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  1. Tash, Thanks for the recommendations, would take some times off to read your blog up :-), been real busy with works for the past days... bbs, If you can share the hotel and itinerary with me, it'll be much appreciated, kindly PM me the details then, will make an effort to check back this thread for update Thanks again
  2. Hi all, Fortunately everything are falling into the right place now, I've got the venue for wedding dinner, got our wedding bands done from Degem, settled with the photographer, my fiance got her make-up artist, wedding invitation card is being prepared for our reviews... Now it's time to start think about our honeymoon, as of this moment we've short-listed Italy but here's what we actually thinking: - To engage a travel agency for cheap airfare - The honeymoon would mostly based on free-n-easy, as I don't want to get rush through the tour guide scheduled, anyway it's our honeymoon - places to visit can be minimized, perhaps two or three - I've applied a full 2 weeks leave immediately after my wedding dinner, so the days to be @ Italy can be up to 12-13 days Is there any specific places we shouldn't miss at all in Italy (Venice, Florence?). We're trying to set a budget but we don't even know where to start from, would really appreciate if anyone of you guys been there and share with us some itinerary and cost of the honeymoon, I'll try to be flexible in term of budget but it shouldn't be more than 25k in total. Let's start rolling :-), thanks in the first place for any recommendations / suggestions / opinions
  3. I've checked Lazare 0.42 will cost around 10k, anyone here has any ideas what's the size of the diamond we can get in Tiffany for roughly the same price? Thanks
  4. Hi all, am too looking for a diamond ring, took some times to survey and guess I've decided to go for Lazare...I'm going to Australia next month, what about the diamond price in Australia? any opinions? Just to post some info I gathered 2 days ago: 1. Lazare 0.42c, loose RM9800 2. GIA 0.59c, VS1, E, 3xVG, loose RM8300 3. GIA 0.51c, VS1, F, 3xVG, loose RM6900 Not decided on what kind of ring design yet :p
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