pingping79 added a post in a topic MOM TO BE 2012   

    Hi Y3N,

    It's pretty lucky for me as i had my miscarriage in April and i manage to conceive after my 1st normal period. Both husband and myself are eager to start our family as we are already in our midst 30s and this is our first baby. During the 1 week waiting period, i did not take any medicine and it came out naturally by itself. After that, i went back for check and doc gave me some medicine to clear the balance. I do not recommend you to take pineapple, please get advise from doc as to what you should do during this period. And just take whatever medicine that being prescribed by the doc as i believe they are the professional and know what is the right thing to do. I can understand how disappointed and upset it is but you will get over with it and look forward to a new chapter.

    Please take good care of yourself and hope to hear good news from you soon.


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  6. pingping79 added a post in a topic MOM TO BE 2012   

    Hello Y3N, sorry to hear about your lost. I too had similar experience in April when i lost my baby at 7weeks+... it all started with fresh bleed and went for scan, confirmed the heart beat has stopped. My doc told me to consider 3 options for the natural miscarriage, 1) do nothing and wait for 1 week for it to come out by itself 2) take medicine to force it out 3) DC. I chose option 1 and waited for 1 week and on the dot of the 1 week, i had bad stomach cramp in the middle of night. It was actually the contraction and i felt it came out after some gush... after 1 week, i went back to Dr to do a scan and doc said it is empty and just have to wait for my normal period to resume. I was given 1 week MC to rest at home and went back to Dr after my 1st normal period over. I am now pregnant at 7weeks+ and am kinda worry the same thing will happen again. I am taking more rest and reduce my movement. Hope i could make it.

    Take care!

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  7. pingping79 added a post in a topic No Heartbeat Detected >.<   

    Hi Sachiko,

    Me too just went through the missed miscarriage, just on last Friday morning when i was about to leave to work, i spotted red blood and immediately went for gynae's checking. She told me that the feotus's heart beat has stopped at 7 weeks 4 days. Am now taking a few days to think about the next step, a) natural miscarriage b) medication or c) operation.

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  8. pingping79 added a post in a topic Post wedding sales   

    Got it, thanks! :)
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  9. pingping79 added a post in a topic Post wedding sales   

  10. pingping79 added a post in a topic Just pure friendship & work partner??   

    Sorry but i have to ask this "what is his job" cause i really can't figure out what kind of job that requires such 'lifestyle'?

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  11. pingping79 added a post in a topic Family Budget   

    Lol, you are good!

    Well, myself just got married to my hubby 3 weeks back after our 7 years relationship. During our courtship, i paid for the house utilities bills and groceries, and of course, my own expenses and car loan stuffs like that. And he paid for the house instalment and our expenses for meal at outside. The same arrangement is carrying on till now.
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  12. pingping79 added a post in a topic diamond ring   

    Yeah, he could sell back to the shop he bought unfortunately, the resell value of diamond in Malaysia is extremely low. For the price he paid for, guess around RM2k++ the maximum value that the shop would buy back probably just a few hundred bucks.
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  13. pingping79 added a post in a topic Shall I forgive him?   

    Affair, China, Women.... these 3 words seems to be very popular nowadays. I have witnessed a friend of mine whom she was in the relationship with her ex-boy friend for 10++ years. Things changed after the boy friend being posted in China and they broke off. Another friend of mine, he has divorced with the wife with 2 children and he is having a China young girl friend. I will not comment who is right or wrong as i am the outsider may not know what has actually happened. But i always remind myself that i must be financially and physically independent in case anything were to happen to our marriage. I trust my husband and he travels to China sometime for business purpose, and i agreed with mermyz that temptation is everywhere. It could happened anywhere including in Malaysia. So, being independent is the best protection!
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  14. pingping79 added a post in a topic Casual/Garden Wedding Party   

    Hi Yoke Mei, please check your mailbox...
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  15. pingping79 added a post in a topic NU BRA   

    Just rinse the bra with clean water, then air dry it. It can be used up to 100 times if you were take good care of it. No worries, it will not affect your skin. I've bought mine through website and it was delivered to me at RM29.90. I went to a bra shop and they are selling the exact same brand at RM59.90. Can't believe it different so much.
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