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  1. Any ideas what happened to the parenting, etc, forums?
  2. You can make your own if you're concerned about allergies, nuts, etc. Muesli is just simply a mix of rolled oats, fruits and nuts. I make my own with cornflakes, spelt puffs, and dried fruits (raisins, etc) when Eva was 12 mths old and still too young for nuts. Once she hit 1.5 yo and was eating nuts, I gave her regular muesli.
  3. I think that it's fine. If you look at my kiddo's diet before my parents came - my mum cooks EVERYTHING with meat - she was eating more veg & fruits than meat. No issues with her health there. If you're concerned about iron, can give iron fortified breakfast cereals. :)
  4. SummerRice, I won't be surprise if it's because of the sugar content in the cereal. Nestle cereals are very sweet so if possible, do consider changing to either Heinz or another brand which doesn't have sugar in it.
  5. Approved! Please let us know once the item has been sold! :)
  6. purple, at least the medication work leh. With Noah, it didn't...he was adamant about coming out!!!!!!!!
  7. jazztea, maybe you can check out Ken Follett's titles like Pillar of the Earth saga, etc. Those are very good. :)
  8. I'm not surprised that your paed suggest that you give FM - most paeds in M'sia are pro-FM and pro-supplement. To me, the choice is obvious. I'd rather go for something natural (100% fresh milk) than something processed (FM). He says that FM is formulated to meet the body's nutrients but I have seen some FMs out there containing ingredients that are not bioavailable or easily digested by the body so how is that meeting the body's nutrients? :S
  9. Thanks sweets! Both my babies never listen to me leh. With Eva, I tell her to come out earlier, she dunwan. With Noah, I tell him to come out later, he dunwan. Never mind la... My SIL and some of my friends had both their kids prematurely - I believe that there is a big difference between having your first child as preemie and your second as a preemie.
  10. I went through preterm labour at 32 weeks with my second. My first pregnancy was full term - Eva had to be induced despite my water bag breaking two days before the actual due date. With Noah, it was the complete opposite. I had bloody show a week before the actual contractions. Braxton Hicks was more frequent and on hindsight, I should have gone to see the doc but I didn't - long story. To cut the story short (for the full story, can see my baby blog), on Sunday 3am, I woke up feeling strange - the BH I was feeling was more like contractions, the same contractions I got when I was in labour with Eva. So I got the hubby to call the hospital and while he was on the phone, I started bleeding. At the hospital, they discovered that I was dilated and my cervix length was quite short...too short, according to them so they tried to stop it but whatever they gave me wasn't working. Noah was doing great and kicking throughout the whole episode. All the nurses joked that he was adamant about getting out now now. Don't want to wait anymore. So I got transferred to a bigger hospital where they could cope with babies below 34 weeks old and a steroid shot to help Noah's lungs develop. I gave birth on Sunday noon naturally and they transferred Noah to NICU where he was hooked up to an IV line via the umbilical cord and oxygen tube. He was transferred back to the hospital in my town (where I first went to) last Friday after he went off the IV line but on the gavage tube (a tube that goes directly into the stomach) and oxygen tube two days earlier. Since I delivered him, he has been on my breastmilk - he started with 8ml and is now on 30ml eight times a day. His weight also has gone up - from 1.560 at birth to 1.480 in the first week to 1.680 now. He has also started latching on and suckling this week which is good progress for his age. Technically, they won't release him till 1) he is off gavage feeding and can feed on his own, and 2) he's closer to his term age - which means he'll be in the hospital for at least another three weeks. Till today, the hospital cannot explain why I went into preterm labour coz my pregnancy and everything was great. They suspect it's because of the stress from the moving - from SG to France and etc. O'well...no point dwelling on that now. At least all is well with Noah and me. :)
  11. Didn't know she was pregnant? Wah...it only takes a bun in the oven to make you feel guilty for helping a man cheat on his wife...like what your HB did to you? Shouldn't the fact that your BF married enough to make you stay away? I stayed away from this thread because the person who started it dug her own grave and then turns around and blames it on LOVE, on MEN, etc (see quote below). You should really listen to your own advice, Jess. If you can't handle the heat (married man lying to you about pregnant wife, etc), don't play the game (adultery).
  12. Zero, thanks sweets! Aiya, no la, all the premies housed with Noah are on BM or lait maternal (mummy's milk) so it's not true - not getting milk bit. If they don't believe you, you can tell them about me and Wye Ee. :) As for your bubs, if she's gaining weight well, then you can skip the dream feed and just pump to store up your milk bank. If she's like Eva - slow at gaining weight - then dream feed her loh. :)
  13. purple, it depends on your baby's age. Generally, babies above 34 weeks can latch on directly but Noah is below so he doesn't have the instinct to latch on and his mouth is too small for my nipple not to mention his jaw muscles are very underdeveloped. So he is on gavage feeding - it's a line/tube that goes into the mouth and directly into the stomach, and hooked up to a syringe. At the moment (today), he's taking in 23ml of milk eight times a day. :) The hospital that I gave birth in handles most of the region's premmie cases and the nurses have the same advice for all the mummies who wanna BF preemies - pump regularly throughout the day and don't give up, especially in the first couple of days. I was told to pump every three hours - the same advice was given by the LC in Switzerland when I had Eva - AND to drink LOTS of water. Maybe that's what made the difference? Ash, birth story is up on my baby blog! :) Avolet, thanks dear! It was very unexpected but hey, he's out liao so never mind la. :)
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