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  1. Hi, I got mine from Macy. By the way, may i know where you learned the course from ? If possible wish to take some classes. Im also interested to know more about the class. Please do share = )
  2. funny eh, so far i worked with 2 semiconductor companies, all are same as this. My hubby went for minor back surgery, till the followup checkups we nvr paid anything, ins took care of everything. FOr my baby, all japs & paed consultation is also covered. THis way we dont hv to buy our own insurance. I was so confused earlier, but glad this medical card factor helped me to resolve it... Wow .... i need to check on those benefits then for my future jobs! Didn't know they offer coverage for baby as well. That is a whole lot of $$ there!!
  3. actually i will still be entitled for the bonus if i work till the cutoff in december... Might not be so if you throw your letter next week and inform them you are leaving. Some company (reserves the right) not to give bonus to staff who are planning to leave the company regardless if their cut off is before or after the release dates.
  4. No la ... i mean my siblings also same like me. Company only offer medical benefits for us exclude spouse as well. My company don't even offer dental benefits. They dont give us medical card too. Its a group medical ins coverage. Anyway, glad to hear you have made up your mind. = )
  5. I think its quite common for medical coverage only for employee and exclude family members unless you are in the management position. So far its so for me and my siblings. Your company so good include coverage for your baby and hubby too?
  6. Better calculate if the 20% increase are still alot after potong all the cost for tolls n petrol. If turns out only a little differentce, then its easier for you to make a decision isnt it ?
  7. This is what you call typical malaysian mentality. Alot of merchants will think that malaysians are ppl who simply do not want alot of fuss and inconveniences. Good thing that people now a days are more aware of our rights and are not afraid to go to the correct authority to lodge complaints. If its many years ago, most probably this issue will simply die out at the store manager's level. Most ppl will not have the energy to actually go to and forth lodging complaints and do the follow up and even send so many emails to solve the problem. Kudos to the OP for his actions! This will teach the merchant the power of "pengguna" ( forgot how to say it in english =p )
  8. Its sad to hear such news from you. Not sure what prompted him to talk this way and asked for a divorce. My best advice you is to check with a lawyer. They are the right person to provide you consultation especially on child welfare. Also, do you have a steady job? I think it will look better on the judge if you have a steady job to prove that you have proper income to bring up your baby. Good thing that you have your parents to support you now. Hope everything will be fine for you. Take care ya = )
  9. I don't know if i should pity them or give them a knocking! If already so poor, why bring a baby into this world and let them suffer the same fate as you. Sometimes, its hard to be empathatic to these ppl. I have seen many poor families with kids like " langsat ". And they are waiting for hand outs from neighbours and public. IF you cannot afford to take care of them, please STOP producing more !!!! Looks like they are taking advantages of the heart of those good ppl who pity them and offering food and shelter for their kids. Although I sympathise on their kids as they are innocent, I couldn't do the same for their parents. Another issue which was highlighted in the papers before but I couldnt remember the article and which paper. There are abundant of low income odd jobs which is vacant (mamak stalls, janitors, etc) and no ppl wanna pick those up. Ofc its dirty and slimey and etc... but still an income, nevertheless. Some poor ppl now a days are choosy of their work, just like some fresh grads are choosey when they are job hunting!
  10. Don't understand why you would have stayed in a relationship and further married her for 10 long years when you have so many dissatisfaction in her. You have just soo much to complain about her from physical oh she is not attractive in and out of bed. And after 10 years ... why now only voice out your frustration? You shouldnt have married her in the first place. 10 years ago, she's just 30. She have all the guys out there to choose from. You are wasting her youth away for the last 10 years ... thinking weather you married the wrong woman??? Woman's youth is all so important to her ... especially biologically even more. What you are complaining is not even very big stuff. House renovations? Change of jobs? I don't see why issit being contradictive to your views are deemed as irrational? These are things which can be discussed and give and take. Of course, talk about having kids. Was it in both your agenda? Did she suffer some trauma during her miscarriage? Oh I forgot .. she's just not attractive enough for you to have sex with! Based on what you have posted, it does not sound like someone who are mature enough to handle a relationship, a family ... what about a kid. By the by, are you really into raising a baby and giving all he/she needs? You seems to not even know how to full fill and take care of your own and your wife's needs, what about a baby! And, both of you are ADULTS too!
  11. IMHO, the easiest way to save money is to stay at home and don't go out ... esp to the mall!!. When we go to the mall, we will need to spend on food and drinks minimal. If wanna to watch movie, 1 couple seat with 1 set of coke and popcorns already cost you RM 30 ++ Not to forget snacks or ice cream treat. Even if you don't buy anything and just do window shopping, you will find that you are RM 100-200 poorer. I just feel that things are inflating in a much faster rate than our salary. My parents used to tell me about how they managed even tho they are earning so little in those days. Well, in those days, food are 10 x cheaper. Properties are now 10x more expensive too. And yet we are not earning 10x more ?? How can you compare?
  12. I was looking into properties too recently. But the way the trend and property value goes kinda frightens me. Property prices are going up way too fast. There is no way young ppl like us gonna be able to afford one. Even if we do afford 1, with the current trend, its very mind boggling to think what will happen if the property bubble burst since the price of properties keep escalating in a very unhealthy way. Also, I have surveyed around recently, most ppl now build luxurious condos , semi-Ds & Banglos. How to afford? Those service apartments are kinda expensive too!
  13. You are almost in the same situation as me. Only difference is, I am single and you are married. I save almost 50% of my income every month and eat mix rice daily (cheap) and yet 1 holiday or 1 thing happens and there goes my savings ! I am definitely worried of my financial status !
  14. wokies~ Definitely gonna go there this weekend! Thanks all for the info & thanks Skye for the directions = ) cheers~
  15. @@ wow ... need to wait outside for tables in the restaurant? So crowded ah? Whats the best time to go to avoid the crowd on weekends? 6 pm issit ok? Weekday kenot la ... jam jam jam ... kenot tahan!
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