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  1. nice to meet you !


  2. piggy

    piggy's AD Photos

    Hi g_e, sorry for my late reply. the link is at the 1st page of this thread. Thanks :)
  3. piggy

    piggy's AD Photos

    Dear all, I've uploaded more of my AD pics. Please go to www.mywedding.com/ivankristin P/S: Part 1 is the morning session, Part 2 is the dinner session. :) Enjoy~
  4. Im sorry to hear this too...my deepest condolence to carrie's family, her hubby and all of her friends...may she & her lovely baby rest in peace ...:(
  5. piggy

    piggy's AD Photos

    chihuahua & sseahorsee, Thanks a lot~ :) kai8052, my AD photographer is Andylim. U can contact him via the link I posted here :)
  6. hi eunice.anne, The Bee's bakery is that Lian Bee Bakery ar? if it is, I've been to their outlet at Jusco Cheras Selatan there n asked before. their KLP very small lor..1 mouth can makan satu edi..heheh at first i wana order from them for my goh dai lai also,but end up didnt coz so small, give 2 like not good, give more it's xpensive. :) but no doubt their design r nice n special. :) to me, cupcakes r good idea if urs & ur hb's parents dun mind bout it
  7. Hi all, I've bought some different sizes (different prices) of snow flakes ornaments for deco on my AD. Eventually I wanted to have a 'Winter Theme' wedding. But in the end, I didnt use them. So it's all new. I'll be selling them off slightly cheaper. Anyone wana have winter theme for their wedding can use them for deco. And, I've also have some plain pink envelopes left. They are new too as I've bought alot and didnt use all for my invitation cards. The size is 17cm X 17cm. It the size of normal square greeting cards. I have 65 pieces left. :) *Please PM me for the photo & price* Thanks a lot~
  8. piggy

    piggy's AD Photos

    Dear all, Please view it here: http://andylim.com/weddings/Wedding_Kristin_Ivan Thanks :)
  9. piggy

    Concorde Hotel, K.L

    Hi amyho3, Below are my replies to your Qs. :) I wanna ask for comparison between between Xin Cuisine and Grandballroom in Concorde Hotel. Appreciate all your help. Thanks. 1) Pricing The price for the package is the same for both Xin & ballroom,only that no pork will be serve in ballroom 2) Food, decor and food presentation During my AD, i got positive respond for the food. alot of ppl xpect hotel food will not be nice, but they told me they r suprise of the quality and big portion. For deco wise, it's renovated now so it's more new and modern. but dun expect to have like ceiling drapes and fairy lights deco for the backdrop,because they've took those away and to me,it might not suits the whole environment :) 3) Minimum no of tables Xin Cuisine: i think min. is 20 tables, Ballroom: min. 35 tables 3) Deposit not sure about this, but I paid RM5K as deposit lor 4) View Blockage (Pillar) there's quite a lot of medium size pillars in the ballroom (i have my dinner at ballroom, but u dun have to worry if you are having 40 table n less, coz it wun really block. unless u have 40 tables and above,it'll be a bit cramp. But anyway, there are LCD screens on each pillars, so ur guests will know wat's happening in front for entire evening. 5) When to settle the full amount? (Eg: after the dinner or before that) It depends on you lor. u can talk to the manager about this. For mine, we calculate the ang paus 3 dishes before the dinner end, then we only settle the bill right after we sent off all the guest. I think you can request to pay the next day, or ask the manager to go to ur suite to collect the money after the wedding. But my advice, it's not so safe to do so,better pay off everything once u sent off all ur guests. Hope it helps :)
  10. Hi JazzyJess, Oh really? that good news then :P hopefully applecider could help me if i need her.hehehehe. Perth is great. somehow heard that they've developed so much since I left. Wish to go back one day to have a look :). Yeah, same goes to me. I don't really like Sydney too. To me,it's no difference with KL. Too hectic and I feel dangerous wherever i go, when Im there for holiday last time. Like you, Im a country gal too.hehe. So Jazz, are you living in Perth now?
  11. sseahorsee, wahlau, really tat blur? really waste of money signing up wif them then.
  12. Chongsw, my deepest condolence to you and your wife too. Take care of yourself, as your wife & in-laws will need your support too :) take care...
  13. piggy

    piggy's AD Photos

    bumblebee, yeah la~!! sorry gals...i think i shud have mention that you should view the AD pics from last page till the front in order to follow the sequence. dunno wat happen to the website, terbalik wan :P
  14. peipei, are u sure? then it's a good thing tat i 'had' bad experience with them BEFORE i sign up wif them..if not, die lor. but really..this kind of customer service, sooner or later i think will lipat la..
  15. piggy

    piggy's AD Photos

    Thanks gals for ur compliments :) Joonie, mine about 1,600..i think it's better if you contact andylim urself coz his price might have been increased :) fusionista, ahh, told u ma, 2 weeks before AD have to run around,no time to eat. then suddenly lost so much weight i also dun notice ler..... eh~!! ur pics also very nice lor..me so envy :) love the mood of it. noler, i didnt include much DIY ideas for my dinner edi,coz after reno., those stuff kenot match wif my theme ler...so i juz got my bro-in-law to have some balloons deco for the ballroom only :) wait la..i malas wana edit the size and upload ler. gimme some time ya :P
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