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  1. yes we need to pay a fee to church and cleaning fee too becoz we rent the venue and using their electricity, aircond and etc. the fee is vary depend on church charges
  2. because u r not using regular water heater (which might have built in water pump) and you are using solar heater thats why u need a separate water pump system right? i saw some ppl install water pump in carporch which connect to the main water pipe. between u mention u paint ur wood door by urself, which paint r u going to use?
  3. my grill i didnt do powder coating, use the gold paint those. ur bed is really thick, please take note when u buy bedsheet, some bedsheet cant fully cover the thickness. did u reserve a soil place in ur garden? it seem the renovation progress is going to complete
  4. may i know the total cost of whole house grill, ur house turn out very nice after renovate. is the grill color is light grey? i use gold brown color for my grill.
  5. grade 1 tiles quality depend on brands, i saw white horse tiles not really perfect, but my experiance on MML tiles was good even for wall tiles, the floor tiles also look very equal and flat to all. may i know where you put your water storage / tangki? u put on concrete or roof truss timber? renovation progress is somehow exciting
  6. i'm a person who easy sleepless and nervous whenever next day got any special event. i sleepless one night before my PS. but surprisingly i can sleep at my wedding eve, i really surprise and thank god.
  7. different aircond different piping, for panasonic they have special piping while daikin using normal piping
  8. i am consider of health issue when i purchase cookware for my new house. i bought a zebra stainless steel wok, even my mom said it not good to use but at least i no need to worry about any harmful material. My hubby insist to get a non-stick pan so we buy 1 buy we only use 1 time only. all the while i prefer to use the stainless steel pan wok
  9. may i know the measurement of ur house? it really look huge as it able to fix so many columns of window. did u reserve some soil place for ur garden?
  10. for tiles i recommend MML as it really giving good quality of tiles. you may visit their showroom in PJ. if a tiles need to rub smooth its edge i will suggest you go for full body tiles so the color remain the same. normally wet area will use rough surface floor tiles. if too rough u will have hard time to clean. for wall tiles i feel glossy tiles is easier to clean than matte surface. for toilet floor tiles i will suggest use 1x1 for better floor leveling if compare to 2x1 for carporch better use rough and homogenous tiles and avoid the strong sun fade away the color as well and darker color the dirt won't be so visible. for staircase you may use slightly rough surface of floor tiles to avoid slippery
  11. glad to hear you are happy too! actually i back alternate days to my PIL and my own parents house is like one day i go my PIL house another day my parent house. so far quite ok but like u said cant act freely at PIL house. haha. i can feel ur parent feel very happy to see u back as prepare lots of things for u to eat and also bring back. even though we married already but in our parent's eye we still like their small children. how blissful right?
  12. i visit my parents 2-3 times a week and just 15-20 minutes drive distance. i'm sure ur parent miss u a lot and wanted to see u. try to arrange a visit wit ur husband when both of u are free. if he not willing then why last time b4 marry can always visit u? haha. somehow i have married 1 year plus but i still miss my own parents a lot now and feeling to back more.
  13. it really look huge after renovation. secure door is a wise choice i think. so many windows at front is nice but cleaning job also can be a lot haha. remember to conceal aircond pipe and alarm wire if you plan to have one.
  14. i ever attend wedding dinner twice at legent hotel chinese restaurant. The food and service is quite good. almost change the plate every 1/2 dishes. but it has been few years ago for the one i attend, not sure for now.
  15. i agree that Mediviron Doctors attitude are worse, not only USJ Taipan branch, the other branch also have same thing happen.
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