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    Amanda, Which agent is that ? My case is really look the same like you. I book a phillipines maid at May this year and until now I still have not get my maid yet. The agent keep giving excuse that the phillipines embassy giving problem la, my maid underage and document not enough ...is really bad luck for me. I have give birth to me 2nd baby 2 months ago and really desperate to have maid to do the housechore work but unfortunately ...the maid still have not come yet. I still chasing for the agent. I have paid 4k for booking fees. The agent told me they cant refund the 4k to me if i did not want the maid. This really drive me crazy. Call up to them today and they told me now is pending renewal of visa and POEA certificate ...cross the finger the maid can come on Dec this year.
  2. thanks chantal, I email You n Me and they just get back to me. I will bring my daughter to trial class probably in next week. The new semester for 2011 will start at Jan. Hopefully my daughter will love it.
  3. aishiteru, i also thinking to sent my daughter of 19months to You n Me also ... Chantal, appreciate if you can share to us how much is the fees.
  4. Im giving my baby probiotic brand "PROTEXIN RESTORE". My baby is underweight and my paed gave my baby try the probiotic. After my baby take probiotic her appetite is getting better. I will continue to let my baby have the probiotic.
  5. Dear All, Latest update of baby Kaylee @ 7 mths Kaylee as bumblebee
  6. Evyonne, I also have the same problem with you. 1st slight back pain, 2nd knee cap pain when walk staircase. My baby already 6 months coming to 7 months but i still got the above problem. I try to maintain healthy food and do exercise more often now. Hope it will cured.
  7. Ooo .... Im using MAM bottle as well. I realize that it have some scratches at the bottle but I tot that is normal. Gosh ....i need to buy new bottle this weekend.
  8. Dear all, Thank you very much for the compliments. I really adored my little gal so much. At first my hubby prefer boy. Now he loved her gal so much especially when her gal request him to hug her. kakiton congrat, i will wait for you to post the photo of your baby gal.
  9. Little Isaac is so cute. Love his eyes.
  10. I bring Kaylee to shave her hair at the salon. She cry so loud when she hear the electric shavor sound.
  11. Kaylee new update. From 3 months till now. Kaylee look so boyish after we shave her hair. Kaylee with her "yi yi" Kaylee growing up .... 5 months liao :) Kaylee sit in her bumbo chair
  12. Thank you everyone for the compliments. Will post more updated photo in the future. Ya ... Kaylee is born at TDMC.
  13. Yaya ...Kaylee is same size with the doll when she is 2 months old.
  14. We are not saying tat single eyelid is not pretty ....just tat we curious whether our baby will have or not to have double eyelid when they grow up in few months time because some baby born with single eyelid and will have double eyelid later.
  15. I'm ok with my baby eye lid, but she is a gal so i more prefer if she got double eyelid. Anyhow, most important she is healthy and im pleased enough. Will wait few more months, if she is still single eyelid it will be obvious she look like my hubby .
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