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  1. bubpeb added a post in a topic invitation card for combined wedding   

    i oso did 2 sets of cards although its a combined wedding. regardless which side had more relatives and guests. so for the groom's wedding card, the groom's parents and groom's name is first and vice versa.

    i had the same concept as you whereby the groom's side name should be first if its a combined dinner. but later i realise that it is unfair to the bride's side. cos regardless whether ur hubby and u are paying or whether bride or groom side is paying, it is after all both parent's are inviting to share their joy cos their children are getting married.

    both groom and bride side dun know each other's wedding guests. so if u put the groom's side first, and the bride family give out the card, it would seem like the bride family is "kiam siap (stingy)" that they are not proud of their daughter's marriage to hold a separate dinner and vice versa. although it is combined wedding, technically, both parents are inviting and to be fair, both parent's name should be first but since it can't be done... the next best thing is to print separate cards.

    anyway, this is my own personal experience. best would be to discuss with ur hubby and both ur parents to compromise on the best solution.
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  2. bubpeb added a post in a topic Wedding Invitation Card For Sale!   


    the cards are still available. just to let u know, u will need to print your own inserts otherwise if you u use the one provided with the card, you would have to manually write on it.

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  3. bubpeb added a post in a topic Wedding Invitation Card For Sale!   

    sorry for the late reply, have been busy and did not check this thread...

    debbiel : didn't get the cards from soo soo's website. my brother got it overseas.

    rd_d_rd : i didn't print the card, my brother bought it overseas. at the moment, i don't see this design locally in malaysia.

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  4. bubpeb added a post in a topic My 1st anniversary of ROM....   

    congratulations on ur 1st anniversary of ROM!

    gong xi fa cai to u too!
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  5. bubpeb added a post in a topic nafnaf's pre-wedding PS   

    helos! pls share with me too!


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  6. bubpeb added a post in a topic My PS -Shooting   

    wahh! i oso wanna take!! wait for me!!

    btw, inie, ur PS photos are really beautiful! i love all ur shots! so cute and loving!
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  7. bubpeb added a post in a topic PS Indoor and Outdoor   


    thanks for your lovely comments on my wedding website!

    the journey from jln loke yew to ttdi is actually not very far... abt 15 mins if u use the highway :P it was a bit tiring.. cos the park was a bit big... and plus it was raining and i was wearing heels at first! :P
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  8. bubpeb added a post in a topic beds for sale!   

    aiks... jaz... i didn't follow up on this thread :P

    my hb bought it for his dad to use but then end up didn't manage to use it....

    but manage to sell both oredi :)
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  9. bubpeb added a post in a topic PS Indoor and Outdoor   


    my BS is tom wedding, loke yew. i have emailed the link to you. pls leave some comments yah! thanks!
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  10. bubpeb added a post in a topic Caley Pre-wedding Photo, The Washington Portraits Bridal Studio   

    helos! please share with me too! my email is shennwye@yahoo.com
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  11. bubpeb added a post in a topic Girl Girl's Pre Wedding photo   

    helos! may i view ur photos? my email is shennwye@yahoo.com
    thank you!
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  12. bubpeb added a post in a topic brother and sister, who should marry first?   


    i think its best that u consult the chinese sifu. they would be the best to advice you on who should marry first. i think it depends on ur date and time of birth of all parties involved.
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  13. bubpeb added a post in a topic Wedding gown for sale   

    yuki, kindly do not send email to me on ur wedding gown as i didn't request for it.

    thank you.
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  14. bubpeb added a post in a topic Which BS offer wedding photos shooting in BALI?   

    the last time i heard, flaunt weddings (exes-studio in partnership with pretty-in-white) has packages to langkawi and bali. but they are limited to like 2 couples and they have these packages 2 times a year.

    perhaps u can check out with them. they are not the regular BS though...

    the contact :
    flaunt wedding sdn bhd
    21-3, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel: 603.2300.2236 Fax: 603.2300.2235 Email: info@flauntweddings.com URL: www.flauntweddings.com
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  15. bubpeb added a post in a topic PS Indoor and Outdoor   

    my PS for ID and OD on 28 july 2007 was enjoyable altho it was a bit tiring!

    my OD was at ttdi park and the PG was able to capture the feel and type of photos we want which are basically candid and natural... ttdi park has all the natural background we want, water fountain, waterfall, bridge, trees, playground (altho the playground a bit run down), walkway...

    as for ID, the PG had his own style, but my HB oso injected some of his ideas on certain angles and look he wanted, which the PG graciously accepted and we love the outcome of those shots.

    basically we had good communication with the PG and MUA. we were able to discuss and give ideas to each other.

    the PG sat down with us on PS day itself and asked us wat kind of photos we want, whether we had any preferences for certain type of backgrounds and also whether we didn't like specific colours or anything in particular. we basically just told him we want natural and candid. then left the rest to him :)

    i brought pictures of hairstyles that i like and showed the MUA on PS day the type of hairstyle and look i prefer. then she designed based on the type of look and feel that i wanted for my photos :)

    basically my advice based on my experience :
    for OD : bring a portable fan, slippers, nice umbrella.
    just in case it rains and the PG can take photos of a nice umbrella... mine had EON BANK tattooed on it. luckily the umbrella was a nice shade of beige and red and the PG said he can help us remove the EON BANK words :P

    for ID : i feel that i shouldn't have wore a corset as it pushes the meat at my back out of my tube gown. so back shots doesn't look so nice... the photos captured had a nice feel ... just that i am turn off by the fats coming out :P also, i didn't wear any bra... they gave me small paddings as my assets weren't ample enuf and i didn't want my assets to look fake :P

    if ur BS dun provide fresh flowers, u can DIY your own bouquet and use it. its much cheaper. i brought only 1 bouquet and used the BS's fake flowers which looked like it was falling apart but it actually looked ok in the pictures :)

    face mask! i have bad breakout of pimples 2 months before PS and it didn't cure. so 1 week before i did 2 face mask... 1 using the cheap one from watson/guardian... and the nite before PS i invested in SK-II and used it (share with HB). wonders! altho still have pimples, at least it wasn't blotchy red and the MUA could cover it up nicely!

    dun really need that many pairs of shoes :P i brought all my shoes in my house.. and ended up only using like 2-3 pairs. that also cos i brought a dozen... so might as well use it lah. altho i didn't capture pictures of my shoes :P the look of the gowns were nicer :P heheheh

    i had family shooting during my PS day. i know not many couples do that, but having our families there was much more fun and relaxed. altho it took 1 hour to take family photos, our family stayed there for a couple of hours and helped us take many candid shots with our own camera :) if only we brought a video.. haha.. can make our own videography :P but just a note of caution, having family shooting also takes up ur PS time and we only finished at 9pm (with the rain and all) so we did rush for some of our photo taking.

    sorry this post is so long! but i hope my experiences helps!
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