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  1. natalyn added a post in a topic He Can't Make Up His Mind   


    how could he say those hurtful things to you??? you were together for 4 years before conceiving and getting married... n he says he thinks you are 'fat, ugly etc'??? all he saw was your outer beauty in those years isit?

    i think staying together for the child is never a wise decision.. a child is a sensitive creature and your negative vibes will radiate to him... spare yourself and your son any more hate, hurt and drama. Leave.

    your husband is probably immature, selfish and unable to commit or be a responsible husband or father figure.. i do not advocate divorce or separation but i think your husband do not deserve you..

    leave and start anew... you are young and the future holds so many possibilities for you... don't throw it all away for a man like him..

    take care and start planning your future k... my best wishes to you and your boy..
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  2. natalyn added a post in a topic List of Gynaes   

    i hv seen Dr Nooraini Kassim Ali, Dr Wong Chin Yuan in Sunway Medical Centre and also Dr Soh in Klang. In my opinion, most times it's the male drs who will b more patient with us. The female drs r usually less consoling or less likely to 'layan' us... Dr Noraini is an experienced dr but she is really rather moody la... my opinion only la.. anyhow she has left sunway dy... Dr Wong Chin Yuan delivered my girl.. though he is not a 'talker', he was really patient in answering my questions... as for Dr. Soh, he seems nice n professional too
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  3. natalyn added a post in a topic Malay Urut Lady   

    hi thr, how long do we need to urut ya usually????
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  4. natalyn added a post in a topic Klinik Ibu Mengandung & Kanak-Kanak
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  5. natalyn added a post in a topic List of Gynaes   

    can anyone recommend a dr who is pro natural birth and pro gravity-friendly birthing positions or rather a hospital pro all these eg. 45 degree reclining beds etc?? i'm in klang, so areas in bangsar (dr choong) is too far for me... welcome any feedback ;)
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  6. natalyn added a post in a topic Home feng shui?   

    everything in moderation lo.... my hb believes in feng shui (n other superstitions) a bit too much for my liking... mum n grandma's influence... got into a huge argument when he wanted to paint the house a different color each compartment.. eg. light yellow in living, dining apple green, room 1 slightly dark green, room 2 blue, room 3 brown, kitchen pink.... i felt that that the house looked like a kindergarten... i relented aat last coz he was really so into it... still think the house is too colorful lo:)
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  7. natalyn added a post in a topic Should I Forgive Him?   


    i'm sad to say this, but ur hubby is one childish/ immature/ dun wanna grow up man.... i agree w @lice, he treasures his freedom much more than his marriage... he values his fren but takes u for granted.... if he is really anticipating the birth of ur baby he shouldn't be acting like this, it's just so irresponsible!!! how can he do things like this so near ur due date???? if i were u, i would leave n go back to my parents place!!! of course, i'm not asking u too.... but i think u need good emotional support now n also lots of helping hands when u deliver... n w him like this how can u depend on him??

    talk to him 1 more time, calmly, hear him out, tell him all tat u feel and give him an ultimatum... ask him to make a choice, cut down time w his buddies n focus on u now especially in this crucial period... it's not like u wont let him b w his frens at all!!! if he cannot/ x want to, i suggest u rethink wat i suggested on top, he really needs to prove himself since he has so far simply disappointed u.... haiz, b strong ya... look forward to meeting ur bb, thr is a solution to everything, we just need to slowly figure things out... tell us d outcome if u really talked to him k:)
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  8. natalyn added a post in a topic Should I Forgive Him?   

    girl, pls answer these questions first...

    1. have u been dating long b4 u got married??? was he like this b4 this or isit recent?
    2. is he stressed out w your pregnancy? is he eagerly anticipating d baby?
    3. have u voiced out ur feelings clearly? i mean really talked n discussed....????
    4. r u sure thr's NOTHING goin on between them? even if he is a guy... things have been known to happen....

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  9. natalyn added a post in a topic down grade from Dbl Terrace Link to Condo   

    iyer... your sis is really 'too much'.... but hv u thought tat when u move also, ur mom would still b taking care of the little disrespectful brat n i seriously dun think she'll change just because the environment changed??? try to speak to her??? if all else fails, send her to daycare la... like tat ur mom dun hv to strain her back... the kid is already 11, no need d grandma to keep an eye on every minute rite? plus, i dun think she'll b a good influence on your kids lo...
    as for the baby leh, i think it would be better if u don't take up d offer, u urself can foresee tat u probably won't see/ have to chase for d $$ rite?
    n btw, pardon me for bein rude... wat kind of mom makes noise when she needs to pick up her kid on the weekend??? she hasn't seen her kid for a week leh!n she's expecting another one??? goodness...
    ps: if u move n give ur mum d compensation, at least she x hv to harap $$ from ur sis also... bout selling ur house think things through..weigh ur pros n cons lo:)
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  10. natalyn added a post in a topic down grade from Dbl Terrace Link to Condo   


    in this case i think it would be wiser to sell... your husband has done a lot for you n your family and i think he deserves to have a say in your/his own home.
    seriously speaking, your mum is the way she is simply bcoz the home is d one bought by her hubby and she feels entitled to it lo... biasala:) if u sell off your home now, and move w her to a new place, u should b d one heading d change in the household... make sure she isn't left out of major decisions in the household (old ppl easily kecil hati lo) but must make sure u n hubby r d one making decisions so tat hubby dun feel left out lo...
    as for ur sis, she's not staying w u rite? when she gets her inheritance is not for u to decide so dun think too much on her behalf plus wat u both get was decided by ur parents long ago, so if she is sour also x do anything for her... d 'niece' is her daughter? y isn't she w her mum instead?? sorry ah, blur...
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  11. natalyn added a post in a topic my family issues   

    hi thr,

    i dunno if this will help, some of my frens w maid have told me tat they have heard this b4 and when they queried their own maids, they simply told her tat it is a believe tat when the maid's masters/ employers/ bosses drink their urine, they will always listen to her and treat her nicely... i dun think ur maid did it coz she was unhappy w u, so u shouldn't blame urself... i dunno whether this is true or not but she should really be punished for her actions lo... and this is the second case i've heard about maid putting urine in drinking water lo...
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  12. natalyn added a post in a topic what should i do now? i want to break free from in-laws!   

    i totally agree w CFA....

    move permanently to ur mom's place... ur mental health is at stake... bring ur daughter w u, she's still young n needs her mum around.. get her a small bed or something... i'm sure u'll be able to arrange for something tat works... ask ur hubby to visit evry weekend, or u can go back to ur in laws every/alternate weekend to just show tat u still respect them...

    dun be tied up w other ppls problems or judgements... focus on urself n those who love u... tat is more thzn enough...

    good luck k... stay strong!!

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  13. natalyn added a post in a topic HB's Family problem   

    iyer... i think ur sis in law is just crazy.... she probably just wanna tumpang ur shoot just to have a little vacation of her own.... i think i would probably ask hubby to tell her off, if can't, i would just tell her tat we prefer to b on our own n our budget x permit us to bring along another person.... EXPENSIVE... sister in laws.... i can write a whole book... urrgh...
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  14. natalyn added a post in a topic I don't know if I should be marrying him   

    no. 1 & 2: erm, my hubby isn't lovey dovey like tat too... when we were courting, i make do with his small sweet gestures coz i know he cares.. after we got married i would sometimes drill him till i get those three words... sometimes guys just dun get the importance of certain words... i told hubs once tat i know wat he means wehen he says those three words loses its meaning when said too often but for a girl, it is a reassurance of sorts, an 'an quan kan' kinda thing, not becoz we're insecure but becoz at times, we just need a little reminder tat we are loved... but u should really remember though that action does speak louder than words...
    no. 3: erm, most guys i know don't like talking about emotional stuff.. main point is, they must now tat it is essential to communicate in a successful relationship...stress to him tat talking things thru is how healthy relationships are maintained.. it is also how u'll be able to connect in a deeper emotional level... if he cant talk things thru w u, i'll suggest u to re-evaluate ur relationship... suppressing n turning a blind eye to things cannot ever lead up to a happy ever after...
    no. 4: huh? dun like kissing?? maybe he has some intimacy issues??? wat about sex then?? wat if he takes sex as just a forced responsibility next time??
    no. 5: r u his first gf?? does he has some issues u need to know about? a past bitter love affair?? love is not about flowers, chocolates n sweet nothings... but to maintain a happy romantic relationship, small sweet gestures like this definitely help, just that yours came in a version of a handmade pendant!! i think that surpasses cards n flowers wo...

    I agree that a lot of these things should come naturally if you are in love. But not everyone is the same, he may just be a bit reserved... this may be cliche but: if a person doesn't love u the way u want him to, it doesn' mean that he doesn't love u with all he has..
    since he's trying to change, why not try w him??

    work it out w him, talk to him... this advice has done wonders for my marriage...
    if u have accomodated and also tried everything n still fail to find happiness, at least u could say u tried right?
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  15. natalyn added a post in a topic hugs pls???!!   

    er... i'm not one to judge but u got married when when he had an affair 6 months before??? i hope he has really 'let go' of the girl lo... did u dig deep n ask him for d reasons of his betrayal??? if it was me, i would dig deep before i could move further/ plan further on wat to do... u need to talk to him lo... irregardless whether if it was just temporary lust, boredom or he did really like the girl, u should know... especially since he's acting so odd right now...

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