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  1. ops, haven't notice got so many feedback. Thanks everyone for the tips and pointers :) house reno still in progress, so many hiccups here and there and still there is. I think its unavoidable ler...sigh...but very very very tiring. I think it is so much tiring than wedding planning. To those who wed and move house sametime, really requires a lot of patience and planning... not an easy thing to do on its own, so 2 things same time, will be even more difficult to handle. But in the end, the result will be all worth it :) Whitepuma, how is your reno getting along? Btw, why do you need sensor light at balcony for? wondering any specific reason? maybe can learn some tips from you :) Kathlynn, have you gotten a contractor ans started your reno work? Clarins, thanks so much for your contractors contact, but I already got one . didn;t notice this earlier. but thanks for sharing :) eunicecew, thanks for your feedback. Btw, did u install aircon? You did that before painting or after?
  2. ceetee, She's lovely :) congratulations :)
  3. Hi inoone, Thanks so much for your feedback and thanks also for sharing the website!! :)
  4. Hi marryhim, sounds like a great buy !!! :)
  5. ZunZhine


    Hi, Anyone experienced problem whereby air con contractor tells you that the copper duct (for the compressor) is done badly bended/ done by the developer? that the turning (when the pipe needs to turn 90 degree from the wall down, or in the concealled box) is twist to 90 degree by hand instead of turning it by using gadgets/ special equipment and hence it cause the pipe to be dented? (like when you hold a drinking straw 90 degree and it will also dent and the hole become small and narrow?) The contractor said it is a big big issue and needs to rectify with developer wor if this happens. Anyone came across this before? Is this common (according to the contactor he said most air con piping done by developer is subject to same problem wor). Wonder if anyone seen this before? experience this before? how did u deal with it? proceed to install the air con ? if yes, any issue thereafter? This could also be the reason why ppl are complaining air con not cold, and when some contractor come they will say no gas, or pipe block, maintainence, but actual reason could be due to dented copper pipe. Dunno how true is this. Would like to hear some feedback. Thanks
  6. Hi Genielee, googled the invisible grills, look quite interesting but I am sure it is quite pricey :( cannot afford le. But thanks so much for sharing the info, definately a great piece of info :)
  7. Hi, Thanks pal and kaizoku for the feedback. will bear in mind your views , advice and opinion :)
  8. Dear Berry, Thanks so much for sharingt his piece of info with this. we shall avoid this contractor. Its a scary thing looking for contractor. and its hard to get ppl to recommend, cause most will have complains about their contractor. I am worried too about my own contractor. Only time will tell. Now i can only keep fingers crossed and pray hard tat he deliver the work as agreed.
  9. hi, I am so sorry to hear about the pain that you go through. These ppl are teribble to cheat ppl's heard earned money! I am about to pay my contractor too as he also demand 50%. So far he seems ok. give chart, answer calls, proper meet up, adhere to meet up schedule etc etc. But after seeing this experience, I am very worried. :( But my contractor in invoice says 50%, but he didn't rush me, he said can give this coming weekend - work start tomorrow. So i wonder if I should delay him since he seems like a ok person. or give 20% dulu?
  10. wow twinklestar, the dishes really got me drooliiingg...esp the char siew :) two thumbs up!!! :)
  11. Hi, jacqline, small_babe and guess, thanks so much for the great tips!!! truly appreciate and very informative and helpful, will jot them down as a reference :) Today went and see the defect repair, mau pengsan, just a while and the workers turn my washroom into not-how-i-remember-it-to-be, cigarettes buds on floor!! and then they didn't clean the basisn after using. sigh...will demand they clean it if i still see it when i check the repair work when complete. :( hope they will clean it la. As for cleaning after the entire process, Guess, I can imagine how tiring that process could be, and the idea about part time maid is a brilliant one! :) genie_lee, my place is aroun PJ-KL.
  12. Hi kelly, which gynae ah? because twin baby the gynae charge double even for the medical check up?? wow, this is too much la. twins but inside mummy ONE tummy ma, like that also they double charge. is this the normal practice of all gynae. so mummies with quadraplets have to pay 4X??? i think not fair hoh. Delivery charge double still understandable la. since 2 babies ma. but monthly check up.... *speechless la* Congrat Kelly Ur bill is expensive becoz of Twins? yes...doc said will charge double because of twins...actually doc already charge double when I go for monthly check up....really want bankrup already...
  13. Hi Denise, Thanks for the great piece of advice :) we're strongly considering your suggestion, as HB not very keen on having a full length grill - he worry will end up looking like a condo-cage :( But you're very right about the grille to accessible windows. hence we will be installing grille for the window to the yard, as we heard before that ppl could just put a stick/ plank from the corridor (though there's a window at the corridor but still possible) across to the yard, then can climb over, so we're concern of the possible breakin, so will have grille on that. As well as those toilet windows facing inside - in case ppl attempt to climb in thru the small window (I sound paranoid? :S). Balcony also will have grill. so the only without grille will be the room windows, which faces outside. But I also heard scary stories about ppl climbing in via other units. Though my unit is abt the 20th floor, I am still a little worried..... sigh.... but I see other neighbours also didn't put grille to their room windows that faces outside. Hi ZunZhine, I dint ask anybody to work on it coz it comes originally from my developer. But i think most of those tech ppl wil know how to do it, coz just need to adjust the screw position only. and the window width wil last forever unless u go adjust the screw position again. so it wont get bigger and bigger after few years, no worries. Those tech ppl like drilling windows rod, or kitchen bar, or fixing bathroom accessories or mirror, or even ur contractor for wet works one will know how to do it. As long as the person got screw driver than can make it already. So make sure ur windows are 100% non-accessible from corridor or staircase, else grill is needed as well. (to avoid break in) Btw, i stay in my new home for just few months only. Non of my windows are facing inside, all facing outside and 100% non accessible.
  14. Hi Ah suah, congrats on moving into your new place. must be feeling HOME SWEET HOME now. I just can't wait for my turn, but at the same time fear the entire process. headache la. Thanks so much for your advice and sharing of your experience. The point you shares are in sequential order of what you did? Thanks so much :) Hi wsyrinrin, yep, now pening of what to do. feel so lost. just only submitted the defect list- was too busy earlier to compile the list. Big mistake, should have done that much earlier then we could start with reno now :( but since I only give the list so slow, now got to wait for developer to fix the defect before can start on reno. Better let them settle first, otherwise the developer and the contractor could play the blame game and I will get caught in the middle. Thanks everyone. welcome more advice and suggestion from others too. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Whitepuma, I am looking for contractor too, seen a few, (much lesser compared to some member here who have seen like a dozen), I only saw like 4-5, and I am already so confused and tired. haha. Anyway, I am not planning on major reno, just some basic reno - kitchen etc. but there's so many that requires planning, lights, curtains, grilles, reno work, kitchen, yard, wadrobe, painitng, toiletries installation ( all those stuff in toilets and bathrooms) , electrical installation, and I am so messed up I dunno which should come first! sigh.... how about yourself? what's your plan so far?
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