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  1. Please visit http://miraclebeautysecrets.blogspot.com/ for the latest beauty product. Thanks

  2. hi~ i also surveying some... from my fren recommend is SUB taiping, and Ivy at medan kamunting.. i see the picture i think sub is more nicer.. but unsure the price range
  3. OK~~ here goes..after 2 year of ROM finally going to have my AD and Ceremony planning on next year Jan 2013.. so i was thinking to skip the pai ti kong procedure.. and just direct Yam Char ( morning) and goes to restaurant right after yam char ( lunch).. And the next day AD from my place to groom place and dinner at their side.. anyone have this kinda rush and fast wedding before? All the Gou Dai Lai i wish to skip.. and only give Pin Kam.. anyone? i have book any restaurant yet tou.. the date just came up yesterday after discussing with husband.. still have 4 month only.. Thanks in advance..
  4. My ROM on 2010 and until now we yet to have our ceremony ( tight budget here and kena chase to have one everytime meet our parent ) and we still calling uncle aunty and they call me "She is my future San Pou :p"
  5. morning all, my wedding not so fast wan la... currently surveying ~ planing to book next year for 2013 wedding (if possible) you mean the flemington no provide free flow juice? ( with waiter serving the drink? ) thanks anyway~will take into note :p
  6. can i ask what is the story? i went for the fair the other da. luckily i didnt sign up one word! SCAM.. ask u to sign up, u pay but they end up lari diri with in 1 night huh? the police no take action? how come they can COME BACK ( even change name)yy
  7. actually i also not sure but we plan to keep parent out of the budget:- mean all the wedding expenses will be bare by me and husband including dowry ( which will given to my parent)..
  8. long time no drop in here liau~ choupiku<-- ur from taiping high five wanna ask about the flemington food and price. can share share?
  9. woo~ the thread still alive just to update. ROM over and AD plan on 2013.. yes and i am still collection angpow but some of the aunty dont give anymore when they found out i ROM liau when cousin ask for angpow i will defend by saying " I not yet marry also :w coz not yet AD"
  10. i not sure where should i be :x 2010?2012 or 2013 :x muahahaha
  11. please share :> szern9356@gmail.com tq :>:>
  12. haha... i like this question.. however i can say he cannot live without me but i can :p sometimes even apart for 1 week also he start complain ady .. if who goes 1st then the other wont be alone becoz we have children left behind for him/her
  13. my rom last Year Nov 2010 and we plan to have our AD on 2012.. but after calculate many thing ( financial and time consuming) we think that of postpone to Jan 2013 ( end of dragon year) so is like 3 years after ROM.. is this okay? or is way to late?? Please share your experince when is your ROM and AD
  14. morning~~ long time no masuk here liau~ dear TS~ i still take and no gip ang pow after ROM.. my MIL say i not yet consider kahwin masuk so can take no need give!! yahoo
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