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  1. Wendy, Thanks for your information. it is really useful to me. I was having dilemma about selecting the hospital between SDMC and KJMC. After reading your reply, i think i will go for SDMC cus i have to go for c-sect this time. Congratulation about your sucessful breastfeeding. I failed during the first baby, but i will definately try again this time. Hopefully everything will be ok. Thanks
  2. You N Me Right Brain Training Center ? They accept kids from 2 yrs old onwards, there is a branch in subang SS15.
  3. Hi all, I am currently pregnant with my second child. The first one was delivered in hometown, which is not very convenient to us. We planned to deliver the second one in PJ. May i know is there any mommies has delivered their baby in KLMC before? May i know how's the charges for both natural and c-sect ? How's the environment and is there bf-friendly ? Thank you.
  4. haha.... is really hard to get babysitter around this area. I need too.... Thanks if there is any recommendation.
  5. Hi all, Chinese's belief, when baby is being frigtened, they need to do something to help the baby to get rid of the "fright", Some of the chinese, will get a talisman from the temple , burn in and put into the water. Then they feed the baby with this "taliman water", they believes that after drinking the water, the baby will be less cranky. What would you do if someone feeding your baby with Talisman water ? if is just a sip ?
  6. I just got it at the nearby pharmacy only. Maybe u shud try other pharmacy shop. Brand recommended ? i m not sure with the brand name, but the packaging box is white and green in color with a baby image.
  7. haha... i think i have to worry first..... cus my baby already 3.5Kg while i m 36th week. When he was in 34th weeks, the weight already reached 3.2kg.....
  8. Hi, I am interested too. Is it still available ? Please email me at siewkee83@yahoo.com Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I have got the links by crawling upwards through the thread. Thanks for the information. And hope to get recommendation of MUA.
  10. Dear all, I am new to here. Something that need all of u all advise. I have signed up with KG in early of this month too. But my package price is RM3388. My PS date is coming on next month. But i havent decide which photographer to take. Is Benny Khoo and Sam Chui is the best photographer there ? Can anyone please send me their web link or blog ? How about MUA ? Any recommendation? I saw from previous post that crystal and Tong tong are not bad. Please advise me. Thank you.
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