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  1. You can read on Billings Ovulation method from http://www.woomb.org/bom/rules/index.html. I'm using combination of 3 method below to predict the ovulation day: a) basal body temperature (BBT) tracking b) cervical mucus observation c) ovulation test kit For me, method © not very accurate because I used to drink a lot of water and the the test kit I used is not sensitive enough. But there are a lot of brand to try on. I think the most accurate one is method (b), but it's a bit hard to distinguish the texture of cervical mucus especially if you never bother about it before, so you need to go through observation for at least 1-2 cycle to confirm. If you cannot confirm your prediction, wait another cycle if you really desperate to either get a boy or a girl. If you wanna get a boy, intercourse just one day before or on the ovulation day. So, the hard thing is predicting the ovulation day. You need to keep track your observation of BBT and cervical mucus for few cycles before you can really know when is the right time :) Other than the above, I also got compiled methods I got from internet last time when I'm trying for baby boy, but it's in chinese, if anyone of you are interested, can let me know.
  2. hi clovey, can you share the fees for opus and twindlewink?
  3. Please beware of this company named SSW Metal Works & Construction ... The owner is Mr. Lim (016-6695690) and active around Taman Sentosa, Klang. We have given him some deposits for gates and grilles fabrication, but he kept dragging with many many excuses and finally end up nothing has been done. He has been cheating around but when i heard that, i was too late for us... Please share this info to others ... thanks.
  4. I haven't thought of this before, but so far I had no problem with it. My mother was a babysitter for 10 years, and was using it without any problem as well. The only thing you need to be careful is some baby when grow older, can get naughty when they wake up. they might try shaking in the sarung itself, this one is risky which you have to get him/her out immediately, otherwise he/she may fall out of sarung. So this means, even by using sarung, you still should be around or near the baby.
  5. well, I have been using automatic sarung cradle since my daugther was 1.5 month. This is also because she cannot sleep well on bed, and keep getting awake every now and then. However, I only used it during day time and evening time. She still sleep on her bed during night time. Initially when she's small, it's a bit troublesome that we need to bring the sarung cradle wherenever we go outstation like hometown. But we try not to use it even though we had it in the car, we let her get used to sleep on the bed in hotel with us. She's now 2 years old already and recently have stop using sarung cradle. She also have no problem at all and can sleep on bed during nap time in afternoon as well.
  6. try billings ovulation method.. and measure basal body temperature, it's quite accurate for me
  7. hi, i saw this hypnobirthing during my 1st pregnancy, but didn't take any effort to discover what is it actually. Recently, it caught my attention again when I saw it was being discussed here. This time I finally spent some time to explore and gather more knowledge on it. Suprisingly, after read the birth stories by Madam Soo, I was really impressed!! I could have never imagine it could happen, my first reaction was it's unbelieavable and amazing. I was so excited and probably decide to try it out in my next pregnancy. However, I still prefer to have a gynae standby to support in case of emergency. My worry is I'm not sure which are those gynae familiar with hypnobirthing other than the Dr.Choong? He's from Pantai issit? That's too far from my place. Does anyone know any other gynae knows about hypnobirthing?
  8. hi, can you PM me the contact for electrical? I'm looking for one also. thx
  9. oh.. i hope gov will announce it soon then.. even though unpaid, but at least we will able to spend more time with new born without worrying losing job. i was actually thinking of applying unpaid 1 month leave myself
  10. Hi lovegown, May I know whr is mr. Wong based in? My new house is in Klang.
  11. Hi Capitalone, I will highly recommend Chen Her Interiror Design. She did a good job for my house with good deal. Very happy and satisfied with the works and even get compliments from friends and relatives who visited my house. Here is her contact Ms Ng - 012 3480843 Hope this help :) Hi berrymelon, How does your interior designer charge? Where is her office? I'm also looking for interior designer, but my new house in Klang. I hope to find one nearby so that I doesn't need to travel that much. tq
  12. my gal is 15 months now and i haven't had my period until now. I have been pumping exclusively, and on my way to stop by this month. Now already manage to reduce to 1 pumping session a day. I'm a bit worried also coz not sure can preggie or not as I plan to start TTC in another 2 months time.
  13. I believe any wireman should be able to do. But not sure if their charges is cheaper compare to Astro? Last time when I moved house, my dad and husband did it by theirselves.
  14. I'm also first time mummy, and not much experience here. But just like to share with you my plan of weaning my gal next year March. By that time, my gal will be 14 months. Currently, I'm planning to drop off one pumping session due to I have changed job starting next month, and only get to pump during lunch hour. I'm quite worry that my supply will drop as my gal preferred EBM compared to FM. Sometimes close to evening when I'm not back from work yet, when EBM not sufficient, my mum also try let her take FM, but she dislike it and only feed a little. She previously only take FM in midnite feeding while she is sleeping, but now I have let her take FM once in the morning to start her getting used to it. In the coming few months, we going to slowly introduce more FM session and solid feeding (twice per day). I'm also planning to stock up frozen EBM in fridge even though now my supply just enough for her one day feeding. This is for transition period when my supply drop later when I lengthen or reduce my pumping session. I'm not sure whether my above plan is right or wrong. Just for sharing here, if anyone have better recommendation or experience, please share. Thanks.
  15. Hi all mummies, need some help here. I'm going to start my new job in Putra Heights coming Nov. But the new company does not have any room suitable for me to express breastmilk, except the toilet. But I will need 30 min for pumping, so don't think I should occupy the toilet for so long. I'm in the dilemma now. Should I pump in toilet or should I pump in car? How do you pump in car? Do you park your car in less people area and cover up with sunshades? Is there any public nursing room nearby Putra Heights? I was hoping the Giant there have one, but I have not went thr to check it out yet. Other than above option, is there any alternative? My baby is 7.5 months now, I really hope to continue with breastfeeding her till at least 1 yrs old. So, I hope my change of career will not be a stopper.
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