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  1. Hi ladies, is there any way to check a person's marital status? Takut my sister kena con. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi mommies, I am looking for a daycare/nursery for my 1.5 yo girl in Klang/Shah Alam/Bukit Jelutong. Can anyone recommend? Would prefer a place with low adult/children ration. Thanks. :)
  3. Hi aishiteru, thanks. Little whiz stopped selling the bottles. NVM, I will continue to try using other bottles until my girl found her "right one".
  4. Hi ladies, have any of you come across this bottle? My soon to be 1yo girl refuse the bottle and I have read really good reviews on Playtex.
  5. linlin, the adiri bottle is so expensive! I thought the Pigeon small glass bottle was expensive. *pengsan* but will do anything for my daughter if she still doesnt take the bottle. WIsh me luck!
  6. Hi all mommies, thanks for all the suggestions. I will definitely try again and it's good to know I am not alone. Luckily, my mom have been very patient with Zoey's screaming.
  7. i have tried what bearbear n janicelly suggested but still no luck. :( my milk is getting wasted in the fridge. i will try again tomorrow n see what happens.
  8. hi mommies, any of the breastfeeding mom experience the baby refusing to feed from bottle? my girl is 6 weeks n I have been breastfeeding her exclusively. For the first month, my CL feed her from the bottle in the night and my girl is feeding ok but now she totally refuse and would scream her head off. Any suggestions? I am desperate already.
  9. Foolgal, you can start buying the essentials like clothing, diapers, bottles, cot, pumps if there's a good deal going on. Don't wait till last minute to get those essentials cos you might be very tired in your last trimester. you can buy stuffs online. Hhehe.. I bought most of mine online. Too lazy to go out alone to buy them.
  10. foolgal, I see that u still have 3 more months to go before you deliver. WHy not wait a while before you buy all those accessories. I can't really advise you on what to buy when you return to work cos I am full time mom. You can always buy a week or 2 before you return to work. Probably just buy the breast pump for now. The warranty starts on the day u deliver your baby, so it doesnt really matter unless you havent decide which pump to get. PP is polypropylene and PC is poly carbonate. From what I know, PP is better than PC. But i feel the PC breastshield is better to use compare to PP. linlin, i just PM u
  11. I have been using my ameda for the past 3 weeks and I feel that it works well for me. I havent never tried any other breast pump so I cant really compare it with any other brand. Foolgal, if u are a working mom, yes u will need to fork out for extra accessories. try looking at enjoybreastfeed.com or littlewhiz.com . their prices are quite reasonable. Islandgal, I called fabulous mom and enjoy breast feed last week and they told me that AMeda has already discontinue selling the PC in malaysia. Are you using PC or PP? PP doesnt suck as well. I can always get very little milk whenever I use PP. I am thinking of buying a few more PC for back up in case my current PC breaks. Hhehhee... i am a worry wart. Must be prepared all the time. Oh mommies, I have only been BF for 3 weeks now and I can usually pump abt 2.5 oz during the day. I am just wondering if I will have enough milk for my baby when she's feeding more? Do you mommies drink any of those milk for mom?
  12. hey there, I am currently using my ameda breast pump but I realise that the PP breast shield is not as good as the PC? Is anyone else having the same problem as me? Any suggestions to to make the PP pump better? I have been looking everywhere to find the PC breast shield. I know it's not BPA free but we are not using it to store the milk, so I guess it's ok to use right? If any of you mommies know where to get the PC breast shield, do let me know. Thanks. I know some mommies are buying it from pump uk. Oh ya, another thing is, anyone using flexishield? I read it's to help with the let down of the milk. Is it good?
  13. islandgirl, thanks for the info.
  14. to all the experienced mummies, how to you sterilize your ameda breast pump? disassemble them and put in the sterilizer or put them in a pot with boiling water for 20 mins like it's said in the instruction? Wont it melt?? Do you do it everyday after every pump session?? I read somewhere that this mom kept hers in a zip lock bag in the fridge and wash it at night. Is it ok to do that or not advisable? thanks...
  15. zaza, you still have time to window shop for BP and other baby stuffs since you are only 14 wks now. I am in my 38 wks now and I just bought my BP 2 days ago.... Was searching for the best BP and also best price in the market. I was damn anxious to buy all my baby's stuffs too, so I know how you feel. Have fun shopping.
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