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  1. My baby's just turned 3 months old. I give him expressed milk in 2 - 3 oz per feed. If he takes 2 oz, it can last him 2 hours, 3 oz lasts him ~ 2 1/2 - 3 hours. So in total, he's drinking 10 - 11 oz during my work day. Everyone keeps telling me that I should increase the portion to 4 oz per feed. Is that really necessary? I'm actually encouraging my baby to reverse cycling so that he doesn't drink that much milk when I'm away ( so that I don't have to deal with pressure of having to meet expressed milk quota ). I let my baby latch on when I'm at home so I have no idea how much he's actually drinking. I think my baby likes frequent meals in smaller portions vs. larger portions but longer lapses in btw feeds. He alr weighed 6.4kg at a little over 10 weeks old. Should I change anything in his feeding pattern?
  2. Hi qarezma, Yup, I took a 3-month break from work and just resumed working last Monday. How are u and ur baby? My bb loves poking his fingers into his eyes and he rubs his face like a cat does when he's just woken up. Have to take precautions on those sharp nails, huh? Do you just rub corn starch ( as it is ) onto baby's face? I mean, no need to make into a paste or anything?
  3. Thanks ladies, for your inputs. Actually my hb is against medication of any kind for babies.....so right now, we're just monitoring him and except for a bit of cough which happens mostly when he's cold ( rainy days or in an air con room ), he seems ok. Diana, I've taken him to 2 paeds. One loves giving medication & the other prefers the natural approach ( let nature take its course ). Yea....I should hv been more careful not to let him catch a cold. He was sharing a room with my mom and she thought she only had fever & headache.
  4. Hi Diana, My baby has lots of flesh colored bumps on his temple. Is that the same symptom as ur baby? He had baby acne from age 3 weeks, but that cleared up after a while. Then he started getting heat rash on his chest & sides of tummy when he turned a month old, but that cleared up too after I put him in an air con room. Recently, he has fungus in his neck folds, but improved a lot since I started swiping a bit of powder in that area. He has eczema in his chin but that cleared up after I applied some breastmilk on it. My baby's got so many skin problems & they all manifest as red dots & bumps....I'm really confused how to classify them. :wacko3:
  5. My baby got infected with a cold ( passed from my mom ) since he was 6 weeks old & since then, has been having this persistent cough with phlegm. It's been like that for the past 7 weeks ( he just turned 3 months old today ) with no improvement, but not getting worse. He has short coughing bouts, usually with phlegm 2 - 3 times a day, each lasting ~ 1 - 2 minutes. It's not getting better and it's not getting worse either. The paed's checked & said his lungs are clear and he has no ear infections & no runny nose. He's growing well, alert & has no problems with his feeds or sleep. According to the paed, it's ok & nothing to worry about since a lot of babies hv a bit of phlegm/ cough. My hb insists to let the cold run its course since that's what the paed advised ( cough medication is not recommended for children under 2 years of age ). He has a few colleagues whose babies have been coughing for months as well with not much improvement, even with medication. Is there anyone whose baby has been having the same persistent cough? My colleague says Eu Yan Sang sells a kind of medicated powder for infant cough & phlegm. My MIL said lots of babies take this powder with no problems wor. I'm in a dilemma whether to let my baby try it. Really don't know what to do now....so sakit hati when I see my baby coughing every day with no improvement.
  6. I own both the Medela Swing and Medela manual pump ( 2-phase Harmony ) and am currently using the manual pump. I personally find the electric pump to be quite painful ( lowest setting does not provide much suction but increase a bit more, then feel pain liao ). My 2 other frens also tell me that pumping is a bit painful. Is that what the moms here experience as well with electric pumps? I regret buying the Medela Swing coz I'm currently not using it though. The pump is still new and under warranty until Feb 2011 & I've only used it a few times over a 2-week period. I'm willing to let go the Medela Swing motor for anyone who's interested ( please PM me :) ).
  7. Hi moms, I'm returning to work in < 2 weeks' time & have tons of questions on BF-ing. :wacko3: 1. How do you clean your pump parts at work & dry them? My fren told me she just rinse with tap water, then pour hot water over it, then keep in a box in the fridge. Hmm....we can't air dry the parts in the fridge, so how do you deal with the water droplets? 2. I've bought Techni Ice but not sure how to use it. After freezing it at home, do you leave the ice sheet in the storage box when you're at work ( i.e. no need to put the sheet in the fridge/ freezer? ) 3. I'm trying to have a pumping routine but find that I can't always do so. It seems like one day, my breasts are always engorged ( sometimes, I can even pump out extra 10 oz just to relieve engorgement ) & the next day, my breasts are always soft ( can only pump 3 oz extra...and that one also not easy to extract ). No idea what the reason is as currently I'm still staying at home, eating the same foods, taking in the same amount of liquids & having the same amount of sleep. Is that normal? Kudos to all moms who are bf-ing their babies. To me, the hardest part with bf-ing is having to deal with doubts of milk supply. My baby weighed 6.25 kg at just 9 weeks old.....I'm sure he's well fed but even then, my hubby still occasionally asks me whether I have low milk supply. I'm confident that I have sufficient milk supply, but haii...now just quite concerned whether I can pump out enough milk while I'm at work? It's still a love-hate relationship btw me and the pump for the time being.
  8. Hello mommies, I'm returning to work full time in 5 week's time and need some advice on EBM storage guidelines. (1) I have a very small one-door fridge and would like to start stocking up on EBM in the freezer. Most guidelines say we can only freeze up to 2 weeks if it's a one-door fridge. What's the reason we can't freeze more than 2 weeks? If I take care to ensure that the EBM is not thawed, can I freeze up 4 - 5 weeks? (2) I'm using the 5 oz Bumble Bee bottles for EBM. Due to space constraint in my freezer, I would like to minimze the number of bottles used. Sometimes, I can only express 1 - 2oz after direct latch on. Is it ok if I mix milk expressions from different sessions, add them up to 5 oz before transferring them to the freezer? (3) How does spoilt milk taste / smell like? (4) Hospital guidelines say EBM in fridge can only last 3 days. Some sources say up to 8 days. I'm confused....which is the correct one? (5) Sometimes my baby doesn't want to drink milk from bottle after it has been heated, or he doesn't want to finish the remaining milk when he's cranky. (a) Can I keep the milk at room temp ( air- conditioned room ) and offer him again within 1 hour? Or (b) Can put back the milk in the fridge, offer him again within hour after re-heating? Sorry for the many questions.....my baby has very unpredictable feeding patterns ( now still mostly latch on ). Sometimes he drinks a lot, sometimes he drinks very little.
  9. Every time I pick up to soothe my baby when he cries, he'll want to feed though he's just been fed lots a few minutes ago. He opens his mouth wide wide and starts pushing his head towards my breast. He doesn't do that if he's picked up by my mom or hb, though. The thing is, if I feed him, I can see him suckling for milk, not taking my boob as a pacifief. Why does he do that? I'm afraid I might be overfeeding him bcoz I can't tell whether he's hungry or not that way. Why does he do that? Should I just let him hv a short feed till he's satisfied or should I discourage him from doing that? I've tried singing to him, cradling him and walking around, talking to him etc....he's soothed for only a few minutes before looking for me to feed him again.
  10. qarezma, *hugs* Hope everything is ok with ur bb. Imagine just 2 weeks into parenting, got so many scares d. Guess that's the way our parents have been worrying about us all our lives! =P My bb's navel seems ok for now. I bathed him just now and dried off his navel area and only bits of dried blood/ scabby stuff came out and his navel looks quite clean. To be safe, I'm putting drops of alcohol until it looks completely dry.
  11. My bb's cord dropped off 4 days ago. Yesterday, I noticed that there was some blood oozing out of his navel after I'd washed his bum ( some water accidentally splashed his navel area ). I called the hospital and the nurse told me it's normal and that the blood is from dried off old blood. After a few minutes, the blood dried off and I just see old blood clots around the navel area. There's no fresh blood, I think. Any moms experience the same thing? The nurse told me not to swipe with alcohol anymore, though...just keep it clean. How should I continue caring for his cord? My heart really stopped beating when I saw blood yesterday, though it was very minimal.
  12. Weight Gained : 11.5 kg Weight Loss after 2 weeks : 6 kg Inches : Haven't measured, can't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy pants =P Exercise : Not yet started, except carrying baby around.....hopefully, can start after baby reaches full moon
  13. Thanks sheryl Will continue with alcohol swipes till it looks completely dry.
  14. I bathe my baby daily & clean his cord with alcohol denat given by hospital 1-2x/ day. My bb's cord dropped off after 13 days and I'm still cleaning his belly button with alcohol. Should I continue cleaning with belly button with alcohol? It doesn't look quite dry yet....can still see some white membrane like stuff after his bath.
  15. I'm only taking black dates tea, some ginger and some of my confinement meals are cooked with sesame seed oil. Erm, so far I feel fine and am able to breastfeed on demand and take care of baby, helped by my mom and hb. So far, the doctors I've checked ( ob/gyn, paed & dr from govt clinic ) all say the same thing - that during confinement, it is better to eat a balanced diet. IMO, some Chinese confinement menus are too restrictive ( some totally refrain from eating veges & fruits ) & I dun think I can stand that. As for wind, the ginger I'm taking in moderate quantities is alr good enough to cause me to break wind on a regular basis. The tui na masseur checked & said that so far I'm good - no wind in my tummy.
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