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  1. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="woanchin" data-cid="399074" data-time="1343102874"><p> Dear all,<br /> <br /> I just finished my confinement and I feel so lucky to get a good confinement lady as Guan Jie. I found her through another forum highly recommend her and she did better than expected.<br /> <br /> Guan Jie has proper training as a CL in Singapore and she did not follow blindly for all what traditional CL will do, and she able to explain why need to follow those pantang in logical way.<br /> <br /> She cooks very well and able to prepare variety of dishes. Such as potato stew pork chop, black pepper chicken chop, steam minched meat with egg, ginger fried egg, namyu chicken, fried fish fillet, serai chicken,sweet sour meat, and many more.. And it is uber delicious. Every meal she will prepare soup that enhance milk production or to help my body get rid of the wind. and start from 2nd week, she will boil tonic soup, bou pan for me every night, which make me so energetic the whole day, she always say, she would not jimat in helping us to bou the body because if it does do right in confinement week, the side effect will pro-long until we get old.<br /> <br /> She very support breast feeding, and she not only support by speaking, she support by action, she sleep together with me and baby, when I first back from hospital, my baby cry every hour for milk at the night and she helps to train my baby to have 3 hours milking gap which make my life easier.<br /> <br /> She did not manja my baby but she taught her to be discipline, which I think very proper. She setup daily routine for my baby, 7am wake up, 8am bath, 4pm mop body, 9pm sleep, which my baby follows it until now. She loves baby and she sing to my baby, talk to her, play with her...she always pay her attention to the baby even when she cooking, or washing clothes.<br /> <br /> Another heart warming thing is, after she left, she still msg me and ask if I can handle my baby since I am a new mommy with zero experience, she taught me how should I handle my baby while she left. She even prepare black bean for my mom to cook black bean soup for me, and she plan her cooking very well and left zero remaining dishes in my fridge which ease my pain since I am not cooking.<br /> <br /> But it is not easy to book her, she is fully book up until 2013 February when she helping me for confinement in 2012 June.<br /> Therefore do look for ur CL as early as possible.<br /> <br /> Do PM me if you need her contact.</p></blockquote>
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