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  1. Some really good cupcakes from a home baker. Reasonably priced and with good quality ingredients. Deliveries can be arranged for areas within KL/PJ. More samples are available at www.facebook.com/ConfectionsKL.
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    I have been a silent reader of this forum for quite some time but I decided to register and give you all my encounter with Getha as well. I have the exact same problem - now 4 yrs also into using Getha (bought in 2005) and now my back hurts like hell! I have been flipping the mattress up & down, even then it does not help. I have lost faith in Getha. When you buy, they make it sound like you are sleeping on heaven, but after a short few years, its hell to your back! Yes it cost more than Rm2k and we get problems just after 2 yrs or so! Ms Yong - if you are reading this, please contact me as I wish to logde a complain as well! My email is family_first3@hotmail.com. I am moving to my new house in 2-3 months time and am shopping around for another brand, most probably Dunlopillo.
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