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  1. i have one ring to let go Brand : ForevermarkCut : ExcellentColour : GClarity : VS2Carat : 0.21-0.34-0.21Full set with original certificates and receipt from Degem Bangsar bought in year 2013 Current retail price : RM8xxx (after nego) Letting go for RM7000let me know if anyone is interested
  2. I bought babor - very good but expensive
  3. Hi Annalee Saw your message here looking for qipao. I too have a qipao which I would like to let go. Some details of my qipao can be viewed at the link below: http://www.howimetmyweddingdress.com/?cur=dress/view&id=51&title=Preloved_Customade_Qipao/Evening_Gown Do let me know if you are interested. Thank you very much. Cheers !
  4. Hi Anna I am selling all my gowns that were worn only for a few hours. do check them out at the links below. prices negotiable. :) http://howimetmyweddingdress.com/?cur=dress/view&id=29&title=Preloved_Customade_Wedding_Gown http://howimetmyweddingdress.com/?cur=dress/view&id=51&title=Preloved_Customade_Qipao/Evening_Gown http://howimetmyweddingdress.com/?cur=dress/view&id=45&title=Preloved_Customade_Evening_Gown/Wedding_Gown http://howimetmyweddingdress.com/index.php?cur=dress/view&id=158&title=Sequinned_Champagne_Gold_Evening_Gown
  5. Hi mingyang, Cost are going up and it's not surprising that it cost about rm2000 to rm3000 these days. I do have a qipao that I've worn less than 3 hrs which I would like to let go. Do let me know if you are interested ya This is the qipao http://www.howimetmyweddingdress.com/index.php?cur=dress/view&id=51&title=Preloved_Customade_Qipao/Evening_Gown
  6. http://bashful-brides.blogspot.com/2013/09/gowns-how-i-met-my-wedding-dress.html
  7. congrats ! you can get alot of info from here http://www.bashful-brides.blogspot.com/search/label/DIY
  8. here http://www.bashful-brides.blogspot.com/search/label/Make%20Up%20Artist
  9. can check out here for more tailors for men suit/tuxedo http://bashful-brides.blogspot.com/2012/10/tuxedo-by-mohan-tailor.html
  10. Yeah, 40 tables too few for that kind of sized ballroom. It will be just nice for 70 tables thereabouts. But if BTBs want the food and the venue and have the budget, but do not have the number, they can work backwards la (if they want to)
  11. for men suits, u can check out this one http://bashful-brides.blogspot.com/2012/10/tuxedo-by-mohan-tailor.html
  12. If you wanna DIY, its quite simple and easy. for pointers, check out this site for guides http://bashful-brides.blogspot.com/
  13. Roseisrose, Yea, contacted them and will see if the last slot still available. Maybe I will buy a wedding gown online. Have you heard of JJ's house? Will consider getting one. Thanks a lot! u can find alot here http://www.howimetmyweddingdress.com/?cur=dress/list&view=all&o_by=view&sort=desc&display_per_page=12
  14. hi, i have one here for sale too. qipao gown : http://www.howimetmy...ao/Evening_Gown
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