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  1. dear brides to be/ wives, Im a bride-to-be, AD is Nov 2010 :) Just to share with all something, cos I hv been looking for ways to lose my weight "healthily", but not going to slimming centre. Besides eating more vege and fruits, i duno wat else i can do to maintain health and beauty the same time? At last, my boss strongly recommend me to eat something that might shock you all - chocolate, in fact, is Dark Chocolate. My boss is doing his side business by selling these dark cocolate which made by belgian dark chocolate + acai berry + blueberry (its proven with very high antioxiant and high value of oxygen radical absorbence capacity), it has been said antioxidant is very important for health+beauty. I have consumed 2 weeks, weight decreased 2kg. Well, altho i eat those chocolate without feeling guilt, but i wonder anyone of u have consumed this dark chocolate name Xocai before? any side effects you guys heard about this dark chocolate to health or maybe weight bounced back once we stop consuming? Or anyone of u heard any other bad comments?
  2. hi all, am a bride-to-be this year end, November. Just take my photo @ Taiwan. wonder anyone of you have tried healthy dark chocolate that can lead to healthier body and weight loss?
  3. Hi, can email me the picture? ginnlcy@gmail.com thanks
  4. better change lo, cos my sis who is a lawyer siad the DBKL anytime can go one.... altho the law firm one bangsar appointed is quite famous one, but just afraid they cant do anything....annuar daughter also nvolved.... hmmmm.....i also duno how....u re-consider lo.... cos they told me if really close down, they wl help me find restaurant, i asked them which one is their so-called back up restaurant? they were in silent, cant answer me....
  5. To all brides to be who has booked One Bangsar for wedding Oct-Dec 2010, have you got ur refund of de booking fees? I have got my refund last week, finally.... for those who are not aware of what is happening to One Bangsar, their license is not allowed to renew, and being forced to close down by sept/oct 2010. This news was from the star newspaper. At first, they refused to refund, telling us they will hv ''back-up'' plan, and finally pay us bck the deposit as we insist after our 2nd insist. My sis who studied law said its safe to take back the money no matter what as the letter already been issued for the closure of the restaurant, i cant take risk to wait till sept/oct then only being informed its confirmed to be closed. but i hv a problem here, everywhr is fully booked :( my AD is 13th Nov, wedding dinner can be done either 13th or 14th Nov 2010. for those who knows any brides cancelling their booking at any restaurants, please do let me know... thanks
  6. Hi, i would like to hv the contact of the photographer :) pls email me to ginnlcy@gmail.com cos i seldom in forum thanks alot
  7. hi, can gimme contacts of ur photographers? pls email to ginnlcy@gmail.com thanks alot my AD is coming 13th nov and dinner 14th nov thanks
  8. Dear Babyelcipse, wat a coincidence to have the same AD with u, whr will u ahve ur wedding dinner? i cant find any restaurant on13th, all fully booked, shd be doing it on 14th nov lo... for the De Paris taiwan package, i find that they really offer different different packages to different people, so not professional... i hv went bck ask for the dresses n gown, they said they wont provide gown with FOC, i must pay 1k if rent from de paris. sigh... u may email me at ginnlcy@gmail.com :)
  9. Hi ''just me'', how much Aspial charge for gowns? i hope to get cheaper ones, since the shipping fee so expensive, rm680 for album only!! so scared of spending so much now, cos things seems out of budget... regards, Ginnee
  10. Hi there, thanks... my emails is ginnlcy@gmail.com :) regards, Ginnee hi do you mind to email me the details pls. helen659@hotmail.com Hi Ginnee.. Mind giving me your email address so that i can send the detail to you .. ? Thanks ~
  11. Hi there, can please send me the detail of your garden wedding? thanks alot :) regards, Ginnee hi do you mind to email me the details pls. helen659@hotmail.com
  12. Hi "just me", actually the RM680 is 3 dressess also, it just tat we duno hw much the shipping fees only, one problem to consider also the size and measurement, cos im taking photo in May, if to rent from them, gotto let them measure my body in May also, wat if i put on weight or lose wight in Oct/Nov (mr wedding Nov).... so i stil hvnt decide yet... whr did u rent the gowns frm? regards
  13. Hi jesyws... mine is 13th Nov 2011, will be going taiwan in May, but hvnt book flight yet, not yet confirm whc day of May also. Congratulations to u too... must share with us your photos taken in Taiwan ya ^,^
  14. hi all, can anyone of u send me the packages for both super tanker n imperial garden? My wedding is next year November, but guess is time to survey around before all fully booked.. :) thanks ya.. my email: ginnlcy@gmail.com congratulations to all bride-to-be ^,^
  15. Hi there, may i know how is the package like? pls email to ginnlcy@gmail.com thanks alot...
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