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  1. wa... pwetty cuppycakes... by the way, do u provide cakes as ka lui beng's... errr... cos im actually looking for cakes to replace the traditional ka lui bengs.... miemie
  2. hello... ok, jus like to know will there be anyone using cupcakes as KA LUI BENG? -.-" coz im helping my friend to search for cakes to replace the traditional ka lui beng... any recommendations?
  3. Oh yeah, i don't know why people like to ask this question, eventho that person already shows that they are not willing to disclose the figure but they stil press further.... just dis yr CNY, wen i go back to my hubby hometown, the yi ma ku jie ask the question... and they dun just accept any answers... they wan exact figure... no plus... no around there... no ok la enuff use.... they will straight ask "means how much?" stimes i feels like answering back "if i tell u d exact figure, are u gonna give me extra?" and i really dun c how that concerns them... and i realize, they will mix everything together.... u drive nice car and lives in a decent house, dey will say u r rich so u should come out with more money to sponsor this and that.... and den wen u tell out your salary, they will say, wa, with ur capability u should get a better job ma, so little not enough use de... muz b like my xxxxx come out b boss only earn money lo... gosh... i think if u earn lesser den them they will feel happy,coz they thk u r less capable den them.... sigh...
  4. hi all! Ok, im unsure to have my wedding dinner on a weekend / weekday. My hubby said weekday cheaper but then maybe not so many guest will turn up as the next day is a working day... so weekend sounded better but is more expensive.... -.-" at the end he just say "u happy then can la.... " he is more of the chin chai type.... so i talked to my relatives and friends, some prefer weekdays, others is weekends, but til the end.... also "up to u la..." aihhhz... den i cant decide if the dinner to be held in KL or PJ.... i stays in damansara so i thought PJ will be more convenient to me.... but most of my relatives stays in KL so they say KL have more restaurant options and ambience is better..... so i need to look at their convenience also right? coz if they cant come den my dinner will be so lil ppl only... all empty table den cham ler.... but i tot if in KL sure wil jam right? and den malaysia time if is 7pm start.... sure 8plus oni can start..... datz the earliest i hope... coz i just attended my cuz bro wedding dinner which starts at 9pm..... den d ppl der keep drinking and go toilet.... :S realli very headache planning a wedding.... especialli if ur husband everything also "u like lar.... im fine de.... u decide can lo..." type.... Any ideas or suggestions? In fact... i think im also not that fussy as long as its presentable and everything goes smoothly can di...
  5. Hi unknownuserx... do u mind telling me how much is ur package? cos i looked at abbey's pictures, it doesnt looks like in malaysia? errr... perhaps it was diff packages so it took in diff country? I will get married in 2012 but stil havent start preparing yet. Coz its yr end, so i tot still have time... heh... if is below rm3k i think i stil can afford it lor... kinda hav budget on my wedding.... sigh.....
  6. Oh i jus came across one of my relative wedding's and is from victoria. Yupz, i love their shooting skill. Very gd. I was jus asking abt the bride on the package... definately will choose dis bg for my wedding.... =) thanks for sharing dear...
  7. Ok, so i also got a bit keh poh chi and ask IR during their promotion booth in One Utama. Well i'm not getting married yet, maybe in two years time but because they have these beautiful gowns and the SA seems so enthusiastic... IR SA keep blabbing abt their latest promo and keep standing in front of us, persuading us to take a look at their pictures.... so i was like "alright alright, since so free mai go 8 lor..." my bf was like -.-"""" .... anywayz, their gowns r pretty i muz say, but photography skills... ermm... not that promising though... my cuz bro sign up for their package... at first it was about RM4k pluz but my cuz sis in law damn daring go bargain la until she got it at RM 3.5k.... really salute her... she can put down her face and act like an aunty in pasar keep complaining and bargaining for the discount... well, i dun blame her though.... u knw wedding can used up quite a lot of money... dey shoot at Putrajaya and the pose is not that much, maybe like 7 poses? Coz i was thkin for jus few poses also need RM3.5k is definately expensive, but i guess because IR is famous so they charge more expensive? I thk the whole album was ok but if is for me, i dun thk i will sign up from them... after all, there are so many bridal gallery now... take ur time and slowly survey lor...
  8. Hi all, Thanks a lot for spending time sharing your opinions / advise to me. I guess you guys are right about my expectations. I mean if so many people is telling me that my expectation is a lil over then i really need to reconsider about it. Its true that unless my BF is having his own business / wealthy, then my expectations wouldn't be hard to fulfil. But he is still without a stable job and not financially stable, what more can i expect from him. Just yesterday, when my bf and I went yumcha with my cuz sis and her hb. We yumcha at centre point banana leaf mamak place and we sat outside near the parking space. So i just took the outside seat where the cars passes by. But my bf asked me to sit inside because he said that weeks ago a man was being hit by a car when in mamak stall and its dangerous. He say that he will take my place and if i realli happen to see a car charging to our way, he say i must run away first. I was touched somehow. Because i was thinking abt this problem the whole day yesterday and when he said these to me, i felt like i wanted to cry. Maybe some ppl will think that it was something that a BF should do, to protect his GF but at that moment, i know, he really meant it when he say that he love me and will do anything for me. My cuz sis and her HB got married early this year and i was always wondering how can my cuz sis stand her HB attitude. He is very man ego, as in bragging on how cool is his new MAZDA car... and his newly renovated house. Everything we talked about, he sure knows about it. And he wouldn't accept it if we say that he probably would not know wabout that someone / thing / place. And the way he spoke to my cuz sis, very impatient. Because my cuz sis is a bit of a "siu jie" attitude, so waiting for her to order a drink takes some time. I ve get used to it. She can look at the menu for like 15 minutes and keep asking what to drink, what is nice, is it good that she order dis or dat. And then go back to the first page and go thru once again. Then her HB will get very annoyed and asked her in quite a harsh tone if she wanted to drink o not. And my cuz sis will get pissed and pout. So then, her HB will simply order a drink and cooed her back. So this happens everytime whenever we meet. I did once asked my cuz sis, is her HB the ideal BF she wanted. She say that she had spend 7 yrs with him and if she break up with him, she will have to go thru the stage all over again. She say that she can't get another guy who will like her and that she is already 30yrs old. So when her mom say that they shud get married, she hesitate, but got married anyway because her parents asked her to. So maybe her HB do treat her well when we are not around, but if we come out 20 times, about 18 times, we will see all the drama and the bickering. I know this might seem to be out of topic and seems irrelevant but from this incident, i know that i should appreciate my BF and be satisfied of what i have now. I always feel that i'm unlucky. When i was little, i had to accompany my sis at school, need to be in the same class because my sis cant realli take care of herself, so i had to be there for her. I cant play during recess time because i cant leave my sister alone. I cant continue college because my dad need to be hospitalised and we need to used up a lot of $$. I had to work the moment i graduate from high school meanwhile all my friends attended uni / college. I felt left out everytime we have a gathering because they talked about assignments, college trips, friends and all the activities. But i'm the only one working, so usualli i will just listen. My mom worked very hard to earn $$ to support our family. I have a brother but he never care about us. He treated our house like a hotel, check in and check out everyday. My two aunties whose age about 70yrs old is living with us and i need to take care the both of them as well. All the financial pressure is on me because my mom is not working anymore. Ive tried to talk with my bro about it but he never bother. He said that he want to get marry soon and move out so he needs to save $$. So i worked very very very hard to get what i have now and still, it's not enuff. My aunts are "siu jie" since young, they never need to work until age of 30 and onli for a couple of years. Therefore, they will still demand for things which is in better quality and is branded. And all this need $$. They wanted an LCD screen / a new refrigerator and fix up the roof because our hse will leak everytime heavy rain. Its not i didnt want to get for them but only me who is paying is realli hard. And then they will say that i'm stingy. So then i know, mom has been very 'xin ku' all this while because she had to raise us all and also bear with my aunts. So i always tell myself that $$ is important. Without $$, everything can't be done. My bf asked me to give him some time to prove it that he will really work hard and have progress for me. I know i had been very selfish because i only think about myself most of the time and neglected his feelings. I know i wanted to be with him and that i will not want to get somebody else because i know with my attitude / behavior, not many people cant stand it. Only he will always forgive me and still love me for who i am. Even he knows that if we get married, i will be bringing my mom, sis and aunts along, he never protested. Although now i still can't say the 3 words to him yet.... but i know, if i want to be with him, i will have to accept every part of him..
  9. Hi CFA, What i mean by RM 60k is inclusive of the wedding dinner and etc (photoshoot / bachelor party / morning tea buffet / angpows / gifts / dowry). My mom, she say for dowry, even RM 1k will be alright because she is not selling daughter. But i can't accept just 1k to be given to my mom. Maybe RM 5k. I will have to be at my family side. My mom is really a chin-chai person so she says "OK" to most of the things. I shall say my mom is a very simple person. As long as i have a place to stay, enough to eat and happy, it will not be a problem to her. I'm estimating RM 900 per table x 30 tables. And i have already deducted those angpows which i will be receiving during the dinner itself. Just a rough figure. And for the renovation, i've seen my brother doing it the most simple way and yet he needs to fork out RM 40k for it. So still, i need RM 100k in the bank account to be safe right? Yup, i do think of having a baby at about 32-33 yrs old but even my bf say its risky. But that's what i wanted. If without $$, i really won't want a baby, even if that time i am already 35yrs old. I have seen a few couples, they didn't really have a financial planning and have a baby. Then problems come out, who to take care of the baby, all the expenses, and the time and stress when having the baby.... i really do think that everything revolves around $$.... So there's a saying... $$ can't buy health.... i don't really think so... if you don't have money, you will work hard for it... there's where your health get affected... and you don't have the money to go pay for the medical bills.... then tell me, still $$ comes into the picture right? Hmmm... am i money-minded now?
  10. To gal289, Appreciate ur advise. =) Well, you do have ur point there. My mom always say that i'm a "princess" and that i had demand too highly on my other half. I have been reminding my bf all the time on our future, money, career and i know he is stressed about all this but so am I. I know its unfair to give him that kind of pressure, but because i'm 2 yrs older, it will more or less be an issue for us. He wan us to get married 2 yrs later, which i will be 27yrs old. For me, i think it is an appropriate age to get married but for him, he is just 25yrs old, still very young. But he said that he wanted to marry early and age is not a problem. And that's what his parents told him, too. That i'm getting old and i should settle down earlier. His parents have a conservative thinking. They say if i marry 27 yrs old, and if i have baby at 30yrs old, its consider at a dangerous age to have the first child. They just want us to quickly get marry and have baby but without $$, how can we get marry? I'm not sure if im the one who is having the problem or what. Even my mom somehow takes my bf side, saying that i should just have a simple wedding and don't expect so much. Perhaps you all can tell me if i am having very high expectations.... I hope that we have our own double storey house, no need to be in famous areas. We both have own car so i don't mind to do a little travelling. And for our wedding, i don't need a very fancy or a grand wedding. I can accept having our wedding dinner at a restaurant with 30 tables. So i estimate that the wedding will cost about RM 60k and honeymoon RM 10k. So which means that we need at least RM 70k for the wedding. I don't want us to get broke after the whole wedding thingy so our savings must have RM 100k. And when i mention 100k to him, his eyes got big and stunned for a little while. Am i being too much? I don't mean a RM 100k fully spend on the wedding. Just to be safe and not get completely "kosong" after the wedding, that is the amount i think we should have. I don't want us to borrow money to get marry and then get in debts after that. I'm sure you all know that now for a "presentable" wedding ceremony, at least... for what i know... u need to spend about RM 50k. And i have not even add up for the renovation of the house. Its like 2 yrs time to earn all this, it is really really hard. Even if i'm earning more than him, still it won't be easy as i do have my own commitments as well. So that day when he asked if i wanted to get marry to him... im really not sure. Is it true that if i hesitate on getting marry to him, i don't love him? If i can't endure hardship with him, is true that i didnt love him? But how can i be sure that i will love him till the end? That if he falls sick or poor, i wouldn't love him anymore? I tend to think about this most of the time. Sometimes i wonder if i'm too much of a worrier.......
  11. Sigh. No one can tell me exactly what love means. I have asked numerous people and they have all different meaning for it. Why do i ask this question? It's because i have been dating with bf for 5 years and i never can tell him the 3 words. I can't say it because i don't know if i meant it. He always tell me that he very love me and will never want to break up with me. All these years he have treated me very well and have been very caring. I have a sister but she fell down when she was young and injured a minor part of her brain so although she is 25yrs old now, but she thinks like a 6yrs old kid. It has cause my mom a major heartache because she was supposed to be as healthy and normal as i am but she lives in her own world and can't have the strength to even protect herself. My bf has been very understanding and loving, even my sis was different, he will spend time to talk to her and will always drive me here and there to run some errands for my family. Even when my mom takes an hour plus to do a check up, he will just wait til we finish and drives us home. So my friends told me that maybe he will do this because he wanted to get me on bed, so he will do whatever it takes. But honestly speaking, we already have sex since 3 years ago and yet, he is still treating me the same way he did when we first get together, so then i know, he really do it for me and because he love me, he is willing to do it for my family as well. But whenever he told me he love me, i will not know what i sould say or do. If you say i don't have feelings for him, it is not like that because i do want to see him all the time and whenver i think that if one day he leaves me, i will want to cry. But i was also thinking, is it because he treat me so well, i didnt want to leave him because of this and not because i realli love him? He was my first bf and i really give in my whole heart to him. We do have each other trust and we tell each other almost everything. There is nothing we cant discuss and even if we have disagreement, we will try to talk it out. The other day he asked if i'm willing to marry him. I was speechless. I say that i want to get marry but with what we are having now is not enough. He does not have a career now, he is helping his brother to take care of a restaurant. He wanted to be in IT industry and now trying to look for a job. His eng languange is very poor so I've told him that he needs to brush up his eng if he wanted to work in a company. I'm 25 yrs old now and he is only 23 yrs old. I know i couldnt expect much from a guy at his age. He is mature for his age but he doesnt have what we need for our future. I'm earning 3 times of what he is earning now and it is already a problem. Yes, i know that it doesnt mean that he will not earn more than me in the future but how long do i have to wait? I really thought it wasnt a problem for us as long as we work hard together for our future. But now, at his level, he needs to put in double effort in order to have his career and to be financially stable. I do feel comfortable and happy whever im with him. because of his maturity, i can tell him problems im having from home and work and he will try to analyze it to me. But comes back to reality, everything needs $$, especially if we wanted to set a home together. He say he will work very hard and ask me not to worry about the $$ issue but when it comes to marriage, tell me how am i supposed NOT TO WORRY about $$ matter. So some says that if u love that person, u wun mind being poor with him. But honestly, i can't go thru hardship because i know i will blame and get regret in the future. My mom have been struggling to work hard and earn more $$ to raise us since dad passed away. I know how important $$ is. Everything is about this $$ sign! So i have to make sure i will lead a better life in the future. I don't want to suffer even after marriage and it will definately affects our marriage life later. After a serious consideration, i'm starting to think that do i really love him? If i do, i shall just accept him even if he does not make much money? He have the right attitude which i like so i shall be grateful and other things should not take into matter? My mom told me that he is really a nice guy and is hard to get such a guy which respects elderly and treat me so nice. But all this is not sufficient when you are talking about having a family together in the future, isnt it?
  12. miemie


    Hi hi jean! Coincidentally ive juz got maself a new pair of specs from MALAYA OPTICAL, DAMANSARA UTAMA branch. The boss there, Ryan is a very friendly guy. The optrician, Joan also very helpful and detail lor. She give u a full check up on your eyes and gives u some information on how to care for ur eyes. Cos i have lots of red veins due to long time of wearing contact lense. I got a MARC JACOBS spectacles, orginal price is rm 700.00 but give me offer of 50% coz they having promo. Abt rm350.00 but ma power is 475 degrees n give me a good lense so abt rm590.00 lor. Depends ur budget also lar. Dey have so many brands and different frames. U can alwiz voice out ur opinion and negotiate e price wit em lor. =)
  13. Hmmm.. for me, i personally thks dat is DIFFICULT for guys to stay faithful to their partners forever but however, there are always execptional cases la. I've been with ma bf for 5 yrs now and so far, he is faithful to me lar. I've known one of his guy fren who has been realli unfaithful on his gf. This guy have been sneaking around for 2 yrs before his gf found out abt it. They have been together for 7 yrs. Wel, they say "CHAT NIN CHI YONG" ha. And yet this guy have the face to tell everyone abt it at his fwen's gathering, as if its sthing cool to share. He says that everytime have sex with the same person, same face, same body, same style very boring and totalli not syok anymore. He also says that he is not being unfaithful to her, juz that diff ppl have diff needs. Not like he didnt care abt his gf, as long as he knw his way bac it is not a prob. And the biggest prob is that the Gf stil wit him. I dunno how she can stand it but most probably becoz of the 7 yrs, the time and youth she have spend so she is reluctant to break up ba. Then i ask ma bf wat he thks abt it and he says dat e gal very cham coz e guy stil continue curi makan... no i mean already very open go makan... but she can oni close one eye lor. Sigh. Then i told him dat if one day he wan feels like going out curi makan, he muz first thk abt me and if he stil wan to persists, den i guess im not dat imp to him anymore. He knw dat dis short time of shuang will leads to a serious consequences. And yet if he stil wanted to cheat on me, i dun c y i will stil want dis guy. I can never ever accept ma guy to sneak around, more over visiting brothels/prostitutes. He can satisfy his needs with any prostitutes he wants but never ever touch me. Ppl ask if i will forgive ma bf cheating on me and the answer will be a NO!! no second chance o wat so ever. I believe dat once there is a first time there will alwiz be a 2nd time or probably a 3rd and 4th time. Talking abt checking his sms / phonecalls, nah, i dun realli do dat. Cos i dun like if he do dat to me so i wun do dat. I guess all this is abt trust ba.
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