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  1. haha..tht's true but ppl do say the xy sperm goes first..
  2. But according to one of my aunt's teaching, she said tht she went for scanning on the ovulation date to check if the eggs are fully developed..if doc say yes, on tht particular day both the couple will do their job and if the women got pregnant, she will definitely get a boy.
  3. Yeah,its been awhile..opps..am i repeating threads..
  4. Situation here is now that've already got a baby gal/boy so the next one will be vice versa. Is there any method to practice or follow in order to get the gender of the baby that you wish? Well, i' ve heard abt a few methods frm the elder, wonder if it really works. Can we get a more scientific facts frm the gynae or doctor?Any1 can share their opinion?
  5. My case is abit diff frm yours,,when i pretend to hug wif my hb, my gal got jealous and she will cry ..haha I totally agree wif Ally'sMom. My 2nd child arrived last week and we are tired with the new baby. We kept on explain to my son that he have to sayang his didi, but my son who is 21mths old did not know much about what is didi, he tends to use his hand to cucuk (actually he wants to sayang) his little bro's mouth and nose. We have to always keep alert on him and he got scold from us. I feel bad for him as he got our 100% attention last time and now only divided to 50% or less i am also kinda torn for the similar situation to come in 5 months time. For now ive been letting him sayang and kiss my tummy (but u know the worst part, my son's way of kiss is biting people... he bites my tummy at times). He is just 14 months and pretty much young to understand much here. So far if hubby and i hug, get cozy or kiss, he really gets excited, smiles widely and starts running towards us happily.. i hope he shows the same happiness when we sayang the new one later
  6. Well..i think it all depends on yr luck and also on what kinda interviewers u meet...
  7. u mean they did not ask abt yr married status or whether u plan to have a baby..some com do ask this ques..and obviously they have something back on their mind.. from my experience it has not affected me much though, if the company genuinely looking for my experience and talent. I went for 2 job interviews in nov/dec and both offered me the job, despite knowing my status and that i have a baby. I think they also know that family tending woman will also be just as motivated to work hard as they are working to support their husband financially. I was being the greedy and bad one, i had to reject both offers, one due to too far in KL and shift, and another one due to not ready to switch company once i got to know i was expecting
  8. I understand bout tht..but u knw competition is tight out there. singles are always given a priority and how are we married women gonna strive to get a job out there with all the discrimination eye on us, rite? I mean its ok to tell tht ur married sometimes they will ask more on yr family background and etc.. its like invading of privacy.
  9. During an interview, do u need to be honest on yr status which means do u inform d interviewer whether yr married or single? My ex keliq who was married said she dislike some companies being discriminating on interviewee's status esp for women, if the lady is married they will ask whether she plan to hv a child soon and if she has got kids, they are afraid tht she will take leaves to manage family problems. Chance to get hire is very slim for a married women. so shud 1 lied about her status?
  10. Yesterday my bb pass motion 4-5 times and the stool is kinda green and watery till her skin got so red and she cried when we clean it up 4 her. Therefore, at ngiht we broguht her to see a doc and doc said its normal for bb to poop like tht, he just gave some med and dehydration pack. i was like.. am i being over concern?
  11. I'm shock if they treat it normal furthermore its baby's product, if it happens to be others like milk or ice-cream, i can close 1 eye. After all, they did ask for the expiry date,barcode and etc of the product but i think we have discard the packaging cos everytime we pour the milk powder into a container and then throw away the box. I only found out the hair thingy when the powder has almost finished. was pretty disgusted when i think abt it..
  12. you are right, but i find tht in m'sia, consumer rights issue is set to a limit where its not being bother by most of the food companies when there is any complain made.there are even times where i bought an expired baby food from carrefour and went to chg it the next day,all they can do is just applogize and u still can see expired porducts displayed on the rack. so, did cold storage took any action on the complain?
  13. well./..i totally understand the feeling of a pregnant working mum. some superior or managers will treat u like one kind when they got to know tht ur pregnant, which they tot u 've got the priority to escape frm taking task. Really hate tht cos they dont even understand the feeling's of pregnant ladies which i hope they will realize one day if it happens where their wife or gf getting pregnant and being discriminate in workplace.
  14. Hmm,,i guess even if they ask proof, how sure are they if we made it up ourself?like we putting hair into the powder and such, rite? Even if they will replace with another new pack or not, i still feel skeptical with the product now. what makes me concern is i'm a loyal consumer all this while but really dissapoint with wat i saw in the milk powder yesterday.I've tried enfagrow last 2 mths but dont really like the powder cos it was difficult to resolve and i chg bk to nan 2. all i did is just make a complain to them abt this issue. hoping tht in future they will be more conscious on bb's product. sighzz they dont ask for any proof when offering to send a replacement? does that mean we can make false claims to get freebies?
  15. hi mabel, can blueberries serve as snacks for babies? what about raspsberry?Can bb consume tht too?
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