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  1. any love song that u like? u prefer english or chinese song?
  2. Hi dear, Can I have your epass? WOuld love to have a look on ur blog. Tq epass is cphew
  3. which slides u refering? the Ps slides? that can be shown from start till end of yr dinner. If for AD morning, u can start before yr dinner or half way dinner.
  4. Hi, Can i view ur blog... can pm me at wilsonleong02@gmail.com thanks ya!!! sure just click the link epass is cphew
  5. Good. Love the photographer skills but heard already left If got problem, u can talk to the boss (wearing spec). They willing to nego with u if got something u dont like. My blog is below http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index....showtopic=22415
  6. My wife stomach area muscle is like pulling Making her pain this few days Is it normal?
  7. Sorry, FYI, i still cannot access..Thanks Hi try now i removed the epass
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