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  1. i was survey around in PJ to look for my furniture, went to Puchong, end up i spot 1 set of M&D Italian brand leather sofa from Mylanohaus- Damansara, imported one. i still thinking of whether want to get the Dunlopillo mattress from there as well.. their sales is very pro, i'm looking for quality, durable and price reasonable.. (not Ikea or courts quality) any recommend?
  2. you can just post the contact here. if others have looking the same, might help too.. thanks :)
  3. i wanna do the laminated flooring for my bed room, do you guys/gals know any reliable contractor with good workmanship and reasonable charge on this? my small room size is 2.8m x 4m, wanna do 6 inches high platform. Please quote me on this. many thanks.
  4. reference price: Mirror glass 3' x 6' = 18sqft = 18 x rm7 = rm126 for 6mm glass Bevel edge 3' + 3' + 6' + 6' = 18' footrun = 18 * 7.5 = rm135 all 4 edge bevel ** 2" bevel edge @ rm7.5 per footrun if the price you get with installation is about 400-450, not too bad. can consider to get it done but make sure there are wood between wall and mirror, else you will see uneven shape if they were to glue directly on wall surface. very infomative.. thanks a lot :)
  5. Toti, honestly..have u tried checking with the shop i recommended much earlier? If i'm not mistaken, i saw the shop u recommend in somebody blog. anyway, i can't find the shop.. i'm not familiar in subang. so far i ask ard the shop in pj is about RM300-400 for 3ft x 6ft, frameless with bevel edge is abt RM400-450.
  6. hi BeCool. r u sure 6mm mirror glass is only RM3.50 per sqft?? someone jst quoted me ard RM30-RM35 for dat thickness which also comes with timber plywood backing with frames. Another shop quoted me 4mm thickness with frames and installation for 6 x 6= RM644 and 7 x 12 = RM1235. btw, is it safe to stick a big mirror without frame on the wall? i thk it's cheaper but i wonder how safe wud dat be. pls advise. tx To be honest... all the shop i went.. the framing sifu told me that is kinda dangerous to put frameless huge mirror for home, especially with kids around. Young couple or bachelor who live without kids would be alright. The RM30-35 is because of your plywood backing, Not because of your mirror. You might need to do research of how mush is the cost for that size and thickness of Plywood.
  7. i'm looking for this kind of glass sliding door.. wanna replace my bathroom door. (not shower screen)
  8. sungai buloh, balakong and seri kembangan got a lot of cheap furniture shop.. but i cant tell which shop is better, its depend on ur skill to bargain and the quality u want. pj area... all almost the same, Puchong might be slightly cheaper, just my personal opinion, dun buy anything from the first shop u walk in, go for few more, then u automatically know the price. After travel around, i roughly know the price then went back to the shop near to my place again and ask for the price i want to pay. You still need to spend some petrol to do research if you want the best for yourself.
  9. really thanks a lot very informative! in malaysia seems like ppl not so interested to put the frameless sliding glass door for their bath room. i have seen many magazine or online interior design, their bath room sliding door just using 1 steel (looks like curtain one) then "clip" on it, the steel and "clip" can support and slide anything, then dun need to install the bottom rail, its make the bathroom interior looks more Contemporary, Simple and Nice~
  10. no body install mirror for their wall? and also non of you guys do the glass sliding door? hhmmm...
  11. Hi, i'm thinking to get the 8ft height x 4 ft width mirror for my wall, anybody know where to get it or contractor who can install it? how much is it cost? any contacts can provide? besides that, any of you have experienced of install the sliding frameless glass door for your bath room? how much does it cost? apreciated for ur kindness.
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